iPhones That Are Entirely Too Large

How do you make the iPhone cooler?  Just make it freakin bigger… duh.  And that’s exactly what a couple of these Nerdz0r Hack3rZ are doing.  One guy (who is waaaay too excited for himself) turned a tv screen into a giant iPhone 4 costume.  These other dudes might actually be on to something pretty dope though… They’ve created a table that your phone plugs into, and the table responds to the same multi-touch interactions that you’re used to using with your phone.  I could ball out with the table in my upstairs living room, but I’ll stick to Halloween costumes that actually allow females access to my solid state hard-drive, if you dig what I’m jivin’. 

Apple’s New MacBook Air

Apple just recently unveiled an all new MacBook Air. Available in 11-inch and 13-inch and weighing as little as 2.3 pounds, the new MacBook Air is Apple’s lightest and most portable notebook ever. MacBook Air uses the same solid state storage technology as iPad to deliver instant-on responsiveness, up to seven hours of battery life, and up to 30 days of standby time. The new MacBook Air starts at an affordable $999 and they are available here. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Custom Wooden MacBook Enclosure

Side note:  When are the new MacBooks droppin?  I want a black aluminum MacBook more than I want Chipotle right now.  Until Apple unveils the dream machine, carry your current laptop in this clean custom case by Rainer Spehl.  A bit pricey at 350, but each is one of a kind. 


Wood Keyboard Trays for Mac

Give your Apple equipment an earthy and warm feel with this dope black walnut hardwood keyboard tray.  100% certified natural panty-dropper wood.  3 models for 3 different configurations — all available here.  All under 100 bucks.


Apple Reveals The New iPhone 4

Apple officially revealed the new iPhone today and it looks like it is going to change the game. Hit the link to get more information and check out some more pictures.

iPhone OS 4

So less than 1 week after Steve Jobs popped bottles and made mimosas all Saturday morning when he raked like half a billion in revenue as hundreds of thousands lined up for his iPad… He drops iPhone OS 4 on your ass.  Available this summer (and in the fall for iPad), the new OS will allow you to multitask (shibby), organize your apps into folders, use the new iBookstore, and even manage multiple email accounts from Mail.  It’s gonna be real dope… and let me also raise a middle finger to the iPad haters for saying that my man Mr. Jobs wouldn’t have multitasking available for the first version of the iPad.  More info on all the details and new features at the Apple website.


Incase iPad Accessories

With people linin’ up all over the nation to grab the recently released Apple iPad, companies are comin’ out with accessories by the boatload.  Incase has always been a brand that does Apple accessories perfectly, and they just dropped a whole collection of stuff for the iPad.  Check it all out after the jump.  All of these accessories are available for purchase at the Incase online store.

BookArc for the iPad

Shit yeah I’m getting up early to wait in line for my pre-reserved iPad.  And I’m tempted to buy this sextastic $40 BookArc dock for it by TwelveSouth.  If you’re not familiar with TwelveSouth, they’re quickly becoming the creme-de-la-creme of Mac accessories.  I own one of their products, and it’s of supreme quality. 

Apple iPad On Sale April 3rd!

For those wondering when this bad boy will be comin’ out, it looks like Apple will open their online store for pre-orders on March 12th.  Under a month after that they will be comin’ out for delivery and regular purchase.  I’d like to have one, but i would never use it.  Who all will be gettin’ one?

So the new iPhone is going to kick some serious ass.

I mean… what did you expect?  Did you think Mr. Jobs was going to let these Droid/Nexus 1 wannabes show up the one and only?  HA!  So get this shit: when Apple makes new gear, they have to register patents for breakthrough innovations.  As you might expect, there are G33kz0rz hackk3Rz that actually sift through patent offices trying to find this info before the new product drops with the breakthrough features. So here’s the scoop: the iPhone 4 (as it’s being dubbed) is going to have a sensor in the camera that will allow users to scroll and click on stuff without having to touch the actual screen.  You could imagine all the possibilities: fast forwarding through some ass-dialed-voicemail, scrolling down to read an article, flipping through albums in iTunes… who knows what else. Shit yeah I’m gettin one.

Top 10 Apple-Themed Products

Many of these products have already been feature here on the HYPE, but mashable.com did a nice job compiling a list of some dope Mac accessories.

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iPad – A Sneakhype Perspective

It’s been almost a week since Steve Jobs’ announcement of the iPad… and I just now quit jerkin off.  I’ve heard haters say things like, “It’s too expensive.”  or “What would I do with that that I can’t already do?”  Well, for one, hater, you could ball the F out.  Somebody said to me, he said, “I would only pay 300 for it.”  I said, “Yeah, I would only pay 300 for it, too, but I would also pay an additional 200 dollars to be the illinest dude on the block swiping away on my iPad at my local coffee shop droppin panties left and right.”  Just imagine rockin this thing on your tray table on your flight to Vegas.  “Oh this?  This is that new Apple tablet called the iPad… yeah, they’re pretty neat… do I want to meet you in the bathroom in five minutes..?  Why yes, yes I do, you gorgeous dame.  Wait wait… are you 18 though?  Oh 19? You are?… Wow, what a big little girl you are.  K I’ll be there soon.. just let me finish watching this last episode of True Blood on my iPad in HD where Bill Compton and his vampire… More →

Hard Graft iPad Case

Well here we are, a few days after the announcement of the iPad, and someone has already jumped on the task of comin’ out with a case.  Honestly, the case looks pretty clean to me, its made by Hard Graft.  I assume it should be available around the same time as the release of the iPad.  We’ll keep ya posted.

Apple Tablet Rumors Are Flying

Today was good a day for the electronics world. There were quite of few rumors flying around today about Apples Tablet PC and it sounds like Apple is planning to make a statement regarding the release of their latest creation.  We’ll keep you updated when more information when it is made available but for now you can check out a video after the jump which reveals how the Tablet will operate. Check it out.

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