I Want To Live Here (38 Pics)

Who wouldn’t want to live here?


I Want To Live Here (40 Pics)

It’s not that I don’t like my apartment, I just feel like one of these places would better suit me.

Hewlett House In Australia

I can’t get over how sweet this place looks.  I wish there was some more pictures to look at.  I’m telling you guys, the dopest houses are in Australia and South Africa.  I could definitely see myself living down under at some point.


I Want To Live Here (40 Pics)

A collection of cool houses I wouldn’t mind calling home.

Bob Hope’s Space Age House For Sale ($50 Million)

I don’t know who Bob Hope is but he has one dope ass house. 

The Edgeland House

The first thing you will probably notice about this two-part house is its unique design. The Edgeland House was actually inspired by structures built by Native Americans. I love how the natural surroundings are combined with the modern design.  

Treehouse Point Eco Resort in Washington

Usually, when we think of resorts, we picture beaches, luxury, and just overall living the high-life.  This resort located in the forests of the Snoqualmie Valley west of Valley is pretty much the opposite of all those things.  Not that I’m trying to knock this resort by any means, the place actually looks really dope.  Sometimes you just need that escape from the majority of the population.

Wilkinson Residence by Robert Oshatz

This place looks nuts.  It essentially looks hidden out in the wilderness, which I’ve never liked, but it would be nice to not be disturbed.  The exterior design of the home is amazing, and what I like even more is it carries the curvy theme once you get inside as well.

Chalet One OAK

Seeing places like this make me want to go on a getaway vacation to a mountain somewhere.  No cell phones, no laptops, just a considerable amount of good liquor, and good company.  This place will sleep 12 comfortably, and is a mere 5 minutes away from the famous Princess ski lift.  Who’s down to go?

LA House in Brazil

Wow, my hats off to the interior designer that worked their magic on this swanky pad.  I feel like Brazil would be one of the most amazing places to live.  The women, the weather, and if you had this house…  I’m drooling.

Top 12 Of 2012 – Architecture

Today’s “Top 12″ features some of the dopest architecture we posted throughout 2012.  Once again, these are simply the most viewed architecture posts.  Enjoy.

H-House In South Korea

3 stories of Dopeness.

Yo! Home

With the earth’s population growing at an extremely fast rate, people are coming up with ways to save a little space.  This new Yo! Home makes the absolute most out of the space that it has.  The living room/bed room is so dope.

House On A Cliff

If you are scared of heights this is probably not the pad for you. It sits right on the edge of a mountain overlooking the ocean. I would have to jump off the top of the exterior staircase into the pool at least once a day.

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