Drama Beats: Let Me Live – Episode 2 (Video)

It’s been a little while since we first got a look at Drama’s new web series.  He finally released episode 2 recently.  In this episode he picks a Lambo for his 26th b-day, and hits the annual Y&R party at the Beverly Hilton.

Entourage Movie Officially In The Works

That’s right people. It looks like an Entourage movie is really going to happen. The series creator Doug Ellin recently revealed that he has already written the screenplay and deals are in the works with all the main cast members. As of right now it is not clear when the movie will be done or if the movie will pick up where the series finale left off. Either way, it’s good to know we will get to see Vince, Drama, Turtle, Eric and Ari Gold together again.

Drama Beats: Let Me Live – Episode 1 (Video)

Well, it looks like Drama is going to try out a little series of his own.  In this first episode, him and some homies spend 24 hours in Cleveland.  After watching this first episode, I think that this is going to be a pretty good series.

Young & Reckless – Holiday ’11 Collection

It’s crazy to think of how well-known Drama has become over the last few years.  We had the privilege of doing a give-away with Y&R awhile back that was extremely successful.  This is a photoshoot they did for their holiday 2011 collection.

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Young and Reckless Giveaway

Here we go again… giving away more free dopeness.  This time you’ll be entering to win 1 of 4 Young and Reckless t-shirts.  Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Fantasy Factory or Rob & Big knows of the enviable Drama — a dude who is basically a richer, more famous, idealized version of yourself.  And… he recently launched his own clothing line, which just so happens to be ballin.  As both a gentleman and a scholar, Drama has allowed his people to allow us to give away 4 of his shirts. Here are the details:  We’re giving 2 away via Facebook, and 2 away via Twitter.  You CAN enter on both Twitter and Facebook, so theoretically, you could win 2 shirts. Facebook: 1.  Become a fan of Sneakhype on Facebook. 2.  Become a fan of Young & Reckless on Facebook. 3.  Click the blue “Facebook Share” button at the top of this post, and post the link (with an image thumbnail) to your profile.  Feel free to add a personal message. Twitter: 1.  Follow @sneakhype 2.  Follow @yngandreckless 3.  Click the green “Retweet” button at the top of this page and share this post with your followers.  Feel… More →

Rob Dyrdek for Tag Body Spray – Video

Rob Dyrdek in my opinion is possibly the funniest cat of this decade, also very entertaining.  Let’s not forget about Drama, who doesn’t love Drama?  Some say i resemble him, which is fine, i mean the dude is a G.  Anyways let me hop of both these dudes nads so that you can watch this video.

Dramas Young & Reckless Clothing

If you have been watching Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory lately you have probably noticed Drama Rocking his new Young & Reckless clothing. If you haven’t been watching Fastasy Factory, you should be. I wonder if everyone associated with the Rob Dyrdek programs gets a their own clothing line. Rob has Rogue Status, Big Black had his own line, and now Drama has Young & Reckless. Drama’s line is looking pretty dope though i must admit. Check out the rest of the collection after the jump and hit up the Y & R online store here. UPDATE Feb 9, 2010: Check out the newest collab between Young and Reckless with Diamond Supply Co. here and check out the Diamond Pop Up Shop Exclusive items here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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