Bape Leather Striped Belts – Spring/Summer 2009

New belt from Bape expected to come out with the Spring/Summer line-up this year.  Comes in these three colorways, with the large BAPE lettering on the front.  Most def set off any outfit perfectly.  We’ll keep you posted. [weeklydrop]

Nigo’s Custom Mercedes AMG 300SL

Being the designer of one of the coolest brands ever definitely has its perks. Nigo just got his AMG 300SL outfitted with a custom Bape Camo paint job.  Check out some more pictures after the jump. [CtotheJL]

BAPE – Bapesta “Lame” Pack

BAPE just released 4 new Bapesta’s that are part of the “Lame” pack. The pack consists of four pairs of kicks, white/red, white/blue, white/brown and all white. They didn’t get too crazy with this pack but overall i like the new Bapestas.  These are now available at BAPE’s online store. Check out the rest of the pack after the jump. [Highsnob]

Bape – Spring ’09 Bapex Military Watch

Bape has some new watches coming out for the Spring season. Their collection, which they call Bapex, was obviously inspired from Rolex. Alright, yeah they basically just ripped off Rolex but i love Rolex’s  so i can’t complain; i bet the prices are even comparable. This military watch comes in two colorways and they are available now.[highsnob]


A Closer Look at BAPE L.A.

Here is a closer look at the BAPE store in Los Angeles, the second BAPE store in the US. Located on 8001 Melrose Avenue, the BAPE store includes neon lights, shoes on a conveyor belts, and camo print walls.  During the day you can hardly notice the store, but at night it really stands out.  More pics after the jump. [thecoolhunter]

A Bathing Ape Stadium Jacket

A Bathing Ape’s Shark design has become one of their most popular designs. It is usually seen on their hoodies but BAPE is starting to use the design on other products as well, the first of which is this stadium  jacket.The hood that is attached to the top actually zips all the way up like the hoodie. It comes in a grey and navy colorway, you can get it here. Check out more pictures after the jump. [Hypebeast]

BAPE – 15th Anniversary Leather Down Jacket

BAPE just released this leather down jacket in celebration of their 15 year anniversary. The jacket is made from Sheep Skin hide and features their signature camo print. As always BAPE payed close attention to detail, adding in some interior pockets, custom buttons, and 15th anniversary tags. More pictures after the jump. [hypebeast]

A Bathing Ape Valentines Day T-Shirt

A Bathing Ape is coming out with a special shirt just for valentines day. The shirt comes in a white and black colorway with a graphic featuring Baby Milo and his valentine sitting on a hear. This Tee is set to release on Valentines Day at select Bape retailers. Check out more pictures after the jump.

New Bape Releases

A Bathing Ape just came out with a bunch of new releaes for their Spring/Summer line, the funny thing about that is the new stuff is mostly jackets, sweaters, and other outerwear. Anyway BAPE kept it simple with these new releases but the new gear is still fresh, i picked out a few of my favorites to show you. Check out the rest of the new releases and get more info on where to get these after the jump. [Hypebeast]

Bape X Colette – Exclusive Hoodie

I don’t even wanna know how much this thing costs.  If you put Bape and Colette together on something, you can bet it’s gonna cost a pretty penny.  Scratch that… a magnificently beautiful penny.  You can only get it at Colette.  [freshnessmag]

Warhol’s Camouflage

How did Nigo get the idea for A Bathing Ape’s dope ass camo? Andy Warhol released a series of paintings based on the concept of camouflage in the 1980’s. The study of camouflage gave Andy the opportunity to explore the use of disruptive patterns based on the military’s motif. Warhol’s camouflage paintings would also become the last group of paintings he produced before passing away in 1987. Warhol’s approach to camouflage has been applied to other forms of camouflage, particularly in fashion.  A Bathing Ape’s creator, Nigo, was heavily influenced by Warhol. He is known for his collection of popular American products, including Warhol’s famous “Campbell’s Soup” paintings.  Nigo’s pop influences were later reproduced into limited edition collections of Bape apparel in 1993. Now in 2009, the Bape camouflage is known around the world. [via killazbee]


Bape – More January Releases

Bape just came out with some more products for their January Releases. The new releases consist of some belts, bags, and some dope coats. This new Bape stuff is more flashy than their last releases we showed you. Check out the rest of the gear after the jump, or check out the rest of the 2009 collection here.

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Bape Spring 2009 Collection

Here’s some of the latest goods from Bape’s 09 collection.  Its not as flashy as usual Bape and seems to be more formal then usual.  Im really diggin the Baby Milo shirt and the Bape Tie.   So be lookin out for these goods for they will be avaliable in January at all Bape Flagship Stores and online.  Check out more pics after the jump.(Via highsnobiety)

Bape New Years 2008 T-Shirts

Bape just came out with these New Years shirts. The shirts are all either black or white with a few different graphics. The graphics are all gold or silver foil graphics which look pretty dope in the shirts. Check out the rest of the shirts after the jump.[Highsnobiety]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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