Alberto Seveso – Outtakes

If you’re not familiar with Alberto Seveso, you should check these out.  Alberto takes photographs of ink being dropped into water, and man, it turns out dope.  These are some never before seen pics from his previous projects.

Recycled Aluminum Can Art

I’m sure these are not very easy to do.  An artist by the name of Makaon puts these together out of recycled aluminum cans.  These were a few of my favorite.

TransShoe Formers

This is the kind of stuff that I like to collect.  It would be so dope to own one or two of these.  Check out a ton of other works on their Facebook page.


Nike NYC Flyknit Collective – myThread Pavilion

This is a recent installation at Nike Stadium on Bowery.  Artist Jenny Sabin was the one who built it.  The Flyknit Collective will be in 6 cities total, and this is the first on display called the myThread Pavilion.

Empire State Of Pen (Video)

Here’s a timelapse video of Patrick Vale drawing the view of Lower Manhattan from the Empire State Building.  I wish I could draw half as good as this.

Kurt Moses – Un Petit Monde (22 Pics)

You guys may have seen a post we did quite a while ago by Slinkachu.  This is a very similar assortment of art from Kurt Moses titled, Un Petit Monde, which is French for “A Small World”.


The Photography of Alexander Tikhomirov (30 Pics)

Normally, I would save these pics for myself to use in random dopeness posts here & there.  I’m feeling pretty generous today, and you guys deserve it anyways.  All these photos were taken by Alexander Tikhomirov, and I like his taste a lot.

Hyperrealist Art by Pedro Campos

Here is some more “hyperreal” art, this time from Pedro Campos.  I swear all of these look like straight up photographs.  I can’t fathom the amount of skill and patience it must take to hand-paint these.  Pedro is based out of Madrid.

Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee

This could be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve laid my eyes on.  The amount of time consumed putting all that detail into these carvings had to be out of this world.  Unbelievable.

Featured Artist: Henrique Oliveira (30 Pics)

I just recently came across artist Henrique Oliveira, and was pretty intrigued with his works that feature wood sculpting.  Henrique lives & works out of Sao Paulo, and has had his works featured across the globe.  These are a bunch of wooden installations that he’s done over the last 5 or 6 years.

Soft Guerilla by Kyle Bean

These are some recent works by artist Kyle Bean.  He made up what would normally be pretty dangerous weapons out of completely harmless materials.  Pretty dope.

Hanksy Strikes Again

The graffiti artist known as Hanksy has hit again.  These were done in the Lower East Side, and they’re both pretty dope to me.  What do you guys think?  I wonder if there’s any chance that Hanksy is actually Banksy.

Featured Artist: Yuki Matsueda

31 year old Yuki Matsueda received his PhD in Design from the Tokyo University of the Arts.  I got my PhD in Dopeness from the University of Kansas.  Real recognize real. 

Exploding Objects by Alan Sailer (21 Pics)

Who doesn’t like blowing stuff up?  If you don’t, we probably shouldn’t be friends.  This is a collection photographs of random objects being shot with a rifle.  They were done by Alan Sailer, who put together the camera system in his garage.  Dope.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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