BAPE X The Beatles

Honestly, i kind of think this is a lame idea that is kind of played out but since these Beatles shirts are made by BAPE they will probably be a hit. Check out the entire collection after the jump.

Bape Milo Long Sleeve Tees

If you’ve been itchin’ to drop close to 90 bucks on a long sleeve t-shirt, today’s the day.  I’d give you props.  And props from me are hard to come by.  Despite the price, it is a nice piece for fall.  Buy it from the bape online store here. 

BAPE – Milo Ear Buds

Wanna rock the coolest ear buds out of all your friends? No problem, BAPE’s got you covered with their new Milo ear buds. They come in black and white and will only cost you about 3,900 Yen. I’m not really sure how much that is but if you want to get them they are available at BAPE stores now.

Bape Shark Park & Vinyl Toy Pack

I’m glad to see Bape drop some fresh hoodies that don’t have that crazy camo print or Baby Milo’s all over it.  These are simple and very fresh in my opinion.  The nice thing about it is you get a cool little toy that has a matching hoodie on it.  Check out all the colorways after the jump.

Bape x G-Shock Fall 09 DW6900

You don’t have to be too creative over in the marketing department to come up with a fly Bape x G-Shock collab.  Just put both brand names on it, and add just a little splash of color, and bam — you got yourself a best-seller.  Set to drop in Bape stores on this coming Sunday, the 23rd. 

Bape Keychains (Set of 3)

Finally… something from Bape that I probably wouldn’t regret spending so much money on because I wouldn’t have to spend that much money to get it.  You get the full set of 3 for 40 bucks — available at the Bape online shop.  I want the round squishy one.  Throw down 14 bucks with 2 other friends, and you can all rock the Bape-age. 

Bapex 1 Clears Rip Off ToyWatch?

Cool watch, right?  Yeah… now where have I seen it before?  Oh yeah, I first saw it when my mom ordered one after she saw it on Ellen, and then I saw it again on October 12, 2008 when it was posted on Sneakhype.  No, my mom didn’t order a Bape watch… but she did order essentially the exact same thing, a ToyWatch.  I don’t know if Bape paid ToyWatch to make their watches, or if they’re using the same parts, but the resemblance is ridiculous.  Seriously, hit that “More Dopeness” link at the end of the post and you will see that the dial is the EXACT same, the hands on the watch are identical… and perhaps the biggest tell that they are made by ToyWatch: the time shown on the watch is the same.  The bad news: Bape was slightly unoriginal in their watch design.  The good news: you can get a watch for half the price that looks almost identical to these from ToyWatch.  The ‘more’ bad news: my mom has a ToyWatch.  The ‘more’ good news: my mom is a Sneakhype G. 

Bape Bapesta Shark Pack

The Bape shark hoodie design has appeared on lots of of Bapes products recently. Now it also comes to the Bapesta sneaker. The pack consists of four Bapestas, each featuring a different shark design and colorway. This pack will be released tomorrow. Via Highsnob

Bape – Darth Maul – Limited Release

Here’s a sneak peak at the “Darth Maul” tee coming out from Bape soon.  It’s supposed to be in very limited release as well as it will come in two different colorways.  Looks pretty fly, check out the black colorway after the jump.

BAPE – Metallic Bapesta’s

It has been a while since BAPE has came out with anything that really impressed me but they blew my mind with these metallic kicks. I know other brands have used metallic materials on shoes before but damn these Bapestas are clean. They come in gold and silver check out some better pictures after the jump.

A Bathing Ape – Baby Milo Candy

While your lookin’ fresh, you can now also eat fresh with these Baby Milo candies.  I’m trying to figure out what there going to taste like.  Guess i’ll just have to order some.  They are available now at select Bape retailers. [bapenerd]

Bapex “Clear” Watch

Bape just came out with a new “clear” version of their Bapex watch which comes in a Black and a Blue colorway. Check out some more detailed pictures after the jump.


A Bathing Ape Pirate Store

Starting April 29th A Bathing Ape will be opening their official pirate store.  It will feature lots of archived items, treasures, and factory second merchandise.  I never thought BAPE would sell things on sale, its pretty dope.  For the occasion BAPE will be making a special Pirate T for around $41.00.  The location of the store has not been announced.  Stayed tuned for more details. [highsnobiety]

A Bathing Ape – New Baby Milo Releases

Baby Milo’s back on the scene, crispy & clean.  These three new releases from A Bathing Ape just recently hit Bape stores.  There going for 6090 Yen which equals $62 for us in the U.S.  No word on online sales yet, but we’ll keep you posted. [bapenerd]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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