Surf The Earth With The GolfBoard

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed driving a golf cart.  Between Bubba’s Hover and this new GolfBoard, it seems that there are a good amount of people who think golf course transportation can be improved.  I definitely wouldn’t mind giving this a try.

Hump Day Dopeness – Part II (42 Pics)

Are you ready for some Dopeness?  Are.  You.  Ready?

Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

Other than the Escalade, the Cadillac line-up has always had more of an appeal to the older crowd.  Well, this new Cadillac Elmiraj has a shot at hitting the production line, and if that’s true I see it being very successful with the younger generations.  The Elmiraj has quite a sports car look to it mixed with that classic & luxury Cadillac-ness.

Ferrari 458 Twin Turbo by Hennessey Performance

Now this is one hell of a machine.  If Ferrari’s weren’t already dope enough for you in stock condition, then Hennessey Performance is here to help you out.  They gave this 458 a twin turbo upgrade, which boosts it’s horsepower up to 738.  What’s even crazier is that it’ll go from 0-60 in just 2.8 seconds.

TGIF Dopeness (41 Pics)

It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby I’m about to have me some fun.  That’s because my birthday is Monday.  Don’t forget it.

Kanye West Buys ‘His & Hers’ Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond Armored SUVs

Apparently, Kanye wants himself, his girlfriend, and their new baby daughter to travel in the safest way possible.  He recently spent approximately $2.4 million on ‘his & hers’ matching armored SUVs.  The SUV itself is made by Dartz Motor Company.  I can’t really picture Kim Kardashian behind the wheel of one of these beastly automobiles.

Top Gear Reviews the Pagani Huayra (Video)

I’ve never really known very much about Pagani other than their name.  This video & review from Top Gear about the Pagani Huayra gives you a good look into what they’re all about.


Israeli Public Bus Transformed Into Luxury Home

Apparently, there is a huge housing crisis in Israel right now.  Two women came up with the solution to transform an old out-of-use public transportation bus into a luxury living space.  Although the pad seems a little small, it’s still incredibly dope.


Gymkhana Ride Along With Ken Block & Nick Swardson (Video)

Check out Ken Block giving Nick Swardson a tour of the Gymkhana GRID at Irwin Speedway.   I was expecting a little bit more of an extreme reaction, but the driving is still incredible to watch.

Tax The Rich – Trailer (Video)

So, it seems that Tax The Rich is a YouTube channel that focuses on driving the hell out of supercars for no apparent reason.  Ferraris, Jaguars, Rolls-Royces, you name it.  They grab some of the most-expensive cars money can buy, and drive them in places that you would not normally see them driving.

Introducing CarTube: YouTube For Your Car (Video)

Fortunately for our collective safety (but unfortunately for our collective entertainment), any invention like this will never see the light of day unless they start making cars with an autopilot feature.

Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop Documentary (Video)

Real life Hot Wheels.  This is every boy’s dream come true.

BMW Unveils Their All-Electric i3

BMW has officially unveiled their first ever all-electric car, the i3. The i3 is the first from the upcoming line of i vehicles from BMW. Although it’s not as fast as the rest of the BMW family, the i3 is still features a respectable 170-horsepower electric motor along with a lithium-ion, high-voltage battery that will keep your car running for around 80-100 miles on a single charge. The new i3 can be fully charged in only 3 hours. 

The BBQ Donut – Have A BBQ On The Open Water

Ever wanted to grill out with some friends on the open water?  Me too.  In comes the BBQ Donut, a circular sea-cruiser fit with a BBQ grill.  The BBQ Donut fits up to 10 people, and it has a 5hp engine with a 12 liter tank.

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