Take a tour of the exclusive Gotham Club at AT&T Park

As Kansas City Royals fan, it hurts me to even talk about the San Francisco Giants right now. But the Gotham Club at AT&T deserves the spotlight. This may be the swankiest place to watch a baseball game.


LeBron’s “Together” Nike Commercial Will Give You the Chills

Well, tonight starts LeBron & Clevelands quest for an NBA title.  To celebrate, Nike just released this commercial titled “Together.”  82-0 season anyone?


Dude Perfect Goes Neon with Glow-in-the-Dark Trickshot Video

With Halloween pretty much on our doorsteps, Dude Perfect put out this glow-in-the-dark themed video that fits the time of the year perfectly.  The lights they’re wearing on their bodies look pretty creepy.


Custom Hand Crafted Glass Top Ping Pong Table

Oh man, I will put in work on a ping pong table.  This particular ping ping top is a custom hand crafted made by Travis Mathew.  The table features a 300 pound sheet of perfectly polished edge glass for the top.  They are custom made to order, more info here.


LeBron James heads home to Akron in new Beats by Dre commercial

Beats by Dre followed LeBron James back to his hometown of Akron, Ohio for this new commercial. The ad is basically a trip down memory lane for the two-time NBA champ. With all of James’ sponsors capitalizing on his return home let’s hope LeBron can as well. Check out the video above.


Skiing at Night in a Lightsuit Looks Dangerously Fun

So I don’t think that I’ll ever look at regular skiing as fun anymore after watching this.  It seems a bit too dangerous for me, but still looks incredibly fun.  This was filmed at night with massive lights & custom LED suits.


Indoor Surfing in HD Looks Incredibly Fun

Obviously indoor surfing could never compare to the real thing, but this looks like a good time.  Devin Supertramp & friends hit Provo Beach Resort to shoot some indoor surfing in 4K.


Dude Perfect Makes Their First Hockey Trick Shot Video

The kings of trick shots, Dude Perfect, have put together their first hockey trick shot video.  The video features a couple of hockey players from the Dallas Stars & once again it does not disappoint.

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