12 Sweet Animals Depicted by Javier Pérez Estrella

Javier Pérez Estrella (aka “cintascotch”) is an Ecuadorian based artist who depicts some downright charming animals, which he finishes off with the addition of some aptly placed appendages. 

Permanent Marker Drawings by Hollis Brown Thornton

These are some extremely detailed drawings done by the artist, Hollis Brown Thornton.  Each work of art is done entirely in permanent marker.  Some of these works along with others are available on his webstore.  Purchase here.

Dope Dollar Bill Art by James Charles

James Charles first started doodling on dollar bills in 2010, and his doodles eventually turned into this great collection of art presented below.

Minimalistic Drawings of Animals by Andrea Minini

Artist Andrea Minini puts a unique spin on the animal world with her latest series of work entitled Animals in Moiré. Minini’s drawings depict well-known animals, ranging from penguins to grizzly bears, using only lines. The resulting portraits are amazing to say the least. Check out her work below.

Artist Recreates His Childhood Drawings 20 Years Later

Telmo Pieper is a Dutch muralist who digitally recreates his old drawings into realistic versions.  The original drawings were done when Telmo was only 4 years old, and now 20 years later with the help of Photoshop these are the updated versions.  Check out his website here.

These Amazing Drawings were Done with Just a Pencil

Wow.  These are drawings are truly incredible.  Paul Stowe is an artist based out of Shanghai that uses a combination of traditional & mechanical pencils to create these masterpieces.  He has more work over on his deviantART page.

Portraits on Maps by Ed Fairburn

Artist Ed Fairburn brings maps to life by using the contours of a mapped landscape as a canvas for portaiture.  Remember when you were a kid and you’d look at the map and be like “that looks like a dude wearing a chef’s hat” or some shit?  Well Fairburn takes that same sort of imagination to an entirely new level.  

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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