Watch Bob Burnquist Skate a Floating Ramp on Lake Tahoe (Video)

Professional Skateboarder Bob Burnquist teamed up with Visit California, CA’s official tourism agency, to create this floating ramp. It weighs about 7,300 lbs and took around 300 hours and 1,250 screws to complete. Once it was completed, Bob and the crew took it Lake Tahoe for a skate session. Take a look. 


The Fake Brian Scalabrine “30 for 30″ We All Wish Was Real (Video)

No one deserves a 30 for 30 more than Brian Scalabrine. His average of 3.2 points per game over a 10-year span speaks for itself. 


Insane Billiard Trick Shots with Floozie on Table

Cue ball hits her tittie at 2:36.


BMX Rider Daniel Sandoval Shows His Escape in Epic Video

Daniel Sandoval shows off his skills in this recent video from Total BMX.  How people make things like this look so easy is incredible.  The video takes about a minute to get going, but once it does be prepared to be in awe.

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Trust me. You want to watch this a capella rendition of “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out”

I literally can’t stop watching YouTuber Smooth McGroove DOMINATE this layered a capella Punch Out theme song.


Table Tennis Star Timo Boll Plays the World’s Fastest Robot in a Game of Ping Pong (Video)

KUKA Robotics claims to have built the fastest robot in the world. To showcases their robots amazing versatilely, KUKA asked table tennis star Timo Boll to play against their machine. Although the robot got off to a good start, Ball ultimately prevailed. Check out the entire match above. 


Ken Griffey Jr. Hates His Life (video interview)

As a kid, I grew up with Junior endorsing Wheaties, Frosted Flakes, and a whole bunch of other whole grain cereals.  Plagued by injury, the 13-time MLB All-Star’s career fizzled out, but somehow he pops up every now and again when ESPN is short on headlines.  


Peep the New adidas “Made in March” Tournament Jerseys

adidas recently released their new “Made in March” jerseys. We will probably first see these uniforms worn at the Regional Tournaments, and then of course in the March Madness Tournament. To everyone’s delight, they left out the camo this year and went with a more modest approach.


KU Fans Turn Marcus Smart’s Flopping Into A Hilarious Meme

If you’re a fan of college basketball, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Marcus Smart and his flopping. The Oklahoma State guard can’t seem to stay on his feet. The slightest breeze could knock this kid over. After flopping against the Kansas Jayhawks multiple times, some KU fans do what they do best and turned Marcus Smart into a hilarious meme. Take a look. 

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Why The Kansas Jayhawks Dominate College Basketball

Monday night in Lawrence, Kansas… students, alums, and fans from everywhere celebrated as the Jayhawks clinched their tenth straight Big 12 Championship (or possible Co-Championship) under Bill Self (Aka The Don Of Basketball). It only seems right that we honor the Jayhawks and everything they have accomplished during this decade of kicking asses.


This Is What Michael Jordan’s Instagram Would Look Like

If Michael Jordan had an Instagram he would put most rappers these days to shame. From shoes, to rides, to trophies, MJ has everything needed to properly stunt on the haters. In honor of MJ turning 51 today, Complex imagined what the Instagram of his airiness would look like. Take a look. 


The Funniest Figure Skating Faces (18 Pics)

Figure skaters look so graceful on the ice, but things are much different when you capture them in the moment.


Human Bowling with Devin Supertramp

Although I’m glad that winter is just about over, this would be extremely fun.  Devin Supertramp and friends head to a snow-covered mountain to do some “human bowling”.


Sprite & Futura Breakthrough For All-Star Weekend

Sprite & Futura have joined forces to bring self-expression to center court.  These are three basketballs that are custom painted by Futura, and will be on display through All-Star weekend.  Check out more info here.

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