Fortune Cookie Clothing – “Origami Gold” Collection

The “Origami Gold” collection from Fortune Cookie Clothing Co. features metallic gold foil screened onto the garments, and is the only collection with gold metallic tags. Model: Carly Fridell. Save 20% with discount code: DOPENESS       Shop Fortune Cookie Clothing Co. and save 20% with discount code: DOPENESS  

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Italia Faith for Fortune Cookie Clothing – Royal Garden Snapback

You may recall a rather titillating snapback release from LA-based streetwear brand, Fortune Cookie Clothing Co. this past summer.  Fortune Cookie Clothing seems to know better than anyone else how to sell hats because they are back at it with their new Royal Garden Snapback release, featuring scorching hot model Italia Faith.

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Fortune Cookie Clothing – Ginger Medallion Snapback

Los Angeles based streetwear brand Fortune Cookie Clothing Co. hits us with an exciting new release: the Ginger Medallion Snapback.  Modeled here by Ashlyn Coray, the new snapback is a great last minute snag of the season.  Also, you can save 20% just by using the discount code DOPENESS at checkout.  You’re welcome.

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Fortune Cookie Clothing – “Her Cookie” Collection Ft. Model Carly Fridell

Awesome new release from Fortune Cookie Clothing Co.  Get 20% off with discount code DOPENESS Sneakhype’s got your back with a 20% off discount code: DOPENESS Get yours here. You can also check out Carly on Twitter here.

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Girls Wearing Fortune Cookie Clothing (11 pics)

Yes, it’s all pics of chicks.  No, it’s not a women’s clothing line.  Well it is and it isn’t.  They’ve got both genders covered (literally, although sometimes just barely).  Fortune Cookie Clothing just figured it might be more preferable to look at clothing on some beach babes.

Degree Men – “Do More”

Check out thrill-seeker JT Holmes base-jump in South Africa, and see the views from his head cam, his jump buddy Espen and the HeliCam. Watch films, interviews and find gear and instructors near you too.

Dwyane Wade x Li Ning – Way of Wade

Piggy-backing off of all the hoops hoopla surrounding All-Star Weekend, Dwyane Wade’s partnership with Chinese sportswear apparel company, Li Ning, is finally getting its anticipated marketing push.  Many are curious to see how this unpredictable partnership pans out — especially after Wade left the cushiony certainty of sales offered by his previous partner: Jordan Brand.  

Dove Men “Journey to Comfort” Commercials

So you’ve probably seen these commercials by now — old dudes talkin’ about the good ol’ days and how they still have swag even though they’re washed up.  Whatever.  I just want to go on record and say: I went to visit my grandparents over Labor Day weekend.  My grampa (a man fit for legend) uses this Dove Men stuff.  Face + Body wash.  I’m all in.  Smells freakin’ amazing and better believe I’m down for the one-stop-shop that is a face and body wash combo pack. If you’re anything like me, you’ve fallen in line and jumped on the Old Spice bandwagon (which is cool) and haven’t ventured from this aromatic path since you saw a beautiful shirtless black man mount a horse.  Look at him.  Now back at me.  Take a walk on the wild side… next time you’re at the store, flip the cap open on one of those black Dove Men bottles, give it a gentle squeeze, and inhale your future man-scent.  You’re welcome. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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