Comparing The Speeds Of Every iPhone Ever Released

The results may leave you feeling surprised… and perhaps a bit silly for upgrading to the 5s from the 5.

Apple iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5s was not the only product Apple revealed yesterday. They also unveiled the highly anticipated iPhone 5c. The 5c version of the iPhone is a more affordable option than its counterparts. For the most part, the internal workings are the same as the 5. The main difference is the 5c’s plastic exterior. The 5c still features an A6 processor, 8MP camera, and HD FaceTime camera. The 5c will be available in 16GB ($199) and 32GB ($199) models and will come in a variety of colors.

Apple iPhone 5s

Apple unveiled the latest version of it’s smartphone today – the iPhone 5s. The 64-bit phone comes with an all new A7 processor which Apple claims will make it twice as fast as the original iPhone 5. Other features include an upgraded battery and a fancy new camera system. The iPhone 5s also comes in a few new colors including Silver, Gold, and Space grey. It is available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB version with a price tag of $199, $299, and $399 respectively. The iPhone 5s will be available beginning September 20th.

Apple iPhone 6 Concept by JohnnyPlaid

I usually don’t pay too much attention to iPhone concept mock-ups or designs.  This particular one was too cool to not share though.  JohnnyPlaid designed this iPhone 6 concept, and it looks pretty amazing.


Will This Be The New, More Affordable iPhone?

There’s been rumors of an entry-level iPhone for a little while now.  Martin Hajek created these renderings based off of information that has been leaked so far.  They look dope to me, but the only bad thing is that the backs are supposedly going to be made out of plastic.  What do you guys think?

Motion Tennis ($8)

Need a great way to break your iPhone?  Just 8 dollars and one competitive match separate you from the ever-desirable shattered iPhone screen. All stupid intro jokes aside, this marks a neat introduction for Apple into the console gaming world.  If you’ve got an Apple TV and an iPhone, you can now use your phone as basically a Wii-mote and play interactive games. Motion Tennis is available in the App Store, and it’s brought to you by Rolomotion.  Very cool, but I’d need an Otterbox and wrist strap before I try serving up some aces in my living room. 

Jobs Starring Ashton Kutcher – Official Trailer (Video)

Here is the first official trailer for “Jobs” starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs. The movie follows Steve Jobs as he ascends from a college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century. Looks pretty good to me. 

Steve Jobs On His Legacy In 1994 (Video)

Here’s some never before seen footage of Steve Jobs talking about technology and his legacy.  I could watch Steve Jobs footage all day.


Apple Unveils iOS 7

Apple unveiled its all new iOS7 yesterday at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The completely redesigned iOS7 was built to be simpler, easier to use, and more enjoyable than previous operating systems while still managing to remain familiar to the user.  The list of new features is endless. Take a look at the official iOS7 introduction video from Apple to get a better idea of how it works. 


Apple X Volkswagen iBeetle

Two of the most iconic brands around, Apple and Volkswagen, have joined forces to create the iBeetle. The iBeetle will allow drivers to fully integrate their iPhone with their car. The Beetle’s dashboard contains a specially designed docking station that allows you to access apps like Spotify, Expert, Trainer, Postcard, Photo, and Milestone. It will be available in a variety of exterior colors while the interior will be completely outfitted with premium leather. The iBeetle was unveiled over the weekend at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show but a release date has not yet been set. Stay tuned for more details.


Amazing Transparent Apple iPad Concept

Yes, it’s only a concept, but it’s still dope. Digital artist Ricardo Afonso created this transparent concept which consists almost entirely of glass except for the camera and speakers. Unfortunately this concept is far from becoming a reality. 

jOBS “It Changes Everything” Movie Tailer

Here we have the first look at the upcoming Steve Jobs Biopic entitled “jOBS.” Ashton Kutcher stars in the movie as Steve Jobs and it looks like he did a pretty good job. Take a look at this short clip from the film.

Lazerwood Keyboards for Mac

Stupid dope.  Super sleek real wood veneers with adhesive backing to set off your MacBook Pro or wireless Mac keyboard with some seriously unique style.  


Steve Jobs’ New Yacht

Before his death Steve Jobs had been designing his very own custom yacht with the French designer Philippe Starck. Although Steve Jobs did not live to see the completion of the “Venus,” the 250 foot yacht still made its maiden voyage over the weekend. The state of the art boat is constructed out of aluminum, making it much lighter than similar yachts. I can’t confirm this, but I’m assuming the entire ship can be controlled from an iPad.

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