Featured Artist – Jason Seiler

Whole gang of celebrity artwork, I’m over here dying, laughing at these.  Check out all of ‘em after the jump.

Roberto Bernardi – Oil Paintings

You might be askin’ yourself “What are these ordinary ass pictures doin’ on Sneakhype?”.   Well, my friends, the answer is that these are not ordinary ass pictures.  They’re actually oil paintings of ordinary ass things.  Done by Roberto Bernardi, and I must say they are amazing.  A few more after the jump.

Illustrations by FENIKS

Peep these grungy and abrasive pieces by featured artist FENIKS.

Illustrations By Golpeavisa

Here’s some pretty sick illustrations done by Golpeavisa, a studio in Mexico.  Some of them would make some dope framed prints.  Check out the rest after the jump.

My Favorite Kind Of American Series – Luis Gispert

There’s something about this poster, I need it hangin’ in my room no doubt.  It’s Double-sided, check the other side after the jump.  Only 50 produced and they’re available now at OHWOW.

Don Lucho – Cardboard Art

I wonder if there was any celebs on board that plane when it crashed?  Or how many bums would trade their cardboard abodes for the one that Don Lucho created?  Anyways, all jokin’ aside, this is pretty dope.  Take a look at some more photos after the jump.

Clark Little – Shorebreak Art

I need all of these blown up into framed prints.  I love water, something about it, I’m not going to talk about it too much.  I don’t want to come off as a tool, tryin’ to get all deep and whatnot.  Anyways, check all these out after the jump.

Adrian Tranquilli – Heroes: The Route Of Exposure

This is some awesome artwork.  I’m not a huge fan of recent super-hero movies, but i used to love these guys when i was younger, so i think this stuff is great.  Adrian was trying to show the heroes in a more fragile state, i’d say he accomplished that pretty well.

Conrad Ruiz – Cold, Hard and Wet

This stuff looks pretty sick, i’ve always been a pretty big fan water colors, just the way they turn out always look good to me.  These pieces were inspired by action films, sports, video games & sci-fi.  You can take a look at all of them after the jump.  These are also on display until January 30th.

Artist Ignacio Lozano

How many of you remember K’nex from back in the day?  I know i do.  I had some ballin’ airplanes that i made, as well as some roller coasters.  Spanish artist Ignacio Lozano recently did some pieces involving what’s dubbed as the world’s most creative construction toy.  These pics look pretty freaky to me, but still really cool.

Jim Kazanjian’s Aberration

These look pretty wild, there a part of Jim’s exhibition, Aberration.  Apparently they are hallucinatory photo-composites, and i think they turned out pretty damn sick.  I feel like they would probably make a pretty solid wallpaper for your computer.  Once again go ahead and thank Sneakhype for keep you so fresh, so clean.

Cut Out & Fade Out

These are some recent pieces of work by street artist Miss Bugs.  They look pretty crazy, apparently they are supposed to reflect questions about the visibility of women in society.  Just when i thought the equal rights battle was over, and everyone was happy, i guess i was wrong.  Either way, these are sick.

Futura 2000 FIAC 2009 Exhibition

All this art really just speaks for itself honestly.  I would love to have any of these pieces hangin’ in my bedroom.  For those in Paris, it runs through the 24th of October, so check it out.

Featured Artist – Mauro Perucchetti

Holy shit.  Shit is  D O P E.  You gotta check this shit.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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