Dove Men "Journey to Comfort" Commercials

So you’ve probably seen these commercials by now — old dudes talkin’ about the good ol’ days and how they still have swag even though they’re washed up. Whatever. I just want to go on record and say: I went to visit my grandparents over Labor Day weekend. My grampa (a man fit for legend) uses this Dove Men stuff. Face + Body wash. I’m all in. Smells freakin’ amazing and better believe I’m down for the one-stop-shop that is a face and body wash combo pack.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve fallen in line and jumped on the Old Spice bandwagon (which is cool) and haven’t ventured from this aromatic path since you saw a beautiful shirtless black man mount a horse. Look at him. Now back at me. Take a walk on the wild side… next time you’re at the store, flip the cap open on one of those black Dove Men bottles, give it a gentle squeeze, and inhale your future man-scent. You’re welcome.

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