Take a Look at the First-Ever Floating Freestyle Motocross Course

Munich is now home to the first ever “floating FMX course,” and it looks incredibly dope.  The floating track is located right in the middle of Olympic Lake, and this video will give you a preview of the setup.


Which Companies Sponsor The World’s Biggest Athletes? (Video)

Ever wondered which companies sponsor your favorite athletes? You’re in luck. Bleacher Report created this video highlighting which companies sponsor the world’s biggest athletes. Their list covers everyone from LeBron James to Floyd Mayweather. Check it out above. 


Groom Has His 8 Groomsmen Wear LeBron James Jerseys for Epic Wedding Picture

With the news of King James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, one fan decided to celebrate in a very cool way.  Nick Jones, and his wife Christa Deckerd, had their wedding planned for July 12th & when news broke of LeBron returning they did a little improvising.  Nick gathered all of his LeBron jerseys, and together with his 8 groomsmen took one of the best wedding photos we’ve ever seen.

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Jordan Brand Pays Tribute To Derek Jeter in New “RE2PECT” Ad (Video)

Jordan Brand recruited every notable athlete you can think of for its new Derek Jeter tribute. If this doesn’t give you chills there is something wrong with you. 


24K Gold Beats by Dre Headphones to Celebrate Germany’s World Cup Victory

Beats by Dre has decided to continue the shower of gold on the World Cup victor.  Not only is Germany going to be living Brazil with the FIFA World Cup trophy, but they’ll also receive a pair of these 24K gold headphones from Beats by Dre.


What if NBA & NFL Teams Shared Logos?

We just showed you some corporate versions of NFL logos done by Brandon Hubschman, now we take a look at some logo work he did featuring NBA & NFL logos meshed together.  Some of these actually look pretty cool.  Check out his Behance page here.


Holy Shit. LeBron is going back to Cleveland.

I bet all those ass-clowns that got all pissy and burned their ‘James 23′ Cavs jerseys when Bron Bron went down to Miami are sure feeling pretty silly right now.  Not only could they have had some sick ass throwbacks to rock at the next home game, but they’re probably worth like a billion dollars right now.


Rafael Nadal Looks Like a Capybara

If you didn’t know what a Capybara was, now you know.  It looks like a Rafael Nadal.  And Rafael Nadal looks like a Capybara. The evidence speaks for itself… and Rafa still gets way hotter chicks than you.

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