Nike – Furry Savage Beasts Now Available

Yeah, they would have been nice to have for Halloween, but hey, there’s always next year, right?  If you’re a shoe collector, a pair of fuzzy AF1’s would be a great addition to your shelves.  They’re going for $122, and you can grab them here.  My favorite part about them is the white contrast on the upper heel and the tongue.  You might also check out this other pic that PG gave you with the preview here. 

Nike Air Force One Mid – Olive Colorway

I’m not the biggest fan of the mid Force’s.   These right here though, oh boy, they are legit.  Lookin’ like we’ll be seeing them at the beginning of December, just in time for a good christmas gift.  Take a look at some other pics after the jump.

Nike Air Force One – Team Red

Not the biggest fan of the almighty classic, Air Force One.  If the colorway is done right though then i can dig ‘em, and i will say these we’re done right.  These just dropped today, and we’ll be somewhat limited as they only hit select Nike retailers.  Closer look after the jump.

Bespoke Air Force 1 by Marcus Tipps

Yet another AF1 from 21 Mercer’s Bespoke program.  I am vibin’ the colorway a lot, but I’m starting to think the large X stitching is played out and just doesn’t look that clean.  I understand, though, that if you’re gonna drop however much it costs to get your own personal AF1’s from Bespoke, you want them to be super crazy so that people ask where you got them, and you can say “Oh these old things?  They’re 1 of 1.  You actually can’t get them.  But thanks for asking.”  

Nike Air Force 1 Bespoke – Dan Gamache

These are super weird, but at the same time super dope.  I don’t like the suede on the whole front and then elephant print leather on the whole back.  It’s too divided, but the colorway is still sick, especially the sole of the shoe, love that color.  Before I die, i will definitely be going to 21 mercer to get me a pair of bespokes, please believe.

Evolved Footwear – Kansas City Royals Air Force One

Our buddy over at Evolved Footwear threw together this sick pair of Air Force Ones commemorating their World Series win back in 1985.  Overall shoes look clean, nothing too crazy, but still set apart from the rest.  Check out another look after the jump.

MX Sole Now Available on Bespoke at 21 Mercer

The AF1 MX sole can now be used to customize out your dream kicks on Bespoke at 21 Mercer.  With 19 colors available, you’ll surely find something.  The MX sole features the semi-transparent gum and air heal cup.  Check out all 19 colors and closer looks after you click your mizzy mouse. 

Bespoke AF1 by Sebastien Szymkowiak

This might be my favorite Bespoke creation yet.  Subtle elephant print on the heel and tongue, squeaky clean colorscheme, plush materials, and a nice blue Air accent on the semi-transparent midsole.  Props Mr. Szymkowiak… props. 

NIKEiD – Air Force 1 Low Prem MX – 21 Mercer Exclusive

A slight variation of the AF1 is available for customization exclusively at 21 Mercer.  The options allow you to choose multitoned and transparent midsoles.  Call 212.226.5433 to set up an appointment to make yours. 

Makoto Bespoke Air Force 1

Makoto from Five Star Japan just stopped in to 21 Mercer and created a custom pair of Air Force ones. He basically used a different color of elephant skin on every panel of the shoe. I think they kind of look like a giant Chameleon. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Nike Air Force 1 – Mean Green

It looks like Nike decided to design some AF1’s using the Sneakhype color scheme. Seriously though these would go great with the Sneakhype Tee. JD Sports was the actual designers of these dope kicks and they are available at their online store now. Check out some detailed pictures after the jump.

Nike 1World Air Force One – Yi Jianlian

Yi Jianlian is a pretty decent ball player.  He’s probably thinking to himself “Pretty good?  I’m damn good. I mean, Nike just asked me to customize my own pair of forces for Pete’s sake”.  Made in nothing but premium leather, the shoe is accented by a doo doo brown outsole.  To set the whole thing off there is a flaming “Yi” logo on the heel tab.  We probably won’t be seeing these over here in the U.S. anytime soon.  They will be released in China on May 17th.  Check out some more detailed pics after the jump.

Safari Bespoke Air Force 1

Check out these babycakes.  Bespoke designer Brandon Fants threw these together — check out the extra images… you’ll see he flipped the tongue tags, swooshes, and laces (red and blue).  Oh, and it’s a Bespoke AF1… whattyaF’in know… it’s got a pseudo transparent midsole… never seen that before.  Come on. 

LeBron Supreme Max Air Air Force 1… Air – Air

Ok, so the last 2 Air’s aren’t actually part of the name, but the first two are.  And, unfortunately these are only available in size 10 and smaller, and only from this Japanese retailer.  So that sucks, BUT this is one of the most unique and dope Air Force 1’s I have seen in a good while.  It’s got a very nice perforated diamond/argyle pattern that covers the shoe, and the Air Max heel cap coupled with the gum sole just really does it for me.  Hopefully the success of these will cue Nike to bring these (or something like them) stateside.  Check out more pics:

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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