Benny Gold’s Glider Plane Candle

Benny Gold has turned his signature Glider Plane graphic into a candle. The Candle not only resemble a balsa wood glider plane you would play with when you were a kid it actually requires assembly like those toys. It comes packaged as separate pieces that you assemble yourself. They come in a few different colorways all featuring the “Stay Gold” slogan across the wings. Look for these to drop sometime soon. More pictures after the jump.

Computer Arts Magazine-Benny Gold Feature

Computer Arts Magazine has a dope feature on Sneakhype favorite B to the motha-f___king G, Benny Gold.  On new stands now, Computer Arts Magazine and Benny Gold discuss the concepts and background of his most recognizable work.

Benny Gold – Preview of New Line

Benny Gold, one of Sneakhype’s favorite designers, is getting ready to release his new line and he hooked us up with a lil preview, it’s not much but it’ll have to get us by until the real thing is released. Get more info about his new line on his website right here.

New Benny Gold Background

I’m posting this because a long time ago I put up this Benny Gold Skyline background for the iPhone but didn’t tell anyone where to get it.  Well I got a new background for all you Benny Gold enthusiasts out there.  This Paper Planes background is dope, just save the picture and then put it as your iPhone background it’s that simple. Enjoy.

Benny Gold – Spring New Era’s

Benny Gold’s Spring line is onit’s way. Here is a look at the New Era fitteds that are dropping with the rest of the line . They are available in 3 colorways and all of them are made of a custom designed pattern.We will keep you updated on the rest of the releases.


Benny Gold’s Portfolio

I had to post this up, check out Benny Gold’s Portofolio section of his website.  It shows you all the companies and collaborations Benny Gold has done.  Also check out this picture its really the main reason for this post.   The shelf has so much fresh gear on it, from clothing to kicks to hats its like 1000 times your daily serving of dopeness. To think this was all designed by the one and only Benny Gold.  Man’s a genius.

Benny Gold – 2009 Preview

Benny Gold had a great run in 2008, his products were all hella fresh as usual and we are sure he will continue with his great work in 2009. Here is a lil preview of some of the products he will be releasing in 2009. It is not much but it will have to do for now.

Steelo Hero’s Brand New Logo, Designed By the One and Only Benny Gold

Benny Gold, the artist/graphic designer, who is responsible for creating the popular logo’s for MASH and HUF has just created another logo for Steelo Hero. Steelo Hero is a new venture by Pro-Skater Stevie Williams, the site is dedicated to the Kings of certain scenes. So Benny Gold would be the King of the Logo scene, Crooks and Castles would be the king of the Streetwear scene, and of course Sneakhype would be the king of the blog scene, naturally. Check out Steelo Hero’s site right here.


Benny Gold’s Holiday line

Here is the last of Benny Gold’s Holiday collection and brought the heat. He has some new T-Shirts with the popular “B” logo as well as some a nice black/gold jackets. Along with this release Benny including the Doughboy hats. Check out these products at his site right here.

Benny Golds Online Shop Is Finally Open!

Benny Gold’s online shop is finally up and open for business. This is good news for people like me who live in Kansas. The stores has limited quantities so act quick because it’ll probably go fast. Check out the store here.

Benny Gold X New Era "Doughboy" Fitted

Benny Gold released these “Doughboy” New Era fitteds again for his Holiday collection. Gold’s inspiration for these hats comes from Ice Cubes character, Doughboy, from the movie “Boys in the Hood”. They come in blue and grey and feature argyle on the inside of the brim. Not sure where these will be available yet but we’ll keep you posted.[Via Benny Gold]

New Benny Gold T- Shirts

Benny Gold has been doing work recently getting his new Fall Line ready to drop. Here are some pictures of the shirts from his new line. He has come up with some new and creative design as usual for these new T-shirts. All are looking fly to the T. They should be available at select retailers now. Via [High Snobiety]

Benny Gold’s Latest Creation

Benny Gold is at it again adding to his already impressive line. He has been working on this new hat for a long time. It is not the normal fitted cap you see these days, it looks something like a train conductors hat. It is being sold only at exclusive locations which he will be putting on his blog.

Highsnobiety’s New Look

If you’ve been to Highsnobiety lately you might have noticed the new set up. The website is completely different(all for the better of course) it has a new design and logo. The logo got touched up by none other but Sneakhype Legend himself Benny Gold. He did a great job as you can see, they also hooked him up with a new feautured blog in the colomns section. Via highsnobiety.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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