Crooks & Castles X Billabong Board Shorts

Crooks & Castles recently connected with Billabong on these new board shorts. You would probably be the coolest guy at the beach if you got these. Lucky for you they are available now at In4mation. Hit the link to see more detailed pictures.

Crooks and Castles – C Up Bandito Tee

I’m really agreeing with these colorschemes.  It’s as if these shirts are speaking to me directly, and sayin, “EG, I would look so good on you.”  I agree Crooks tee, I agree.  You can buy it here for 35. 

Crooks & Castles X Vans – Moda Hi-top Sneakers

Crooks & Castles just hooked up with Vans again for this new collaboration shoe. They collaborated on the Moda sneaker which is a fusion of the Skate Hi and the Mountain edition Hi and is honestly one of my favorite models. They went with a blacked out color scheme and a white sole. The shoe has a more modern look but some retro qualities still shine through. Th use of unique materials and designs on the shoe also give it a more modern look; ultimately this one of the best collaboration i’ve seen in a while. These are set to release in March 2010 so start saving now. Via hypebeast

New Crooks and Castles

We’ve always been big fans of the Crooks, but damn homies… they just keep gettin better.  Check out new board shorts and

Crooks and Castles Wired Watch

It has been a minute since we featured anything from the Crooks but they are back it with this preview of  their brand new watch, the “Wired” watch. They hooked up with Seiko for this limited edition time peice. It should be available around July but will only be available in Japan and at the 8021 Flagship store. Stay tuned for more details.


30% Off All New Crooks at Attic

Until cinco de Mayo, Attic is marking down all Crooks and Castles gear (new and old) 30%.  Attic already has great prices, so this rules.  Plus, the new stuff in from Crooks is frikkin ballin as always.  I really like these girls tees, but there’s lots of stuff for dudes in as well.  Check it out:

Crooks & Castles Boxers? That’s Right Ladies & Gentleman

Yes you are reading correctly,  Crooks & Castles is planning on unveiling some boxers for the new summer line.  No word on availability or price yet.  There going to come in all sorts of assorted prints, plaids, etc.  Expect to come out with the rest of the summer line, will let you know when that is as soon as we get word. [theevilcollector]

A Sneakhype Ensemble – “Muted”

We got another one for ya.  I put a little extra care and consideration in this ensemble… fresh enough for the freshest of the fresh out there.  Pharrel could wear this out to McDonald’s.  Let’s take it from the top.  First, for outerwear, we have the “Robot” hoodie by Kid Robot, which you can purchase here for 95.  Underneath, you’ll see a muted tone Crooks tee “Collasus” which you can cop from Attic for 30.  Now, personally, when I go black on black or keep it classy with black and white, I like to throw in just a touch of color to keep it sneakhype.  So, after the MORE DOPENESS link, you’ll see I’ve thrown in some all black Air Max 90 Current TZ’s that feature a teal swoosh and teal laces.  Now, to tie it all together, I thought that a teal Nixon Newton (available from Nixon’s online store) would nicely complement the 90’s.  Check out the whole ensemble here:

Crooks & Castles “Gingham” New Era

These new Crooks & Castles “Gingham” Hats is one of my favorite New Eras they have released this season. They are now available in 2 colorways at Reed Space. Get it here.

Crooks and Castles Button Down

As a part of their Spring 09 line, Crooks is dropping this button down shirt.  The logo on the back is huge, ballin, and embroidered.  I like that the small plaid print changes directions in the scarf.  You can hit up Vault for one.

Crooks & Castles ’09 New Eras Availabe In4mation

In4mation just got some new Crooks & Castles fitted hats in. The New Era’s all look dope as usual. Most of the hats come in a black/white colorway except for the cap seen above which comes in a Red/Blue colorway that is great for the spring time. Check out the rest of the caps after the jump.

New Crooks and Castles At Reed Space

Crooks and Castles just released some new gear for their Spring ’09 season and it’s about time we haven’t seen a whole lot of new stuff from the Crooks lately. They came out with some hoodies, crew necks, and t-shirts. These are all available Reed Space now. Check out more pictures after the jump. [CtotheJL]

Crooks and Castles – Utility Check Backpack

I’m normally one for louder backpacks, but I’m seeing some muted tones from NSW and now this Crooks pack that are making me reconsider my color swatches.  As part of their Spring 09 line, Crooks released this subtle checkerboard pattern pack.  Closeups after the cut show some seemingly pretty nice craftsmanship on this thing.  I should hope so, if it’s gonna cost me 145.  You can buy it at Caliroots. [kineda]  Check out more pics here

Crooks and Castles X Vans Available Now at UNIV

We showed you these Crooks and Castles X Vans not too long ago; The kicks feature premium leather, patent leather, and some feux-snakeskin, not to mention they come in this dope Red/Green colorway that resembles the Gucci colors perfectly. These kicks are now available at UNIV for 90 dollars. Check out their site here.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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