Sneakhype Select Series: Etnies Marana

Today’s Select Series features a brand that has already been in the series once.  With the products they’ve been putting out, we felt it was necessary to feature another product from them.  Today we bring you the Etnies Marana.


Sneakhype Select Series: Arcade Belts

It’s time for another entry into our Select Series.  Today we have a brand by the name of Arcade Belts.  They’re based out of Olympic Valley, California, and they’re putting out some of the best belts I’ve ever tried on.


Sneakhype Select Series: Rastaclat Bracelets

The latest installment of our Select Series features one of my favorite brands: Rastaclat. Rastaclat has been a staple in the accessory game for a while now. Every season is more impressive than the last. This Select Series features Rastaclat’s Holiday collection.

Happy New Year from SNEAKHYPE

The depicted trio of dashing chaps you see here are resting easy, nursing hangovers (and injuries) today.  Last night we brought in 2013 with the second annual Sneakhype NYE bash in Lawrence, KS at Tonic.  We’ve been fairly absent over the holidays, but tomorrow it’s back to the grind delivering you your daily dose of dopeness. I wanted to take a second here to thank you for your patience as we’ve visited with family and old friends (as I’m sure many of you have been also).  More importantly, though, I wanted to say thanks for all your support over 4+ years as Pat, Tyler and I have somewhat aimlessly worked to grow an old blogspot pastime into a decently legit online presence. And though we certainly have a long way to go before we can go and buy our parents vacation homes, we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are today without the consistent support from our Sneakhype friends and fans.  Without getting too sappy on ya here, please know how sincerely thankful I am (we are) for all your support.  The daily visits, the tweets, Facebook likes and shares, emails, post comments, photo submissions, Instagram follows… shit, Pinterest pins…… More →


Sneakhype Select Series: Woolrich Fawn Grove Throw

With Winter right here on our doorsteps, accessories that intend to keep you warm are always good to have around.  Functionality should be your primary concern when looking for some sort of throw blanket, but it never hurts if you can find something with a little style.


Sneakhype Select Series: Stance Socks

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned when it comes to piecing together an outfit, it’s that attention to detail is key.  Even if no one else notices, it’ll make you feel better and more confident.  One department that most people neglect is definitely their sock game.


Sneakhype Select Series: E THE REAL Mission Logo Raglan

It’s time for another edition of the Sneakhype Select Series.  This time around we’re featuring a Raglan from the good people at E THE REAL.  They’ve been supplying the Lawrence area, as well as many others with quality goods for a couple years now.


PLEASE READ: Help Support Our Friend

So here’s the deal.  You’ve never even met this guy, and guess what… I haven’t either.  But please spare me a moment to explain to you why you should take 2 clicks of your mouse to support this dude.  Christian Terry is a long-time fan of Sneakhype.  He’s been submitting his amazing photography to the site for probably 3 years now.  I am always super excited to hear from Christian.


DOTW: The Grown/Morning Man’s Corona Limona

Tailgates, fantasy football draft day, the week leading up to fantasy football draft day, 10:30 a.m. meetings, The Price is Right drinking game,1 a need to redeem last night’s loss and demand a rematch in US vs Nam-pong,2 brunch — these are all reasons why the Sneakhype Bro craves a morning drink.  There are several variations on this classic, but the general guidelines are as follows: – Drink everytime someone is wearing a custom price is right shirt. – Drink everytime someone hugs/kisses Drew Carey (1/2 for a hug, 1 for a kiss) – Drink everytime everyone overbids – Drink everytime someone bids a dollar – Drink the whole time someone is coming down the aisle to the contestants row – Drink everytime someone bids one dollar over the person behind them. – Drink everytime the showcase is a dining room set or other crappy prize. – Drink everytime the person is visibly dissappointed with their crappy showcase. – Drink everytime someone doesn’t spin the big wheel all the way around. – If plinko is one of the games, finish the drink you have. – Drink the whole time a plinko chip is in play – Drink every time a contestant is… More →

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Sneakhype Presents: G-Eazy – The Road to Must Be Nice (Video)

Our friend G-Eazy was recently here in Lawrence while on the Excellent Adventure Tour.  With the help of Connor Hays, we put together this video as insight into his live performance, as well as a preview for his upcoming album, Must Be Nice, that drops tomorrow.  Make sure you click that 1080p quality on the video.


iFixDirect – Custom Sneakhype iPhone Backs (Giveaway)

Well, well, well, it’s time for another giveaway.  This time around we hooked up with iFixDirect who specializes in custom iPhone accents.  They have options to make custom replacement backs, as well as color conversion kits.  Right now they work with the iPhone 4 & 4S, but will soon have options for the iPhone 5.


Sneakhype Select Series: Etnies Califas

Going on an outdoor adventure any time soon?  If yes, you might want to check out this second installment of our Sneakhype Select Series.  This time around we head down to the feet to feature a dope pair of boots from Etnies called the Califas.


Interview with NFL Stars Maurice Jones-Drew and Brent Celek

Sneakhype recently received an invite from the fine folks at DirecTV1 for a video sit-down with Fantasy Football Superstar, and general life superstar (more on that to come), Maurice Jones Drew and up and coming Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek. Seriously, big ups. And this is the time to say it: Sunday Ticket is a must for any football fan dislocated from their team. Sure, you could go to a bar with the ticket and ride up an at minimum $30 food/drink tab every Sunday (a.k.a. $120 a month). OR, you could rock the ticket and watch games from the convenience of anywhere (via your phone, ipad, computer, or home TV), all in HD and with updates of your individual fantasy players. [↩]


DOTW: The Guypirinha

The Sneakhype Bro, with his affinity for highlighter green and curious affection for spark-plug Leandro Barbosa in NBA2K, has always been into Brazil generally and the Brazilian broad specifically (and let’s be real, the Brazilian broad has always been into the Sneakhype Bro).

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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