Casio G-Shock & X-Large

Been a hot minute since we’ve shown you some dopeness from G-Shock.  They hooked up with X-Large for this one, and good news is that it’s available now, and we still have a good couple weeks before Christmas.  It comes in black or white, and is going for $160 over at colette.

Black Scale X The Supply Circuit – G-Shock 5600

We’ve had many battles of opinions at the Sneakhype offices, as to whether or not G-Shock collabs are cleaner than regular model G-Shock’s. Well, this one puts a tally on the board for the collabs, Black Scale & The Supply Circuit came together for this one. It’s already available, and not too steep at the price of $150. Get it here.

G-Shock – Master Of G Series

G-Shock is looking to revisit its roots of rugged practicality with the upcoming release of their new “Master of G Series” colorways.  Both models feature a blue hue that is supposed to be based on the blues of the sky & ocean.  They’re made for professional diving, they’re solar powered and effin sexy.  Though these colors aren’t yet available, the same model in other colors are.  Just checked google shopping and found a few, as well as, on Amazon.

G-Shock – New Mirrored Watches

G-Shock just added a new model to their shock and water resistant line. The DW6900CB was released in 4 colorways all featuring a clean glossy finish. Hit the link for a closer look.

G-Shock March 2010 Releases

G-Shock just released their GA-100 and GA-110 models in a bunch of new colorways. Most of the watches are too loud for me but if you got some serious swag you can cop these now at your local G-Shock retailer. Hit the link to see some more pictures.

Casio G-Shock – January Releases

G-Shock is preparing to drop some new timepieces this January. Your local retailer should be getting them in soon. More pictures after the jump.

Futura × Casio G-Shock DW-5600

A cool G-Shock collab… I guess.  I gotta hate a little bit though.. just because if/when Sneakhype does a collab with G-Shock, it’s gonna be so much more ballin than this thing, it’s not even going to be a fair comparison.  But, you can’t buy a Sneakhype x G-Shock because it doesn’t exist.  And you can buy a Futura x G-Shock for about 300 here, so I guess Futura wins… this time. 

LRG X G-Shock Yellow DW-6900 Available @ Ubiq

LRG’s yellow DW-6900 collaboration watch is now available at Ubiq’s online store. This watch has been hard to come by so act quick. You can get it at Ubiq’s online store for $170 right here.

G-Shock Mudman in Matte Black

There is nothing fresher than a blacked out G-Shock, especially when it’s a Mudman. This Matte Black edition is completely black out including the face, it also features a solar powered battery and Multi-Band 6 Atomic Clock Calibration; meaning the watch will automatically calibrate itself according to Atomic Clock settings across 3 continents, North America, Europe, and Asia. Stealthy Dopeness. Hit the link for more pictures.

G-Shock G-7900

Sweet hot mamacita… I need that white/blue one.  They’re available for $99 at the G-Shock website. 

G-Shock Fall ’09

Forget all the collabs.  No one does G-Shock better than G-Shock.  They save the cremé de la creamy for themselves.  Check out what we all have to look forward to by clicking here:

G-Shock x LRG – 10th Anniversary Frogman

Limited to 1000 pieces.  $600 bucks.  You can buy it here.  Super fresh indeed… if you don’t have a white watch yet, you should probably buy this.  You may say, “EG, the G-Shock is played out… why would I pay so much for one?”  Well, my friend, you make good points… however, if you were to buy any other G-Shock, you wouldn’t get the sweet metal lockbox case this one comes in.  (SShhhh… you can put your weeeed in it.)  

G-Shock X UCS 8th Anniversary

To celebrate UCS’ 8th anniversary they hooked up with the almighty G-Shock.  Like usual the collab does not dissappoint.  Looks like a lighter yellow with black accents, and a star design around the bands.  I like it a lot, i’m guessing any of you G-Shock fans will as well.  Expect it to drop September 19th, check some more pics after the jump.

G-Shock x LRG – Highlighter Yellow

I don’t care how played out you may think the G-Shock is, you cannot deny the freshness of this collab with LRG.  Bright yellow with a splash of teal and white — a must-have for yours truly.  Our source says that it will soon be available here.  I’m going to be checking up on it for sure, so I’ll most likely let you know when you can grab it. 

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