Artist Ignacio Lozano

How many of you remember K’nex from back in the day?  I know i do.  I had some ballin’ airplanes that i made, as well as some roller coasters.  Spanish artist Ignacio Lozano recently did some pieces involving what’s dubbed as the world’s most creative construction toy.  These pics look pretty freaky to me, but still really cool.

Jim Kazanjian’s Aberration

These look pretty wild, there a part of Jim’s exhibition, Aberration.  Apparently they are hallucinatory photo-composites, and i think they turned out pretty damn sick.  I feel like they would probably make a pretty solid wallpaper for your computer.  Once again go ahead and thank Sneakhype for keep you so fresh, so clean.

Cut Out & Fade Out

These are some recent pieces of work by street artist Miss Bugs.  They look pretty crazy, apparently they are supposed to reflect questions about the visibility of women in society.  Just when i thought the equal rights battle was over, and everyone was happy, i guess i was wrong.  Either way, these are sick.

Futura 2000 FIAC 2009 Exhibition

All this art really just speaks for itself honestly.  I would love to have any of these pieces hangin’ in my bedroom.  For those in Paris, it runs through the 24th of October, so check it out.

Featured Artist – Mauro Perucchetti

Holy shit.  Shit is  D O P E.  You gotta check this shit.

Inspiration : Destill

Wow, don’t even know what to say about this stuff.  Artwork by Destill aka Mike Harrison, these are all recent updates to his portfolio.  Take a look at some sick ones after the jump, and check out his portfolio here.

Banksy – Summer Show – June 13th

Flyer speaks for itself.  Show will be in his hometown Bristol, actual location has yet to be announced. [curated]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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