You’ve Never Seen Soccer Played Like This

This looks like the most fun I’ve seen in awhile.  Zorb Soccer, hottest new sport?  You be the judge.

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This is the Coolest Basketball Court You Will Ever See

I don’t know what it would be very easy to play basketball on this court if the LEDs were moving around, but it definitely looks awesome!  The court is located inside the “House of Mamba” that is a part of the Nike RISE contest.


KU Unveils New Crimson Chrome Football Jerseys

In preparation for the upcoming football season, KU has unveiled their new football uniforms.  The Crimson Chrome uniforms features mostly crimson, with highlights of blue & chrome.  The embossed “KU” on the numbers is pretty killer.  Let’s hope that these new uniforms brings some wins to the Jayhawks this year.

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Nike Unveils Nike+ Vending Machines

Nike has recently released vending machines, spreading rather discreetly throughout New York, that distribute treasured Nike gear rather than sodas and Lil Debbie’s Swiss Rolls.


Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant Are The Same Player (Video)

This is the 3rd installment of the Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant: Identical Plays series. The first two were great, but this is easily the best compilation yet. The similarities between these two players is ridiculous. If they were wearing the same jersey, you wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart. Check it out above. 


Chris Burkard’s Photographs of Surfers Will Make You Want to Catch Some Waves

Photographer Chris Burkard is most well-known for his cold-weather surfing photography. In fact, we just showed you guys a video of his most recent work last week. But Burkard doesn’t just travel to the arctic areas of the world, he explores anywhere that can offer some tasty waves. Here we have a collection of some of his best work. Check it out below. 


Nike Basketball Unveils Men’s USA Basketball Uniform

Nike Basketball has officially unveiled the new Men’s USA Basketball Uniform.  This is the brand’s lightest uniform in history.  The Hyper Elite jersey has a flocked lining at the inside of the neck that allows the wearer to comfortably wipe sweat from the face, such a simple feature, yet so futuristic.  The uniform will be a must-have summer accessory, so be sure to grab one when they’re available on August 7th at nike.com.


Watch Danny MacAskill Ride his Bike around the Playboy Mansion

Crazy bike tricks and hot babes?  Doesn’t get much better.  Danny MacAskill recently stopped by the Playboy Mansion to show off his moves.  With a bunch of playmates as his audience, I’m sure he was on his “A” game.


Barefoot Skiing Behind an Airplane Looks Absolutely Insane

Who needs water skis, right?  Devin Supertramp and friends recently hit Florida for some barefoot skiing.  Not only are they skiing barefoot, but they are doing it behind a flying airplane.  Looks nuts!


Arguably The Most Epic Ping Pong Rally Ever

The Commonwealth Games are underway this year in Glasgow, UK. The games feature a multitude of sports from lawn bowling (bocce ball) to ping pong and squash. This match was between Singapore’s Gao Ning and Segun Toriola. Ning would go on to win the set advancing Singapore to the finals.


Diamond Skate Plaza Grand Opening Re-Cap

Last week on July 24th, Diamond Supply Co. celebrated their grand opening of the Diamond Skate Plaza in the Boyle Heights area of East Los Angeles.  With help from Rob Dyrdek, Street League, and the City of Los Angeles, Diamond was able to make this project a reality.  The skate plaza is open to the public now, and here’s a re-cap of the grand opening.


Frank Caliendo Reads LeBron’s “Returning Home” Letter as Morgan Freeman

Frank Caliendo hit the Mike & Mike show this morning, and did what he does best.  Channeling his inner Morgan Freeman, Frank gave us a much more emotional version of LeBron’s James letter declaring he was returning home.


Take a Look at the First-Ever Floating Freestyle Motocross Course

Munich is now home to the first ever “floating FMX course,” and it looks incredibly dope.  The floating track is located right in the middle of Olympic Lake, and this video will give you a preview of the setup.


Which Companies Sponsor The World’s Biggest Athletes? (Video)

Ever wondered which companies sponsor your favorite athletes? You’re in luck. Bleacher Report created this video highlighting which companies sponsor the world’s biggest athletes. Their list covers everyone from LeBron James to Floyd Mayweather. Check it out above. 

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