Amazing Photo Manipulations by Nois7

Enter the world of Nois7, a graphic artist that manipulates photos to create these awesome scenes. What’s most impressive is how he seamlessly combines the pictures. If you have a fear of heights this might not be for you. 

Pop Culture Icons Re-Imagined as Cartoons

German graphic designer Zhi-Yun Zhang created this series of illustrations that imagines some of today’s biggest pop culture icons as some of your cartoon characters. Most of the portrayals seem to be spot on. Be careful though, you may never your favorite artist in the same light again. 


Tracy Tubera – H.A.M. (Nike Air Yeezy 2) Prints

Über Illustrator Supreme Tracy Tubera just released some new prints inspired by the Nike Air Yeezy 2. Tracy created a print for each colorway that was released. 


Decorate Your Home With These Affordable Sneaker Prints

Being a sneakerhead is an expensive hobby that often doesn’t leave you with a lot of extra money. Make the most of your pocket change with these affordable prints from Kick Posters. You can purchase a print of your favorite Nike, Jordan, adidas and Asics kicks for only $25. If Kick Posters doesn’t have a print of the shoe you’re looking for, you can have them make you a custom poster for around $40. 

Hyperrealistic Cityscapes by Greg Gandy

Spoiler Alert: These aren’t photographs.

Animal Sculptures Made From Trash Found On The Beach

Artist Gilles Cenazandotti creates these sculptures of animals using only recycled plastics that he found washed up on beaches. While the sculptures are amazing, the fact that this much trash is being dumped on our beaches is disturbing. According to Cenazandotti, his art serves as a reminder that littering and overconsumption can hurt the world’s wildlife. Check out all of the sculptures below and remember to recycle. 


Slow Mo Footage of Li Hongbo’s Flexible Statues In Motion

We’ve featured these crazy flexible sculptures by artist Li Hongbo before. But now we have some slow motion footage of these sculptures in use. Prepare to be amazed. 

Exploding Powder Photography by Marcel Christ (15 Pics)

I need these framed and hanging on my wall ASAP. 

Turning Passengers On A Train Into Art (12 Pics)

You might recognize a few of these pictures from our Tuesday Dopeness gallery. They were created by artist October Jones. Jones began his head drawing hobby while trying to find a way to pass the time on his commute to work. His drawings have since become somewhat of an internet sensation. 

Jacob Santiago Might Be The Best Photographer on Instagram (20 Pics)

Jacob Santiago is a New York-based photographer who’s made a name for himself on Instagram. His feed is filled with great pictures of New York City that he shot exclusively with his iPhone. Check out his work below.

Crayon Carvings by Hoang Tran

Artist Hoang Tran is responsible for these amazing crayon carvings. He meticulously sculpts and paints the crayons into well-known characters from your favorite movies and TV shows. His carvings include Star Wars characters, The Dude, Heisenberg, and Game of Thrones sigils.


Album Covers Recreated Using LEGOs

I know this is the second LEGO related post of the day, but in my defense, it’s a good one. We just came across this Tumblr dedicated to recreating famous album covers using LEGOs. Do you recognize all the covers?

Awesome INSA Graffiti Gifs From Around The World

Graffiti artist INSA has been traveling around the world creating Gifs out of his own street art using walls, dumpsters, and even huts as his canvas. Take a look.

Emily Ratajkowski Visits Terry Richardsons Studio

The stream of beautiful women that flows through Terry’s studio seems to be endless. The latest hottie to stop by is Emily Ratajkowski who mad a name for herself when she appeared in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. As with most of Terry’s photo shoots, Emily wears Terry’s signature glasses and very little clothing. Take a look.

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