NBA Playoff Preview in GIF Form: The Western Conference

On Friday, we previewed the NBA’s eastern conference in GIF form. Today, it’s time for the West. And just as the West is more competitive than the East in the NBA, we stepped up our GIF game for this gallery.

Miami Hurricanes Unveil New 2014 Nike Football Uniforms

Nike & the Miami Hurricanes have unveiled their football uniforms for the upcoming 2014 season.  They introduced 4 different colorways of the uniform, a home, an away, and two alternates.  The uniforms are set to reflect the vibrant, bold style of the city.

NBA Playoff Preview in GIF Form: The Eastern Conference

With march madness coming to a close, what are you to do in the intermittent week and a half without high-stakes tournament basketball? Thankfully, we have a solution: look at GIFs from teams that are in contention to make the NBA Playoffs.


High School Basketball Player is 7’5″ and it’s Just Not Fair

Can you imagine what it would have been like to be 7’5″ in high school?  Hell, just imagine what it would be like to be 7’5″ at any age.  I’m sure this dude catches a lot of flack, but with how much Tacko Fall dominates the paint, I’m sure he brushes that dirt off his shoulders like it’s nothing.  Dude makes a basketball look like a tennis ball, and the goal look like it’s 3″ shorter.

Remembering Joel Embiid’s Time At KU In GIFs

The KU basketball team lost another star player to the league today when Joel Embiid declared for the NBA Draft. Jayhawk fans everywhere were hoping he might stay another season, but it wasn’t meant to be. Embiid’s announcement came just a few weeks after Andrew Wiggins made his decision to go to the league as well. Unlike Wiggins decision, however, there wasn’t much doubt that Joel is ready to compete with the pros. Just take a look at these GIFs.


Introducing The Smart Basketball From Wilson

Wilson didn’t invent the smart basketball (one already exists) but they did make it better.

For $500 You Can Have Worst Seats in Sports History for the Final Four

This would be awful.  For $500 you can sit in these incredibly high nose-bleeds at the Final Four, but you better bring an iPad or computer to watch the game on because you can barely see the court from here.  Honestly, why would you even go if you had these seats?


Dude Perfect Hits AT&T Stadium for Final Four Trick Shots

With the Final Four being this weekend, Dude Perfect hits up where the game will be played, AT&T Stadium.


Nike Soccer Unveils 2014 U.S. National Team Away Kit

Nike Soccer has officially unveiled what the U.S. National Team will be wearing in Brasil this year.  The all-new jersey’s will be available for purchase on nike.com at some point today.  Read the full press release here.

Remembering Andrew Wiggins’ Time At KU In GIFs

Andrew Wiggins announced today that he would be declaring for the NBA draft. Although he only spent one season as a Jayhawk, he was able to make a lasting impression. Wiggins was arguably the most athletic player in the NCAA this year and will surely be fun to watch in the league. Like most KU fans, I’m sad to see him go but wish him the best of luck as a pro. Lets remember his time at KU with some awesome GIFs that highlight his preferred method of scoring: dunking.

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The Cleveland Cavs have the dopest 3D floor projection system in the NBA (video)

Currently, the Cavs sit 3rd in their division, and 10th in their conference — 5 games behind Atlanta’s 8th spot in the East.  BUT, their pre-game floor projection video is easily the best in the NBA.


Watch Bob Burnquist Skate a Floating Ramp on Lake Tahoe (Video)

Professional Skateboarder Bob Burnquist teamed up with Visit California, CA’s official tourism agency, to create this floating ramp. It weighs about 7,300 lbs and took around 300 hours and 1,250 screws to complete. Once it was completed, Bob and the crew took it Lake Tahoe for a skate session. Take a look. 


The Fake Brian Scalabrine “30 for 30″ We All Wish Was Real (Video)

No one deserves a 30 for 30 more than Brian Scalabrine. His average of 3.2 points per game over a 10-year span speaks for itself. 

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