High School Basketball Player is 7’5″ and it’s Just Not Fair

Can you imagine what it would have been like to be 7’5″ in high school?  Hell, just imagine what it would be like to be 7’5″ at any age.  I’m sure this dude catches a lot of flack, but with how much Tacko Fall dominates the paint, I’m sure he brushes that dirt off his shoulders like it’s nothing.  Dude makes a basketball look like a tennis ball, and the goal look like it’s 3″ shorter.

Remembering Andrew Wiggins’ Time At KU In GIFs

Andrew Wiggins announced today that he would be declaring for the NBA draft. Although he only spent one season as a Jayhawk, he was able to make a lasting impression. Wiggins was arguably the most athletic player in the NCAA this year and will surely be fun to watch in the league. Like most KU fans, I’m sad to see him go but wish him the best of luck as a pro. Lets remember his time at KU with some awesome GIFs that highlight his preferred method of scoring: dunking.

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The Cleveland Cavs have the dopest 3D floor projection system in the NBA (video)

Currently, the Cavs sit 3rd in their division, and 10th in their conference — 5 games behind Atlanta’s 8th spot in the East.  BUT, their pre-game floor projection video is easily the best in the NBA.

Dude Perfect Busts Out a Trampoline For Their Slam Dunk Edition

In Dude Perfect’s latest video they break out a trampoline, which is cheating, but it’s still pretty dope what they do.


Harlem Globetrotter Sets Record For World’s Longest Basketball Shot (Video)

Is there anything that the Harlem Globetrotters can’t do with a basketball?  These guys are like superheroes.  


The Most Difficult Basketball Goal Ever

This installation by artists Llobet & Pons looks crazy.  It’s titled “No One Wins”, which is pretty-much spot on considering the placement of the goals on the board.  It encourages players to use their imagination to create new rules for the sport.

Kentucky’s James Young Makes Incredible Shot in the Wrong Goal (Video)

This is an absolutely amazing shot, but unfortunately he put it in the wrong basket.  It’s alright James, most people couldn’t make that shot if they had 1000 attempts.


Pepsi MAX & Kyrie Irving Present: Uncle Drew Chapter 3 (Video)

Pepsi MAX has finally released the third chapter of their “Uncle Drew” series starring Kyrie Irving. In this episode Uncle Drew recruits Lights (Nate Robinson) and Betty Lou (Maya Moore) to join his team. Take a look.

KU Recruit Andrew Wiggins Gets The Cover of Sports Illustrated

KU’s star recruit, Andrew Wiggins, will be gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated’s October issue. The Freshmen has a lot to live up to but if anyone can do it, it would be Wiggins. The issue will be available on newsstands this week.

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The Epic Kansas Recruiting Class 2013-14

The most historied and illustrious basketball program in the history of the NCAA looks forward to an unrivaled recruiting class after winning 9 straight conference titles.  Get ready for goosebumps. 

NBA 2K14 – Michael Jordan Uncensored Interview (Video)

Michael Jordan recently sat down with 2K Games for an interview about all things basketball. MJ talks about everything from his early years in the league to which current players he would like to play one-on-one. Take a look.


Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets Will Wear Jerseys With Nicknames This Season

The NBA recently announced that the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets will sport jerseys with players’ nicknames on the back, instead of their last names, in at least one game this season. King James, The Truth, Jesus Shuttlesworth, and KG are just a few of the nicknames you are likely to see on the court. Let’s hope that these nicknames jerseys will also be available for purchase because I need a Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey in my life. 


adidas Basketball – Derrick Rose is all in for Chicago (Video)

The hype surrounding Derrick Rose’s return to the NBA couldn’t be any higher.  Will he meet expectations and deliver a performance everyone has been waiting for?  Only time will tell.

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