The Alloy Collection By Incase

The new Alloy Collection by Incase brings it back to the future with these matte silver bags.  The packs come with all the creature comforts that you expect from Incase; cushy breathable straps, a cozy safe place for that all important notebook. maybe a stash pocket or two for your… uh pens. The Alloy Collection will run you $60-$180 but that’s a small price to pay for a fresh pack that will make you look creepily similar to those silver dudes that stand still all day for money. Source: Druther

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Megan Daniels for Sprayground

A brand fresh on the scene, Sprayground, is garnering well deserved attention for their recent video release of Megan Daniels rocking their backpacks.  Check it: 

Nike SB Eugene Backpacks – Summer ’10

I still have not purchased a Eugene backpack, but it’s definitely on the top of my accessory list.  Every colorway I’ve seen is just nasty, and this new Gucci colorway takes the cake.  These are already available, you can grab ‘em online at DQM.

Play Cloths Bags – Spring/Summer ’10

One of the best accessories to have besides hats or wristwear is definitely a dope bag of some sort.  Whether you prefer a duffle or backpack, Play Cloths has got you covered.  I love the print and colorways on these bad boys.  More looks after the jump.

Mishka Spring 2010 “Keep Watch” Backpack

With college graduation upon me, days are fast approaching in which I will no longer need a backpack for much other than a carry-on item when grabbing a “wanna get away” Southwest fare to Chi-town to hit up Niketown and big city strip clubs.  But I digress… These new Mishka packs are dope.  Sorry to blue-ball you, but you can’t buy them yet.  Source says they’ll available in “coming weeks”. 

Nike SB – Backpack Canvas Dark Grey

OK… I’ll admit it.  I don’t skate.  And I love Nike SB… so much.  And maybe that’s why some real skaters don’t like SB… because “posers” like myself are all into it.  Aright listen up haters — I don’t pretend to skate.  I just pretend to look good — and Nike SB allows me to do that.  If you wanna look good and skate, that’s your choice.  I like to look good and sit behind a computer most of the day, and occasionally attend tittie bars and drink chocolate martinis… while wearing Nike SB.  Yes, chocolate martinis are questionably gay… but they’re also delicious.  So why don’t you go grind your rails and pop shove it up your ass because I’m not cool, and you can better associate with Rob Dyrdek and others on Fantasy Factory.  I’m sorry.  I like cool things, and I concede that you may be cooler than me.  I’m just trying to be cool like you.  You can buy this backpack here. 

Nike SB – November Accessories

The SB shoe lineup for this month is kinda slackin’, but SB kicked it up a notch with these accessories.  The wallets look like something a girl would have in her Coach purse, but shoot… I’d rock one.  Check out the full release:

Nike SB Backpack Canvas/Leather Purple

By itself, deep purple is a pretty fresh color, without getting too flasy with neons and whatnot.  (Just as a sidenote for all our Kansas readers, F–k K-State and their purple powercat shenananegans.)  Back on topic though, the yellow accents and interior of this pack are looking real clean.  You can pick it up for 119 here. 

Nike SB – Eugene Backpack – Blood Splatter

You may know that us here at the HYPE are all pretty big fans of the Eugene backpacks that Nike SB carries.  Well now we have another new colorway with the name of “Blood Splatter” and it is very sick to say the least.  It’s availabe now through RMK Store.  Make sure to check out some other looks after the jump.

Onitsuka Tiger Fall & Winter 2009 Bag Collection

To be honest i did not know Onitsuka had any items besides footwear, and now after seing this bag collection i’ll definitely have to do some snoopin’ around for clothing & accessories.  I like the colorways of the bags, and i like how it looks like there’s a couple bags for the guys, and then one for the ladies.  Take closer looks at all three of the bags afterwards.

Know1edge – Reed Backpack

As you all may know, the backpack is becoming more and more needed to have a legit accessory game.  I don’t really ever use a backpack to often but i have like 3 of them because you never know when your going to need a legit, clean looking bag.  This backpack is sick if you ask me, i really dig the colorways, and they also seem like high quality products.  Purchase info after the jump.

KR3W Backpacks

If your needin’ a watch to go with the murdered out Vestal watch that EG showed ya’ll earlier than these KR3W backpacks would be for you.  The whole line looks sick as could be, i definitely might have to cop a couple.  You can check out closer looks @ all the bags after the jump.

Incase x Paul Rodriguez – Signature Collection Skate Pack

Man… I wanna be P-Rod.  Dude’s got Nike SB and now Incase throwing more free dope shit at him then he probably knows what to frikkin do with.  The whole signature collection is ill, but this skate pack might take the cake.  Comes in black or gray; you can buy it here. 

Nike SB – Multicolor Pack

Not as cool as the Buzz Lightyear, or the Pacman, or the Eugene for that matter, but cheaper than all of them at 90 bucks… available here. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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