Crooks and Castles Spring 2009 Jackets

The Crooks just came out with some new Jackets for the Spring 2009 season. I believe that their is always room your closet for a new jacket especially if Crooks and Castles made it. The one above is probably my favorite just cause i love the Medusa design, but the other jackets are pretty dope. Check them out after the jump. [ClotheJL]


Crooks & Castles – New Releases

Crooks & Castles givin’ us a little more dose of there new lineup, now availabe.  The two items above are my favorite, because if you’ve ever wanted a Gucci duffle but couldn’t afford it, well then the Crooks duffle is for you.  The belt, enough said, is fresh.  You can check out a whole gang of new fitteds after the jump, along with other info.

Crooks & Castles – New Releases – Available Now

We’ve showed you some looks at the preview for Crooks & Castles spring ’09 lineup.  It looks like they’ve started to release a few items already.  So far it’s mainly tees, as well as one jacket, which is seen after the jump.  Check out a few other tees after the jump as well.

Crooks & Castles Lookbook Spring 2009

Check out the stuff Crooks and Castles is coming out for Spring 2009.  The popular California company is going with less flashy apparel for more of a mature look.  From fitted hats to hoodies Crook’s and Castles will have plenty of goods for the spring season.  More pics after the jump.[via hypebeast]

Crooks & Castles – Spring ’09 Preview

Crooks & Castles just dropped a little preview of there Spring ’09 collection for us.  All new fitteds, tees, jackets, looks like a pretty sick little collection i think.  We’ll give you more word when some of it becomes available.  For now though check out some more pics after the jump. [via The Evil Collector]

New Crooks – Boats N’ Hoes

Karmaloop just got in these new Crooks and Castles T-Shirt’s that got some sort of  Yacht theme going on. I’m diggin’ the oars and what not, but i honestly love just about anything the Crooks put out. You can get the shirts seen above  here  at  Karmaloop. Check out some more colorways  after the jump.

Crook Loves The Kids – New Kids Tee Releases From Crooks & Castles For 2009

So Crooks & Castles just released a few various tee’s for your little ones to rock in the new year.  From the pic, it looks as if most of these are lookin’ pretty fresh, if i had a kid myself i would probably cop him (possibly her) a few.  You can get more info, and also place some a phone order by calling 323.944.0576. [via The Evil Collector]

Crooks and Castles Holiday New Era Collection

Crooks and Castles just came out with their Holiday Collection of New Era’s. The new hats are made with some very high quailty materials. The hat seen above is made of marbled leather which gives it a “worn” look, it comes in 3 different colorways including red, black, and silver. They also released some cashmere hats which feature a cashmere upper and a leather brim. Check out the rest of the collection after the jump, its dope. All of these hats are available at Caliroots. [Highsnobiety]


Crooks – Bullet USB Flashdrive Now Available

We threw up a sneak peak at this way back in August… and now it’s finally here.  2GB.  45 dollars plus 9 shipping and handling.  So dope.  Man, if it were just like 5 dollars cheaper though… I don’t know if I can bring myself to spend over 50 dollars on it.  It’s so tough to decide.  If you’re cooler than me, you can get it here.

Crooks and Catles Belts

Crooks and Castles recently released some new belts.  The belts are made of Nylon with metal buckles and come in a few different color schemes. The belt seen above comes in White/Green/Red colorway that resembles the Gucci colors. Check out the other belts after the jump. You can buy these belts here.

Crooks and Castles – 8021 Anniversary T-Shirt

Crooks and Castles 8021 Flagship Store is celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary this week. These two t-shirts will be released to commerate the anniversary on the 26th. The shirts will only be available at the 8021 store in LA and they will probably go quick.

Crooks and Castles X Gabriel Urist X Karmaloop Medussa Medallion

Crooks & Castles, Gabriel Urist, and Karmaloop have combined forces in order too create this limited edition Medusa Medallion. The Medallion was hand-crafted by the very skilled jeweler, Gabriel Urist. The details of the Medallion are all on point. It feaures the popular Crooks and Castles Medusa Head covered in snakes and wearing a crown of bullets, which is all surrounded by a ring of K’s and aso features a script K on the back representing Karmaloop. This medallion also has a shine like no other, probably because it is covered  in real platinum, that’s right real platinum. These medallion are ultra-exclusive however, their are only 50 being produced and these will never be released again. They are set to be relesed on Dec. 13th, but there is a waiting list, get more info on how to get on that list here. Check out some more pictures after the jump. [Highsnob]

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Crooks and Castles – Persona of a Crook

Crooks and Castles just came out with an interesting new release. They designed a hard cover book called “Persona of a Crook” which is made up of some very cool photography. The Book comes in an aluminum attach mini briefcase, a limited edition t-shirt, and an exclusive Raekwon CD titled “The Appetizer.” Only 250 of them were made, get more information on when they will be released here.

Crooks and Castles – The Two Castles Cardigan

The Crooks are back at it, peep this new Cardigan fresh off the press. I’m not the kind of guy who would normally rock a cardigan, but this cardigan is made by Crooks and Castles so i would definitely make an exception for this number. Get it at Karmaloop. More pictures after the jump.

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