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Aright Sneakhypers… We wanna know who has got the freshest kicks on the squad.  Send in a picture of your kicks and tell us who you are and rep your city.  Ladies… we wanna see the sexiest stilettos you got.  We’re accepting submissions until Friday (Oct. 22).  Then we’ll post all the submissions and decide who’s the biggest baller and/or flyest chica. Please email your pics to: submit (at) sneakhype.com.  Please title your email “SNEAKHYPE KICKS SUBMIT”

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FlüD Watches Giveaway

We’re hookin up with FLüD yet again to give away not 1, not 2, not 3, but FOUR of these über-dope FLüD Watches.  We’re keeping it simple this time on how to win.  Hit the flip for contest details.  

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Interview With G.Q. Bugs

Recently we’ve shown you a number of interviews with some upcoming artists in music.  This time around we have a good friend we’ve been following for awhile now, GQ Bugs.  We’ve featured him a number of times on the site, now we give you a little bit deeper look into his style, strategy,  and even some girl stories.  Read it all after the jump.

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Interview With Andrew Lewis (Video)

Recently had a chance to catch up with up & comer Andrew Lewis.  Peep the video after the jump.  Download a brand new track from Andrew after the jump as well.

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An Interview With Sean Rose

A couple weeks ago while out in Las Vegas we had a chance to sit down for an interview with our boy Sean Rose. Sean is an up and coming artist out of Vegas and his music is straight dope. If you haven’t got his last album “For What It’s Worth” you need to get it. Check out the entire interview after the jump.

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Interview With The Man Behind ‘NV EURO’

You might remember our interview with Adapt Clothing a little while back.  This time we chopped it up with the owner of the upcoming brand, NV Euro, Anthony Darouiche.  Once again, we wanted to give you guys a little look into what goes on behind the scenes

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SNEAKHYPE X Fresh Live Youth Society – Sneakology Vol. 2

That’s right folks, SNEAKHYPE hooked up with Fresh Live Youth Society for the 2nd annual Sneakology sneaker convention. Sneakology is the perfect place to showcase your own collection of kicks and chop it up with fellow sneakerheads. Get all the info after the jump!


Skeptics – 99 Problems Freestyle

Sneakhype friends, the Skeptics, just dropped a new freestyle in anticipation for the upcoming mixtape.  If ya’ll play your cards right we might be able to get the mixtape exclusive for you a little bit earlier than expected.  Only two of the group on this one, but they both rip this shit, download after the jump.


Dope Couture Giveaway

SNEAKHYPE  should be everyone’s favorite website by now. Not only do we provide you with your daily dose of dopeness but we provide you with free Dope Couture too.  That’s right, SNEAKHYPE and Dope Couture have hooked and we are giving a free t-shirt. Find out how to win after the jump.

Tiger Gets A Taste Of Hatorade – Dropped From Gatorade

Things just keep getting worse for Tiger Woods. Last week he issued a pretty pathetic apology and today the poor guy was officially dropped from Gatorade. Woods has already been dropped from AT&T and his involvement in the Gillette and Tag Heuer ad campaigns has been minimized as well. Luckily for Tiger though Nike and EA Games have stuck by his side (thank you EA, Tiger Woods on Xbox is my shit). I would have to say this is a good call by EA and Nike; it won’t be long before Tiger is back on tour tearing up the competition, winning masters and shit. In the mean time Powerade and All Sport should take advantage of Tigers thirst quenching situation. He has to drink something while he is on the course and its likely that he would sign with one of them just to get back at Gatorade.

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FLüD Watches Giveaway

SNEAKHYPE hooked up with FLüD and we’re giving away 3 watches.  Each watch is valued at 85 bucks, but you could get one for $Free.99.  Why are we doing this?  Because we’re the shit.  You’re welcome.  Here’s how to win:

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iPad – A Sneakhype Perspective

It’s been almost a week since Steve Jobs’ announcement of the iPad… and I just now quit jerkin off.  I’ve heard haters say things like, “It’s too expensive.”  or “What would I do with that that I can’t already do?”  Well, for one, hater, you could ball the F out.  Somebody said to me, he said, “I would only pay 300 for it.”  I said, “Yeah, I would only pay 300 for it, too, but I would also pay an additional 200 dollars to be the illinest dude on the block swiping away on my iPad at my local coffee shop droppin panties left and right.”  Just imagine rockin this thing on your tray table on your flight to Vegas.  “Oh this?  This is that new Apple tablet called the iPad… yeah, they’re pretty neat… do I want to meet you in the bathroom in five minutes..?  Why yes, yes I do, you gorgeous dame.  Wait wait… are you 18 though?  Oh 19? You are?… Wow, what a big little girl you are.  K I’ll be there soon.. just let me finish watching this last episode of True Blood on my iPad in HD where Bill Compton and his vampire… More →


Evolved-Footwear X Sneakhype T-Shirt Giveaway

Our friends over at Evolved-Footwear decided to do a little giveaway for all you t-shirt lovers.  Let me make it clear though: these T’s are not just any T’s — you stand to win a couple of the coolest T’s every made.  For all the directions on how to win this two-pack giveaway, head on over to Evolved-Footwear’s website.  Good luck to all!

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10 Artists To Watch Out For In 2010 – Part 1

Music has been, and always will be one of my biggest passions, period.  My love for it is unmeasurable, and I love sharing new stuff that I find or come across with anyone and everyone.  In light of those things, I felt that I needed to showcase a group of artists to you guys that I believe are on the rise, and that I expect big things from this year, as well as throughout their careers.  I’m going to break this up into two parts, solely for the fact that I want you to take the time to listen, and enjoy each artist.  I don’t want to do a ranking system either, I will leave that to everyone else out there.

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