New Jordan 23 Colorways

Jordan just released these new colorways of the 23’s. I’m still not sure how i feel about the 23’s but the new colorways are growin on me. These will be available at Ubiq on Friday the 28th.

Air Jordan 11/12 Countdown Package

With most the Air Jordan Countdown packages there is usually one pair of shoes that are super fresh and then 1 pair that is not so fresh, but this package features two of my favorite pair of Air Jordans, the 11’s and the 12’s. I just wish i had the $300 to cop this package.

Georgetown Jordan Phat Low 1’s(Shout out to my boy DB’s)

Shout out to my old roommate and friend DB’s who goes to Goergetown. This is the perfect shoe for him, check out these Jordan’s Phat Low 1’s. On the back the shoe there is the same design thats on Georgetown basketball shorts. Its a great combination and is a limited release. Buy them at LTD Online.

First Look Jordan Force Fusion 9

Heres a first look the Jordan Force Fusion 9’s. I like em a lot, the classic black and red colors go well with them. More colorways on the way but for now check this out at Air Jordan Legacy.


Air Jordan VIII/XV Countdown Package

Here is look at the VIII/XV countdown package that is now on sale. I like the 8’s a lot, the 15’s though i’m not so sure about, but still if your a collector you gotta have em right? Get em here.

Air Jordan Retro 1’s

Jordan been re-releasing a lot of Retro 1’s recently and they are continuing with that trend with these new 1’s inspired the Quai 54 streetball tournament held in France every year which Jordan sponsors. These black and white 1’s are very similar to the 1’s just released in the countdown package, but the colors are reversed and this shoe is a mid-top, unlike the hi-tops released in the countdown package. No word on where or when these will be released but we’ll keep you psoted. [Via Sneakerfiles]

New Jordan Six Rings

Here is some Brand New Jordans For ya. Jordan decided to mix up the 6 Rings Again with another Army edition this time however the shoes are predominately black with some dark green accents as well. They are goin for $160.00 for can get them at Ubiq.

New Jordan Six Rings Colorway

here i slook at some new Jordan Six ring colorways. These 6 sings come in a more simple color sheme, Grey/Black/Dark Army/Red. These are set to be released on November 8th and will be priced at $160.00.

Air Jordan 6 Rings – Championship Pack

Here is a look at an upcoming colorway for the Jordan Six Rings. As you probably know the six rings were made to commemorate Michael Jordan’s six NBA Championships. These kicks come in a Midnight Blue, White, Wheat, and Red colorway. They also feature several graphics placed on the sides of the sneakers and include “The Shot”, “MVP”, ‘98, and other important aspects of Michael Jordan’s legacy.[Via Sneakerfiles]

Jordan Six Rings – New Colorway

Alright i know these came out a few days ago and we should of had them up them sorry bout that. Anyway they are still worth throwing up. I’m really liking this new colorway. They’d go with a tux or some jeans. Get em here.


Air Jordan 6 Fusions

Here is a sneak peak at Jordan’s latest Fusions. These are the Air Jordan Six Fusion in a white and infared colorway. The picture is not the best but they still look fresh. They are being released on January 31st, we’ll keep you posted. [Via 23isback]

Air Jordan 1 Doernbecher Freestyles

For the past few years, Nike and Jordan have hooked up with the Doernbecher Childrens’ Hospital to release a series of charity sneakers in which proceeds would go to help funding the hospital. For this collaboration, Tony Taylor a.k.a Mr. Boober was the designer on this pair of Air Jordan 1’s.These kicks feature a beautiful black and blue gradient design, with palm trees illustrated along the side panels. They are gonna be released to the public on November 14 for $125.00.

Air Jordan 20/3 Countdown Package

After much anticipation the new Jordan Countdown package has finally been released. This package consists of the 20’s and the 3’s both coming in a predominantly black color scheme. If i were to get these i would probably use the 20’s on the court and rock the 3’s on the street, but thats just me. You can get them at your local shoe store or here.

New Jordan 1 Premiums

These are the new Jordan 1 premium sneakers. They feature high quality leather with a classic color scheme. They are set to be released on the 8th of November. No word on the price we’ll keep you posted

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