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SNEAKHYPE EXCLUSIVE: Interview with The Cool Kids

Yeah that’s right.  Sneakhype hooked up with The Cool Kids for a little chat.  Read the full exclusive interview below to find out just how cool The Cool Kids really are.  Sneakhype verdict: pretty F’n cool.

SNEAKHYPE On The Scene: The Roman Coliseum

A special thanks to an adoring reader (who wishes to remain anonymous) for sending us this gem of a photograph depicting “Mr. Bigshot” at the Roman Coliseum with a DIME of a Sneakhype chica on his arm.  We’re quite happy to see that 1. We’re worldwide, and 2. Sneakhypers everywhere are stayin true to the game of (a) reppin the hype and (b) rollin with fly hunnies.

SNEAKHYPE makes Inspired Magazine’s Top 20 – Ya Damn Right

It should come as no surprise, but nevertheless, we love the love.  Inspired Magazine made a list of their top sites (in the entire universe) for hype, shopping, design, and inspiration — ya damn right SNEAKHYPE’s makin the list.  Thanks to everyone who digs the dopeness for making this possible.  More freshness to come……..

Mountain Dew Prize Pack Contest Results

First things first… thanks to everyone for participating.  We had some clever clever comments.  Such made it quite difficult for us to determine a winner, so we had to take some other factors into consideration to crown the Dew champ.  That said, we’re going to congratulate some close runner-ups and be in touch with yall to hook you up with some weak shit prizes like stickers and whatnot.  Now, before I get into the nitty gritty, let me say that we’re going to give the proppa diddy props to KE for his comment regarding the Trap of the G and a shout out to Notorious.  We’ll get in touch with you and shoot you off some Dewskis and other gear. Now, let’s get to the highlights.  Skeezer… what can I say about Mr. Skeez?  “I would drip scented candle wax on her (lavender). Then I would wrap her in celophane. Then I would llllllllllllllllllick her all over through the plastic. Sorry my ‘L’ key got stuck. And then, without further adeu, I would put it in her tiny tiny butt. Then I would do the dew. Rinse, lather, and repeat.”  And what a Skeez you are my friend.  All right…… More →


Sneakhype x Mountain Dew – Game Fuel Giveaway

Free shit.  You love it.  You want it.  We got it, bitch. An exclusive prize pack from Mountain Dew can be all yours free of charge.  Alls you have to do is the following. 1. Check out our “chicas” section and determine who you believe Sneakhype’s favorite model to be.  (You’ll probably have to go through a few pages to be certain.) 2. Keep an eye out for our next post that includes this favorite chica of ours. 3. When you see this post, you will need to leave a comment answering the following question: “What would you do to/with this chick for a Klondike Bar Mountain Dew Game Fuel Prize Pack?”  Let’s keep it classy people. 4. The most clever comment left by the end of the weekend gets the goods. NOTE: Leave your real email address, or else we can’t contact you to give you the Dew.  No one else can see it, and we won’t spam your shiat. OH, and visit mountaindewgamefuel.com for more prizes and gear.

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We Present To You….. The SNEAKHYPE Show

We are proud to present to you Thee SNEAKHYPE Show, May 21st @ the Granada in Lawrence.  We’ll be having fine performances from Dimwit Syndicate, Critical & last, but certainly not least Greg Enemy.  If you’d like to come out & show your support we’d appreciate it, and your certain to have a good time.  You can check out Greg Enemy here, and Dimwit Syndicate here.  We hope to see you there!

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