Sprite & Futura Breakthrough For All-Star Weekend

Sprite & Futura have joined forces to bring self-expression to center court.  These are three basketballs that are custom painted by Futura, and will be on display through All-Star weekend.  Check out more info here.


70-Year-Old Sam Bryant is Buffer Than You Will Ever Be

If you can’t use this as motivation, then I don’t know what to tell you.  Sam Bryant Jr. didn’t start going to the gym ’til he was 44, and well, now he’s 70 & still going strong.

Russian City Climber Kirill Oreshkin is Absolutely Insane

So, I think this takes the whole “extreme” sports thing to another level.  Kirill Oreshkin & friends seem to spend their free time climbing huge buildings and landmarks, hanging off of them by a thread with no gear or equipment, and then taking a picture.  The cajones on this guy, I tell you what.


Alex Honnold Free Climbs 1500 Foot Wall

This video will have you heart racing like a son of a gun.  Alex Honnold free climbs this 1500 foot wall in Monterrey, Mexico, which is just unbelievable.


Living Conditions At The Sochi Olympics Are Hilariously Bad (30 Pics)

The Sochi Olympics officially start tomorrow, but the city is far from ready to host the games. Journalists are blowing up #SochiProblems on Twitter, documenting the terrible living conditions that they and the athletes will have to put up with throughout their stay. Most of the reports are pretty funny, but you still have to feel kind of bad for these guys.


Death Cab For Cutie Bassist Creates Skittles Shrine of Marshawn Lynch

You ever see a piece of art, and instantly know that you need it hanging in your living room?  Well, looking at this is one of those moments for me.  The bassist for the popular band, Death Cab For Cutie, celebrated the Seahawks victory by creating this picture of Marshawn Lynch made entirely from skittles.  Amazing.

The Wavegarden Surf Park

Surfing is a sport typically reserved for lucky residents who live near an ocean. Every one else is pretty much out of luck.  Until now that is. The Wavegarden is a man-made surfing park located in Spain. The park uses patented technology that generates around 120 perfectly formed waves every hour. The artificial waves can offer rides that last around 20 seconds without losing power or shape. The creators of the Wavegarden are looking to expand their park and open up new location around the world. Hopefully they make their way to the U.S. soon. 


Star Wars National Football League Helmets

Artist, John Raya, gives us a look at what the NFL would look like if it were full of Star Wars characters instead of humans.  It’s Ewoks all day baby.  Check out John’s Behance page here.

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The Best Super Bowl XLVIII Commercials

There are two reasons why people watch the Super Bowl: 1. the game 2. the commercials.

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The 20 Funniest Super Bowl XLVIII Memes

Super Bowl XLVIII was a blow out. The Seahawks controlled the game from the first snap and went on to win 43-8. The game itself was pretty boring but the memes it inspired made up for it. Here are 20 of best we could find. God bless the internet. 

Make Gameday More Fun With Super Bowl Bingo

Looking for ways to make this Sunday more fun?  Super Bowl bingo might be one way to do that.  Print out these cards, and the first one to hit Bingo wins.


Morpheus Stars In The Kia K900 Super Bowl Commercial (Video)

Out of the handful of Super Bowl commercials I’ve seen, this is my favorite so far. Morpheus almost convinced me that Kia’s were cool.


This 2-Year Old Can Skateboard Better Than You (Video)

Kahlei Stone-Kelly is only 2-years old and he’s already better on a skateboard than you or I will ever be. The Australian born Stone-Kelly comes from a family of skateboard enthusiasts which helps to explain how he ended up on a board at such a young age. The parents may want to look into getting him a helmet and some pads though. Safety first!

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Beats by Dre Headphones – Super Bowl XLVIII Edition

Beats by Dre has teamed up with Graff Diamonds to create these special edition Super Bowl Headphones for both the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. All of the custom headphones feature a handcrafted Super Bowl emblem. The Broncos players received a white gold edition and the Seattle Seahawks received yellow gold editions. The emblem is also outfitted with a couple of diamonds to match the Super Bowl ring both teams are playing for. Take a closer look below. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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