Typographic Prints from Politic Ditto ($18)

Need some new artwork around your pad or office?  Politic Ditto has you covered with these minimal typographic prints that feature some witt & sass.  Head to their online shop here.

You’re Working too Hard: Simple Canvas Painting Sells for $44 Million

Most people will never even see a fraction of $43.8 million in their lifetime, let alone pay that amount for something like a painting.  An incredibly simple painting at that.  I don’t mean to knock Barnett Newman, the man behind the piece of art, but this seems pretty ridiculous.  I know, I know, art is open to interpretation & what not, but $43.8 million for this?  I’ll let you be the judge.  Check out the Sotheby’s listing here.

Dark Cityscapes by Jeremy Mann

Here’s a look at some incredible oil paintings from Jeremy Mann.  These are all a part of his Cityscapes series, which feature a dark look at different street views around major cities.  Check out his website here.

Check Out The Amazing Work of Artist Patrick Seymour

Holy Sh*t these are dope.

Artist Creates 12 Heels to Represent 12 Ex-Girlfriends

Artist, Sebastian Errazuriz, created these 12 different pairs of heels to represent each of his ex-lovers.  Rachel’s pair is a tad bit scary.  Check out his website here.


Fake Banksy Sells Out Of Paintings In NYC (Video)

This is pretty crazy.  One week after the real Banksy sets up a stand in NYC, and sells original paintings for $60, and imposter tries the same thing.  Only difference is that the fake Banksy actually sells completely out of his paintings, even after telling customers the paintings are fake.

7-Year-Old Artist Recreates Classic Album Covers

I can only hope that my son is half as cool as this kid seems to be.  Meet Yung Lenox, a 7-year-old artist who enjoys music and drawing.  It appears he really enjoys recreating classic album covers, and they look very dope.

Staring Down The Barrel Of A Gun: Point Blank

Toronto-based photographers, Peter Andrew, Simon Duffy, and Derek Blais, have been working on this ongoing photo series featuring a range of different firearms.  The portraits can be ordered in a range of different sized prints to hang around the house.


Pacific Light by Ruslan Khasanov (Video)

If you like vibrant colors and intense music, then you should probably watch this video by Ruslan Khasanov.  I’ve watch it at least 29 times so far.

Artists Add Graffiti To Kanye West’s Yeezus Posters

Part of the promo for Yeezus were these posters that encourage consumers to “add graffiti”.  GQ recently sent some posters to a few artists to add their own graffiti.  The artists that these were mailed to include Mister Cartoon, Wil Fry, and James Franco.

The Secret Life Of Superheroes – New Prints

We showed you the first round of Secret Life of Superheroes prints from Gregoire Guillemin a little while back.  Well, now he has released quite a few new prints following the same theme.

Scribble Faces by Vince Low

Artist Vince Low somehow manages to scribble these masterpieces.  Classic faces by famous actors and celebrities somehow seem like they would make some great prints to hang in the house.

High Speed Photographs Of Exploding Light Bulbs By Jon Smith

Photographer Jon Smith fills these light bulbs with random objects, and then explodes them.  Sounds like fun to me.

Hyperreal Pencil Drawing by Diego Fazio

They call this man an artist, I call him a freaking magician.  This series of photos lets you watch the magic unfold as Diego shows parts of the 200 hour journey to complete this piece.  

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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