Crooks And Castles X Vans

Crooks and Castles got together with vans for this collaboration project. They used some white Fremont high-tops with green accents and added a red/green velcro strap which resembles some gucci designs. There is only a limited quantity of these shoes being produced and they are set to release at select locations in the spring of ’09. [highsnob]


Crooks and Castles Luggage Set

I don’t know how Crooks and Castles does it but they always manage to stay one step of the game. Everybody in the business has been coming out with special releases for the Holidays but the Crooks are killing it with this luggage set. This premium set of bags consist of a backpack, a shoulder bag, and also a duffle bag. The line comes in black or Grey and also features a monogram all-over print. This picture isn’t very good but this set is dope, i’d rather have this than a set of Louis Luggage. [thefeed]

New Crooks and Castles New Era’s

Crooks and Castles just released a new line of New Era’s for the Holiday season. The have some wool and tweed hats as well as some more plain New Era’s. These should be droppin in the next few weeks. [mashKULTURE]

Crooks – Mummy Bandito Tee

Nothing says “I’m cool” more than Medusa’s face wrapped up in a mummy bandana. New from Crooks and Castles for their Holiday line. Check out more of our crooks picks here. Buy this shirt here for 32.

Crooks and Castles Holiday 2008 Collection

Crooks and Castles has been puttin in work gettin ready for this holiday season. I think i’ll be askin for all this gear for Christmas. This is just a look at the jackets and sweaters, the rest of the line is looking good as well, check it out here. This stuff with be available in store shortly.

Crooks and Castles Winged Revolver Hoodie

This Winged Revolver Hoodie is part of Crooks and Castles Fall/Winter line. This is a pretty fresh peice from crooks, it also comes in black as well. Get it here.

The Crooks Are At it Again

Crooks and Castles was back in the lab creating another one of their ultra-fly peices of clothing. This time it comes in the form of this dope “Big Link” crew neck sweatshirt. IT features a large chain print across the front of the shirt and it comes in black and white. You can get here for $80.00.

Crooks and Castles X Diamond – The World is Yours

Crooks and Castles Hooked up with Diamond and designed this new T-Shirt. I like the logo they came up with alot. They combined their two logos very well. Get it here at In4mation.

New Crooks and Castles

Here is another fresh new T-shirt from Crooks and Castles. It reminds me of an old-school video game. You can get it at Karmaloop and remember to use the repcode at the bottom of the page for a discount.

New Crooks and Castles T-shirt

Fresh New Shirt from Crooks and Castles that’s part of their Fall Line. I like the classic “C” Graphic they use. It’s available exclusively at their 8021 store. Get more info here.

Crooks & Castles – Bandito Stadium Jacket

Crooks and Castles just came out with this new jacket for their Winter collection. It comes in a few different colors and cost about $135.00. Get it here.

New Crooks and Castles

This is a new Tee out by one of our favorite brands Crooks and Castles called the “Let The Games Begin” T-Shirt. It came out earlier this year actually but it was just released for sale at Karmaloop. It may be a little late for the Olympics but i mean the shirt is still clean. Get it here, don’t forget to use the repcode at the bottom of the page to get up too 20% off.

Crooks and Castles Bandito Chain Tee

Gotta love the Crooks. They keep coming out with fresh gear. This is the new Bandito Chain Tee. It’s a nice twist on the Medusa with the bandanna. It comes in a few other colors too. You can get it here.

Crooks and Castles Belt Crest Tee

The new Crooks and Castles Belt Crest tee just came out and is now available at Karmaloop. I like the new design on the Tee, innovative as usual. It Costs $32.00 but you can get up to 20% using the repcode at the bottom. Get it here.

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