The Pantone Project – Artist Matches Pantone Swatches to Everyday Life

Chicago based artist and photographer Paul Octavius decided to match snippets of everyday life with actual Pantone colors. It’s amazing how well some of these colors match up.

Sculptures in Modern Day Clothes

Classic Sculptures. Modern clothing. 

Paper Map Sculptures by Matthew Picton

Artist Mathew Piction decided to turn these 2D maps into 3D representations of cities such as London, Coventry, and Moscow. He used charred and crumbled paper to depict the cities before and after a war or natural disaster.  Take a look. 


Word On The Street (38 Pics)

A collection of dope street art. 


Laser Cut Wooden Records by Amanda Ghassaei

I feel like these laser cut wooden records were made specifically for hipsters. I can just hear them now… “Vinyl is so mainstream. I only own genuine laser cut wood records. You’ve probably never heard of them.”

Tuesday Dopeness (38 pics)

A brain made out of toothpaste, folks.  I’m about to go waste something like 3 tubes so I can get some kick-ass Instagrams. 


The People You Meet at McDonald’s

Artist Nolan Conway visited nearly 150 McDonald’s restaurants in 22 states and photographed over 180 patrons in order to create his new photo series, The People You Meet at McDonald’s. 

“Harm Less” Weapons Created from Organic Objects

I know that there is a much deeper meaning behind these pieces of work, but honestly, this brings me back to my childhood days of pretending sticks and stones were guns and grenades. Alright enough reminiscing, artist Sonia Rentsch used completely organic objects to create these “Harm Less” weapons. Pretty cool idea. Check out her website here. 

Geometric Superheroes by Eric Dufresne

Artist Eric Dufresne created these awesome Marvel superhero drawings using only geometric shapes. Take a look. 

Map Portraits by Ed Fairburn

We showed you these portraits on maps before, but now we have some additional pieces of the collection to check out. These were created by artist Ed Fairburn who spends hours creating each one of these pieces. 

The History of Typograhpy (Video)

Graphic Designer Ben Barrett-Forrest created this animated short about the history of fonts and typography using 291 Paper Letters and 2,454 Photographs. In all, it took over 140 hours of work to complete. The short video tells the history of typography beginning with Johannes Gutenberg and his “Black Letter” typeface.

New York + London: A Collection of Double Exposures By Daniella Zalcman

Artist Daniella Zalcman combines two of the world’s greatest cities in her latest collection. In order to create these images, Daniella took over 100 photographs


Tracy Tubera – Mars Jumpman ($25)

When it comes to sneaker inspired art, Tracy Tubera is at the forefront. His latest piece of sneaker related work is the “MARS JUMPMAN” print. It pays homage to one of my all time favorite shoes, the Air Jordan 3. As always, this print is now available for purchase from Tracy’s online store. Grab it here for only $25 dollars.

Artist Rashad Alakbarov Paints with Shadows and Light

We’ve featured a few of these pieces in the Dopeness before. I recently found out that artist Rashad Alakbarov was the genius behind these creations. Rashad uses suspended objects and materials to create paintings on walls out of light and shadows. I really want to get one of these in my house.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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