LEGO Architecture: The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

LEGO’s latest addition to their Architecture series is the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The MBS only opened up back in 2010, but it has quickly become a landmark of Singapore due to its unique and modern design. Other notable architectural structures that have been replicated in LEGO form include the Sydney Opera House, Big Ben, and the White House. The Marina Bay Sands LEGO set will be available at the hotel’s gift shop as well as select retailers in Asia. But if you look around on the internet long enough I’m sure you can find a set for sale.


30 Places I Want To Live

I wouldn’t mind calling any of these places home.

Ballin’ Beverly Hills Pad

This house has everything you would expect a mansion in L.A. to have – great views, open floor plan, and of course an infinity pool. The 6-bedroom home sits on top of a self-contained plot of land in Beverly Hills. With a gigantic terrace and 10 bathrooms, it’s a perfect spot for hosting one of those notorious Hollywood parties. It’s on the market now for $36 million dollars. 

Dope House In Singapore

Singapore has all the dopest houses. The “Slim House”, as it’s called, was designed by Hyla Architects. This hidden gem is concealed by a surrounding garden ensuring residents will never have to worry about privacy. The spiral staircase serves as the centerpiece to the house and takes guests from the ground level to the home’s entrance. The pool and outdoor living area is contained in the aforementioned garden of dopeness.  The interior features several distinct living spaces on the top level, a modern kitchen, and a massive living room perfect for entertaining any guests lucky enough to receive an invitation to visit the residence.


25 Dope Living Spaces

This is what a bachelor pad looks like.

A Look Inside An Abandoned Power Plant

We’ve posted pictures of abandoned architecture before, but this is definitely the first power plant.  This is the Kelenfold Power Plant in Budapest, Hungary.  It’s closed to the public, but there are a few times a year where they do guided tours.

The Tower House

The Tower House gets its name from the 4-story glass tower that accounts for the majority of the home. It was designed to resemble an observatory. The 4-story tower connects each of the levels to one another. The first 3 stories were designed as private suites featuring small bed and bath areas. The 4th story is serves as the “observatory” which hangs out over the forest, providing residents with amazing views and instantly dropping panties. The glass exterior of the modern vacation home really set it apart from its natural surroundings. 


Vacation Homes (35 Pics)

Hotels are overrated. Vacation homes are the way to go.


LEGO Sydney Opera House

The latest edition to LEGO’s Creator Expert line is the Sydney Opera House. The massive set measures 11-inch high, 25-inch wide and 15-inch deep and consists of nearly 3,000 LEGO bricks. The set also features tons of rare and unique LEGO pieces that make it possible to recreate the iconic shape of the Sydney Opera House, which was originally built in 1973 by Danish architect Jørn Utzon. This set is sure to be irresistible to architecture enthusiasts and LEGO collectors alike. 

Google’s Dublin Offices

With offices like these, I don’t know how anyone at Google gets any work done.  Goole’s Dublin campus features four buildings consisting of fourteen individually-themed floors of creative work environments. Other features include game rooms, music rooms, and more. Anyone know if Google is hiring?

Beach House California

There are plenty of beach houses in California but few are as dope as this pad. Located in Montecito, California, this custom sustainble LEED Platinum certified home was designed by Maienza-Wilson Interior Design + Architecture. Sustainable features include radiant floor heating, grass rooftops that facilitate passive cooling, and hidden solar panels on the roof that can provide enough energy to opertate the entire house. 

The Concrete Penthouse

This concrete fortress/penthouse is located in Berlin. The building was originally built in 1942 and was used as a bomb shelter during WWII before serving as a prison and then a nightclub. The storied residence is now the home to art enthusiasts Karen & Christian Boros. Check it out. 

Monday Dopeness (43 pics)

I hope there’s Dopeness in heaven.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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