New Bathing Ape Kicks

A Bathing Ape just came out with some new kicks for the Holiday season. These kicks are some retro inspired hi-top basketball kicks. Personally i have not been impressed with BAPE’s kicks as of late but these are a little better than other releases. They come in a bunch of colorways too and have just been released in Asia. [Hypebeast]

Bape "Mario to Milo" Collection

Bape just released a new installment of their “Mario to Milo” winter collection. The new release consists of sweaters and jackets all featuring baby Milo as well as Mario. They should be available online now.

More Fall Release From Bape

Here is a look at some more new releases from BAPE. These Bapesta’s are part of the “trail” pack. Notice the laces which you usually see in boots. I like these new kicks the solid colors look good on the BAPES. They should be available at select BAPE retailers. [Via Kayneuniversity]

New Bapesata 88 Pack

Here is look at the new Bapesta 88 Track Pack. The pack consists of these new Hi-Top and Low-top kicks that come in the color pictured above as well as black and burgundy. Personally i am not a fan of these new Bapes , in fact i have not been pleased with most of their new products. Bapes design used to be colorful, creative and unlike any other clothing brand out there. Their latest products however have been very plain and bland. [Via highsnobiety]

New Bape Tracksta Colorways

Bape just released some pictures of the new color schemes for the Tracksta. They come in Red, Brown, and Black (not pictured) and have very simple design and monochromatic colorways. They should be available in Bape stores now for about 13,500 yen, whatever that means. [Via Hypebeast]

Exclusive Custom BAPE Shirts

I know we have been showing you guys a lot of BAPE lately but you can never have too much BAPE gear and their level of freshness is still unmatched in my opinion. This time BAPE came up with a very interesting concept for their clothing. Some of you may remeber shirts your Dad or Grandpa owned customized shirts with their initials stitched in them. Bape is now offering shirts that you can add your initials too. The shirts feature the BAPE head with a bubble above where the initials go. I think this is a great idea, plus the shirts are clean, the only downside is these are only available to BAPE card members. Via HKanytime.

New Bape Fall Releases

Bape just released their a new installment of their Fall/winter collection. The line consists of the usual graphic driven shirts and roadsters but they also have coats, jeans, and boxers as well. The new line is looking good. The coat they released is dope but it is sure to set you back a pretty penny. This line should be available at flagship stores. Check out more pictures of the line here.

New Bape Varsity Jacket

BAPE just released this clean new Varsity Coat. It features the traditional letter jacket style and comes in three colorways, and is complete with Varsity lettering and patches. These will only be sold exclusively through Nigo’s Favorite Shop, which is a branch of the BAPE online store that requires a membership to be able to purchase from it. If you are a member you better get yours quick before they are all gone, and if you need to know the price you probably can’t afford it. Via Hypebeast.

New Bape Baby Milo T-shirt

Due to popular demand BAPE has released a new version of their Baby Milo AZ animals T-shirt. It comes in black and white colorways both featuring gold print on the front. These are available at all BAPE store locations including the LA and NY stores.

Bape LA Opening Party

Bape opened a LA Store in april but I haven’t had the chance to show you the results, so here they are, the Bape store looks doooopppeeee. Its great to see Bape make its way to the US. Buy A Bathing Ape now.


Bape celebrates 15th Anniversary

Bape is celebrating its 15 anniversary with the release of the titled “A Bathing Ape” book. A Bathing Ape has revolutionized the industry by pushing the envelope with their designs. Don’t expect BAPE phase to fade, it has been one of the most sought after clothing companies for years now. Check out BAPE, but be aware of the many fakes on ebay.


Bape "Mario to Milo" collection

Everyone remembers their first video game(any mario game) and knows that little red plumber is the shit. Now Bape Milo has teamed up with Nintendo to bring together the best of both worlds. The Bape “Mario to Milo” collection line is in and looks pretty amazing. Check it out at Highsnobiety and should be avaliable at Bape Stores. If you not a fan of mario check out Bapes collaberation with DC Comics.

From New York to California

Now that Bape has stores in both New York and Los Angeles they decided to show the cities some love with theses new plaid hats. The hats are sick the only problem is trying to find something that matches them, maybe the gold Shmack shoes would look good with one of these.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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