Benny Gold Brick N’ Mortar

Benny Gold just opened up his first Brick N’ Mortar retail space last weekend in San Francisco. It’s bi-level Mission space that serves as both a graphic design studio (upstairs)  as well as a retail show room on the bottom level. The layour looks very clean. Benny managed to pack a lot of dopeness into a pretty small space. Take a closer look after the jump. 

Benny Gold 2009 Holiday T-shirts

Benny Gold just released the first part of his new Holiday line which is available in-stores now. The new collection is highlighted by two collaborations; one with Rebel8 and one with artist Hersk. Expect to see more accessories, wax products, and new doughboy fitteds to be released in the near future. Check out the rest of the T-shirts after the jump.

Benny Gold for Desired Hearts – Heart Of Gold Tee

Benny Gold recently worked with Desired Hearts on their new logo and first collection. The range drops Monday including a special collab colorway that is exclusive to shop.bennygold.com. Here are some pics of the Heart of Gold shirt that will be available through the Benny Gold shop on Monday.

Benny Gold X Rebel 8

Benny Gold hooked up with Rebel 8 on this exclusive new Tee. This tee will be available at Benny Gold’s online store soon. We’ll keep you posted.

Benny Gold – Dough Boy Fitted

Benny Gold has designed yet another version of his Dough Boy fitted. The hat has undergone several changes in the last year and this latest hat may feature the dopest of the tweaks. These new Dough Boy fitteds feature updated colorways as well as a buffalo plaid liner that mirrors the flight patterns of a paper airplane. The black hat is satin lined, and the khaki material is made to feel the same as a fresh pair of creased Dickies. These will be out this winter. Check out some more pictures after the jump.


Benny Gold Online Exclusives

Benny Gold just made Japanese exclusive available at his online shop inlcluding some key chains, skate wax, and some Tees. Get them all here.

Benny Gold Fall ’09 5 Panel Caps

For his fall ’09 line Benny Gold came out with some new 5 panel caps. The details on these are really nice. They feature custom printed fabric, gold eyelet detailing and tags. There will also be a few matching accessories dropping with them.

Cinelli X Mash X Benny Gold

Benny Gold recently hooked up with Mash and bicycle producers Cinelli to design a custom bike frame. Benny Gold was responsible for the visual design and overall look of the frame. He designed the custom paint and frame stickers to resemble the shape of the Mash lighting bolt. It’s pretty slick lookin’ frame. These will be hitting retailers this coming week, keep an eye out. More pictures after the jump.

Benny Gold- Leather Argyle Keychain

Benny Gold got together with Japans Common Magazine to produce a set of leather key chains to commemorate their 3 year anniversary. The quality of the leather they used is amazing. It is the same leather that used on the bottom of high end dress shoe soles so you know it is going to last and get better with age. They are produced by hand in Japan and only 3 can be made a day. These 3 colors (red, black and navy) will only be available on the Benny Gold online store next month in a limited run of 79 (the atomic weight of gold). 3 other colors will be released in japan at the same time. Hit the link to see more pictures.

Benny Gold X Carhartt

Benny Gold recently did some new T-Shirt for Carhartt. My favorite of the shirts can be seen above, check out the rest of the tees after the jump.

Benny Gold Online Store Update

Benny Gold just updated his online store with his new line. Exclusive to the online store is the Black/Orange Paper Plane shirt with only 50 available. There are also some New Eras to match. Check it out here. More pictures after the jump.

Benny Gold Spring/Summer ’09 Releases

The mad scientist is back at it again with some new t-shirts for his Spring/Summer ‘ 09 lineup.  I’m feelin’ the “We Buy Gold” shirt just because of all the gold commercials we’ve been seeing lately, pretty funny if you ask me.  Check out detailed looks at the tees after the jump.


Benny Gold – Summer ’09 Line

Our boy Benny Gold has been hard  at work getting his Summer of ’09 Line in order. The new stuff looks good as usual; he stuck with the label driven T-shirts and the Logo Stripes New Era’s. The line also includes the first collaboration shirts (seen above)  from Benny Gold and San Francisco fixed gear brand Mash. Now Benny Gold created Mash’s logo and has helped them since they were founded but the “Gold Sprints” collaboration is the first official collab. The new line should be available at select Benny Gold  retailers soon, we will keep you posted. Check out the rest of  the collection after the jump.

Benny Gold Paper Plane Skate Deck Wax

The creative genius is just getting his hands on anything and everything lately.  We showed you the candle airplane a little bit ago.  Now he has wax for your skate deck coming out, supposedly dropping sometime this summer.  Its going to come in these three colorways and no word on price just yet.  We’ll keep ya posted. [hypebeast]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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