Benny Gold X Alive Tokyo Watch

Benny Gold recently collaborated with Alive Tokyo and created the watch seen above. Alive Tokyo just released these photos of this brand new watch. It features gold detailing, SF color scheme, and BG’s signature paper plane argyle pattern band. This exclusive timepiece was created based on the idea of cycling. Alive Tokyo has a few other watches they made for this line, check them out here.

New Benny Gold Fitted "Dough Boy" Hat

Here is look at Benny Gold’s latest New Era fitted’s. This cap is called the “Dough Boy” and will be part of the new fall/winter line which will be droppin soon. These hats are all satin lined and feature argyle print on the bottom side of the bill. It will be available soon in the two colorways seen above soon. Get more info here.

Benny Gold Collection on Sale at KrudMart

Krudmart has always offered great collections of clothing from Alife to Crooks and Castles they have always kept up with current styles. Right now they have a sale on the Benny Gold Collection so it’s a good time to check it out. Be like Micheal Phelps(you knew it was coming) and buy 8 Go For Gold Shirts. So be stuntin with this in time before school starts

Benny Gold Fall Collection Sneak Peak

Fall 08 is looking good already. Benny Gold just gave us a sneak peak of the upcoming collection. Take a look at the hats.


Benny Gold Huf Skyline

Although in the last post I told everyone too check out Benny Golds Etch-A-Sketch Skyline, I just couldn’t resist to put this up. I recently purchased an iPhone and was wondering what my background should be and suddenly realized that this was it. The skyline is done perfectly and reminds the Sneakhype staff of the Beastie Boys album “To the 5 Boroughs”, even though they are different cities. Whatever the case this is an all-time classic and should be considered for any of you with an iPhone. Be worth your weight in Gold and get it now.

When Life gives you Lemons, buy some Benny Gold

Benny Gold is one of the all time great designers representing all that is the sneaker world. He has done tons of projects and designed many logos you’ve might of seen including Huf, Stussy, and many others. Benny Gold continues to be in top form with this classic pin stripe new era hat. The clean paper airplane design is something never seen before. Check out Benny Gold and his whole collection at the Benny Gold Blog. Make sure to peep his HUF etch-a-sketch skyline!

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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