BookArc for the iPad

Shit yeah I’m getting up early to wait in line for my pre-reserved iPad.  And I’m tempted to buy this sextastic $40 BookArc dock for it by TwelveSouth.  If you’re not familiar with TwelveSouth, they’re quickly becoming the creme-de-la-creme of Mac accessories.  I own one of their products, and it’s of supreme quality. 

Apple iPad On Sale April 3rd!

For those wondering when this bad boy will be comin’ out, it looks like Apple will open their online store for pre-orders on March 12th.  Under a month after that they will be comin’ out for delivery and regular purchase.  I’d like to have one, but i would never use it.  Who all will be gettin’ one?

So the new iPhone is going to kick some serious ass.

I mean… what did you expect?  Did you think Mr. Jobs was going to let these Droid/Nexus 1 wannabes show up the one and only?  HA!  So get this shit: when Apple makes new gear, they have to register patents for breakthrough innovations.  As you might expect, there are G33kz0rz hackk3Rz that actually sift through patent offices trying to find this info before the new product drops with the breakthrough features. So here’s the scoop: the iPhone 4 (as it’s being dubbed) is going to have a sensor in the camera that will allow users to scroll and click on stuff without having to touch the actual screen.  You could imagine all the possibilities: fast forwarding through some ass-dialed-voicemail, scrolling down to read an article, flipping through albums in iTunes… who knows what else. Shit yeah I’m gettin one.

Top 10 Apple-Themed Products

Many of these products have already been feature here on the HYPE, but did a nice job compiling a list of some dope Mac accessories.

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iPad – A Sneakhype Perspective

It’s been almost a week since Steve Jobs’ announcement of the iPad… and I just now quit jerkin off.  I’ve heard haters say things like, “It’s too expensive.”  or “What would I do with that that I can’t already do?”  Well, for one, hater, you could ball the F out.  Somebody said to me, he said, “I would only pay 300 for it.”  I said, “Yeah, I would only pay 300 for it, too, but I would also pay an additional 200 dollars to be the illinest dude on the block swiping away on my iPad at my local coffee shop droppin panties left and right.”  Just imagine rockin this thing on your tray table on your flight to Vegas.  “Oh this?  This is that new Apple tablet called the iPad… yeah, they’re pretty neat… do I want to meet you in the bathroom in five minutes..?  Why yes, yes I do, you gorgeous dame.  Wait wait… are you 18 though?  Oh 19? You are?… Wow, what a big little girl you are.  K I’ll be there soon.. just let me finish watching this last episode of True Blood on my iPad in HD where Bill Compton and his vampire… More →

Hard Graft iPad Case

Well here we are, a few days after the announcement of the iPad, and someone has already jumped on the task of comin’ out with a case.  Honestly, the case looks pretty clean to me, its made by Hard Graft.  I assume it should be available around the same time as the release of the iPad.  We’ll keep ya posted.

Apple Tablet Rumors Are Flying

Today was good a day for the electronics world. There were quite of few rumors flying around today about Apples Tablet PC and it sounds like Apple is planning to make a statement regarding the release of their latest creation.  We’ll keep you updated when more information when it is made available but for now you can check out a video after the jump which reveals how the Tablet will operate. Check it out.

The New iForeman Grill From Apple

I lied.  Yes… it looks a lot like a Foreman grill, but it’s actually the new Mac Magic Mouse.  69 dollars can buy you the mouse of the future.  You’ll never need to scroll ever again.  It has mac trackpad technology built into it.  It’s now shipping with all new iMacs… (which are frikkin sick by the way.  The got a fatty 27 incher that I got my eyes on). 

NIKEiD iPhone App (+ video)

Pretty sick… the app can look at a picture you select on your phone, and import the color swatch from it to select shoe designs that match.  A great utility for getting a pair of shoes that perfectly match your new G-Shock/hoodie/girlfriend’s purse/etc.  Download it here for free. 


MacBook Covers by Vinylville

The name of the lead image here is “Bustin’ a Nut”.  Ha.  It is one of several clever Mac laptop covers by Vinylville.  All reasonably priced at like 11 to 14 bucks.  You can check them all out and buy them here.  


New iPod Nano 5G Shoots Video. Sick.

Apple does it again.  Today they announced their new iPod Nano 5G.  Biggity biggity ballin.  Same dope nano you’re used to except NOW it’s got a sweet little camera and mic on the back.  It’s like the ultimate little gadget.  Reasonably priced at 150 for the 8 gig… but who’s going to buy that one when you can get twice the memory (16 gig) for 30 bucks more?  You can buy them in any color here.  

Apple Tablet PC Slated for September Release

We normally don’t like to perpetuate gadget-hype rumors and whatnot, but I feel like this could be the exception to the rule.  According to the Financial Times and Gizmodo, Apple’s been working with some fools on some collabo features, and such work indicates that their new tablet (basically a 10 inch iPod touch) will be released in the near future — they’re saying September, because that’s when the new iPods are droppin too apparently.  Most of the new tiny little PC laptops (netbooks) have been retailing at like 5 hundo or less.  If this new Apple one is under 500 bucks as well, you better bet yours truly is coppin one.  Here’s one thing I don’t know about though: it’s going to run iPhone OS… meaning it’s basically going to function like a huge iPod touch.  Now, if this is the case, then I wouldn’t be able to use word processing or excel which would severely limit this baby’s productivity.  The OS would also make it difficult (or impossible) for me to post shit on Sneakhype, and since I already have a miniature one of these tablet things (the iPhone), it would essentially be pointless for me to get one. … More →

FingerBeat for iPhone/iPod

Awesome app.  FingerBeat is the most advanced beat machine you can get for your iPhone or iPod touch.  It’s got a pretty sweet interface that has lots of capabilities — check out this video:

Stealth MacBook Pro

As all real Sneakhypers know, the word “Sneakhype” is used not only as a noun, but also as an adjective.  (e.g. dem new Jordan fours are definitely Sneakhype).  Well this custom Stealth MacBook Pro is so so… so Sneakhype.  Blacked out matte finish all over… but the best part: the backlit keyboard — a soft blue glow.  Check it out:

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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