Slow Mo Footage of Li Hongbo’s Flexible Statues In Motion

We’ve featured these crazy flexible sculptures by artist Li Hongbo before. But now we have some slow motion footage of these sculptures in use. Prepare to be amazed. 

Exploding Powder Photography by Marcel Christ (15 Pics)

I need these framed and hanging on my wall ASAP. 

Turning Passengers On A Train Into Art (12 Pics)

You might recognize a few of these pictures from our Tuesday Dopeness gallery. They were created by artist October Jones. Jones began his head drawing hobby while trying to find a way to pass the time on his commute to work. His drawings have since become somewhat of an internet sensation. 

Jacob Santiago Might Be The Best Photographer on Instagram (20 Pics)

Jacob Santiago is a New York-based photographer who’s made a name for himself on Instagram. His feed is filled with great pictures of New York City that he shot exclusively with his iPhone. Check out his work below.

Crayon Carvings by Hoang Tran

Artist Hoang Tran is responsible for these amazing crayon carvings. He meticulously sculpts and paints the crayons into well-known characters from your favorite movies and TV shows. His carvings include Star Wars characters, The Dude, Heisenberg, and Game of Thrones sigils.


Album Covers Recreated Using LEGOs

I know this is the second LEGO related post of the day, but in my defense, it’s a good one. We just came across this Tumblr dedicated to recreating famous album covers using LEGOs. Do you recognize all the covers?

Awesome INSA Graffiti Gifs From Around The World

Graffiti artist INSA has been traveling around the world creating Gifs out of his own street art using walls, dumpsters, and even huts as his canvas. Take a look.

Emily Ratajkowski Visits Terry Richardsons Studio

The stream of beautiful women that flows through Terry’s studio seems to be endless. The latest hottie to stop by is Emily Ratajkowski who mad a name for herself when she appeared in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. As with most of Terry’s photo shoots, Emily wears Terry’s signature glasses and very little clothing. Take a look.

50 Amazing Photographs of Animals

Wow.  Just amazing.

“All You Can Feel” series by Sarah Schoenfeld – Closeup Pics of Drugs

Have you ever wondered what your favorite drugs would look like under a microscope? German photographer Sarah Schoenfeld has. She put diluted mixtures onto negative film to mimic how the drugs might react within the body. The results are pretty amazing. Many of the chemicals appear how you might imagine they would: jagged, spiked, and crystalized. 


New Sneaker Prints by Tracy Tubera

Artist Tracy Tubera dropped two new sneaker prints earlier this week. His latest pieces pay homage to two of L.A.’s most notorious residents – Kobe Bryant and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air – both of which originated from Philadelphia. The “Year of the Mamba” features Kobe in a Black Mamba mask while the “Fresh” print shows Will Smith rocking the Air Jordan V Bel-Air’s that released earlier this year.   

The World Needs More Street Art (30 Pics)

                                                          R.I.P 5 Pointz in NYC…

Man Creates Gigantic Geometric Shapes By Walking Through The Snow

Artist and avid walker Simon Beck makes the best of winter by creating gigantic geometric patterns in the snow. Beck creates his “snow art” by simply walking through snow. He maps at a pattern and re-traces his steps until the piece takes shape. Just imagine how many miles this guy has walked. 


The Dopest Yacht Money Can Buy

Dakis Joannou, a really rich Greek dude, is the owner of this 115-foot masterpiece of a yacht. The “Guilty” yacht as it’s known is basically a floating piece of art. It was designed by world renowned yacht designer Ivana Porfiri and decorated by artist Jeff Koons. The camo exterior, which was inspired by camo used by the British Royal Navy during World War I, is just as impressive as the ship’s interior. Take a look.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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