Grovemade Drops “Walnut” iPhone 6 Case Collection

A flood of iPhone 6 accessories is sure to be on the horizon now that it released today.  Grovemade is one of the first to put out some high quality case for the iPhone 6.  This is their walnut collection that features 3 different cases that are crafted from Oregon Claro Walnut.  They start at just $59, order here.

New Artist Series Lazerwood iPhone Covers ($18 – $30)

Don’t want to rock the bulky Otterbox?  I don’t blame you.  It has a way of saying, “the person who bought me this iPhone doesn’t trust me enough to keep it safe, so they also bought me this giant bulletproof case to ensure I don’t crack the screen on this 600 dollar device.”  


Purse iPhone Case ($12)

Ladies, how adorbs right!?  Dudes, great gift idea for the women in your life here.  

Incase Samsung GALAXY S4 Case

Incase has made a name for themselves by producing high quality protective cases almost exclusively for Apple products. Now they are expanding beyond the realm of iPhone cases with the introduction of the Samsung GALAXY S4 case. Incase will be producing GALAXY S4 versions of their Snap Case, Slider Case and SYSTM Chisel case. 

The Manliest iPhone Case Ever: TaskOne

You can open a bottle of beer with a lighter!?  Neat-o buddy!  My iPhone case can kill a f*ckin’ bear and dismantle a nuclear warhead.  


iPhone 5 Cases by society 6

The artwork seen on these cases from society 6 are also available in framed prints, canvases, laptop and iPad skins, and more.  (They also make them for older generations if you’re not on the 5 bandwagon yet.)  

EO Travel Collection by Incase

Incase just makes clean, quality stuff.  Aside from the practicality and durability of this lineup, we here at SNEAKHYPE are also digging the splash of slime green against the black.  

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Greatest iPhone Case Ever Created?

It’s an incredibly thin, flexible sleeve (.25 millimeters thick) that completely wraps your iPhone and MAKES IT WATERPROOF TO A DEPTH OF 10 METERS.  So basically you can barely tell this thing is even on your phone, and you could put a hard case over the top of it, and you could update your Facebook status while scuba diving.  You could even snap pics of girls in bikinis underwater in the pool (with their explicit permission of course). The only bummer with this thing is that you would have to remove the sleeve every time you wanted to charge the phone.  Maybe it would be something you’d just want to put on for those summer days at the pool or beach.  This is not yet available for sale, but you can bet we’ll let you know as soon as you can buy it.

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