mendmyi – iPhone 5 Colour Lab

The custom iPhone game is on the verge of exploding.  People have been doing it for awhile now, but not a lot of people have paid much attention to it.  Now that it seems to be more affordable, more & more people are opting to make their iPhone 1-of-a-kind.  Here’s some screenshots of what to expect from mendmyi when they launch their iPhone 5 Colour Lab.

The New iPod Touch ($299)

On top of the new iPhone announcement yesterday, Apple announced a whole new line of iPods.  This is the new iPod touch, which is set to start at a price of $299.  It features an all-new design which boasts a 4″ retina display, an iSight camera, all-new EarPods, and a dual-core A5 chip.


Apple iPhone 5 ($199)

If you pay attention to the electronics world at all, you know that Apple held a press conference today to announce some things.  The main one that everyone has been waiting for is the iPhone 5.  Here’s the best pics I could get a hold of for now.


Holographic Steve Jobs Returns To Introduce The iPhone 5 (Video)

In this short parody a holographic, rapping Steve Jobs returns to introduce the new iPhone 5. Too soon?

Apple iPhone 5 Sneak Peek (Video)

I don’t mean to stir the pot or anything, but could this be the new iPhone 5 that’s set to be announced on September 12?  I’ll leave the speculation up to you guys, but it looks pretty dope.

What 20 Top Company Logos Looked Like Before They Were Famous

Ever wondered what some companies had as their very first logo?  Here’s a comparison from 20 different top companies that feature their first logo as well as their latest.


iPhone 5 Commercial (Concept Video)

There’s been too many dope concepts/rumors about the iPhone 5 to not post them.  This particular one happens to be the coolest I’ve seen so far.  It’s unlikely that we will see this be the next version, but maybe the iPhone 6 or 7 will look like this.


Apple’s Clothing Line From 1986

It looks like computers weren’t the only thing that Steve Jobs was designing at Apple. Here is a look at the official Apple clothing line circa 1986. It’s hard to believe that it didn’t become more popular.

Apple iPhone 5 Concept

I usually wouldn’t post any kind of rumors relating to Apple, mainly because you never really know what’s going to happen until they have one of those big press conference announcements.  But, when I laid my eyes on this realistic concept of the iPhone 5, I had to show some love.  That murdered-out look is crushin’.

Apple – The New MacBook Pro (Video)

Can I please have this in my hands now?  Hey Apple, the Sneakhype team needs new equipment.  Go ahead and send some over.

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview (Trailer)

“I don’t really care about being right, ya know?  I just care about success.”

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Exclusive Look At How An iPad Is Made (Video)

Until now I never really gave much thought to how Apple’s iPads were made. But now we have an exclusive behind-the-scenes video of how the iPad is produced. Journalist Rob Schmitz was allowed inside the Foxconn production plant in China where the majority of the Apple’s iPad’s are made. Although the iPad has been very successful, Foxconn has been involved in several controversies mostly relating to worker abuse. However, this behind the scenes video makes Foxconn look like a great place to work. What do you guys think, should Apple move its production plants to the United States? 

Apple Store Amsterdam

All Apple Stores are pretty dope, but this new one in Amsterdam is especially so. Although it’s located in Amsterdam’s historic Hirsch building it has a very sleek, modern design, using a lot of glass and steel. This Apple store is actually the first Apple flagship store to be opened in the Netherlands and if you’re ever in Amsterdam you should check it out and make SNEAKHYPE the homepage on all the iPad’s. 

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