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Vans – Color Me Rad Backpack ($32)

Pretty solid deal for some late back-to-school shopping.  I’d say it works as a unisex pack in that (as weird as this may sound) it would look good on a fine chica, and a dude with the right hetero swagger could rock it as well.  For 32 bucks, you could buy it just for your tuesday thursday classes. 

Gravis – Hubble Backpack

The baby blue is looking mighty fresh contrasted against these muted tones.  I would grab this up for 50 bucks in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for the fact that I already have a couple packs, and I feel like if I switched my backpack every other day, I might be pushing my accessorization allowance.  The bag also comes in a blacked out version that’s pretty fly.  You can pick them both up, as well as, check out the rest of Gravis’ product line here. 

Supra Odyssey Backpack

Back to school.  Back to school… to prove to Dad I’m not a fool.  I got my lunch packed up, my boots tied tight, I hope I don’t get in a fight.  …Oh Billy.  People might be trying to jack you for this pack.  Available now at CCS.  Three colors: grey (my favorite) and black seen after the jump. 

Nike SB – Red Eugene Backpack

A favorite accessory within streetwear culture, the Eugene pack, is now available in an all-red colorway.  Clean as a whistle indeed, but the earlier versions, Buzz Lightyear and Pacman, still rival this new all-red freshness.  The red one is available at select Nike SB retailers, including in4mants, but if you’re liking the multicolored versions more… good news: the Buzz Lightyear is available for online purchase here. 

Nixon – Ground Swell Backpack

Made for surfers, it’s lookin quite fresh in its wetsuit material waterproofieness.  Supposed to keep your gear dry while you’re cruisin on the longboard, or even if you’re just a student that lives in Kansas where you’re often exposed to precipitation on campus… it’ll keep your $175 Marketing Research book dry while you’re chasin after the stacked chick in the white T-shirt who forgot her umbrella.  Sweeeet.  Pick it up at Nixon for $70. 

MONO EFX 365 DJ Pack

If you spin vinyl… like really spin vinyl… you are a cool person.  If you spin vinyl, like kind of spin vinyl — you’re at least cool enough to get this bag… and it’s a great way to make you look like more than just the wanna-be DJ that you are.  Designed exclusively for DJ’s, it’s got some nice features for those that are one with the wax.  Buy it here. 

Nike SB – Ms. Pac-man Eugene Backpack

Sick new backpack getting ready to drop from Nike SB.  Supposed to be dropping here in the middle of July, you can pre-order it now through Kix-Files though.  [highsnobiety]

Incase – New Nylon Bacpacks

As you all know Incase pretty much runs the game as far as covers & cases for anything Mac.  They got these pretty sweet nylon backpacks available now, that of course you could use for your Mac, but certainly don’t have to.  You can check out a bunch of pics after the jump, as well as purchase info.

Nike SB – Buzz Lightyear Backpack

One of my favorite backpacks of the “my-backpack-is-louder-than-your-weak-ass-lame-shit-muted-tone-backpack… craze,” is this here Buzz Lightyear pack from SB.  It’s been very very difficult to find, though, but Premier Skateboarding just got in a new set yesterday, so get yours while you still can.  It’s 150 (free shipping) AND if you’re in the midwest, you’ll get it the next day (which is especially dope for all you local Sneakhypers in the 785).  Pick it up.  Check out the back of the backpack here:

DC X Incase

Two pretty dopetacular brands have hooked up to bring you a slick little backpack that will retail at $129.  It’s not yet available for purchase, but I assume that they’ll wise up and get this thing accessible to the public soon — now that 480,092 people have seen it due to its debut on SNEAKHYPE today.  It comes in black and white.  Check out more pics here

Crooks and Castles – Utility Check Backpack

I’m normally one for louder backpacks, but I’m seeing some muted tones from NSW and now this Crooks pack that are making me reconsider my color swatches.  As part of their Spring 09 line, Crooks released this subtle checkerboard pattern pack.  Closeups after the cut show some seemingly pretty nice craftsmanship on this thing.  I should hope so, if it’s gonna cost me 145.  You can buy it at Caliroots. [kineda]  Check out more pics here

New Nike Sportswear Bags

New NSW bags in at 21 Mercer.  Lookin’ pretty prettttty classy.  “First off is the NSW Sport Duffel and to compliment the duffel is the NSW Cheyenne 2000 Backpack. Both of these bags feature anodized alluminum hardware and lock-stitching to ensure durability.”  Check em out at the 21 Mercer blog.  Closer look here:

Burton – Spring/Summer 2009 Bags

Dude.  Duuuude… Check out how fly this shit is.  Flyer than a fleet of F-16’s (those are fighter jets)… super fly.  [via Hypebeast]  You think the above pics are cool??  Check out the nastiness that is the full collection of Burton bags/luggage after the jump.  One of the bags has a cooler, built-in speakers, and a bottle opener attached to it.  It’s like they designed it specifically for me.  I also got some purchase info and more pics

The Hundreds Spring 09 Accessories

These will all be released at the flagship stores in SF and LA on Thursday the 12th.  Good lookin lineup.  Check out The Hundreds.  [highsnobiety]  Great looks of the whole lineup after the jump.

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