Interview with NFL Stars Maurice Jones-Drew and Brent Celek

Interview with NFL Stars Maurice Jones-Drew and Brent Celek


Interview with NFL Stars Maurice Jones-Drew and Brent Celek

Sneakhype recently received an invite from the fine folks at DirecTV (( Seriously, big ups. And this is the time to say it: Sunday Ticket is a must for any football fan dislocated from their team. Sure, you could go to a bar with the ticket and ride up an at minimum $30 food/drink tab every Sunday (a.k.a. $120 a month). OR, you could rock the ticket and watch games from the convenience of anywhere (via your phone, ipad, computer, or home TV), all in HD and with updates of your individual fantasy players.)) for a video sit-down with Fantasy Football Superstar, and general life superstar (more on that to come), Maurice Jones Drew and up and coming Philadelphia Eagles tight end Brent Celek.

Both players provided candid, affable responses to our musical and fashion inquires. Even better, in an auspicious turn of events, MJD left the interview in such a good mood that he ended his hold out a few short days later and returned to wearing his Jacksonville Jaguars uniform, which just happens to be the NFL jersey that most closely mirrors theSneakhype color scheme. Interestingly, Celek’s Eagles are a close second in the “NFL jerseythat looks most like Sneakhype’s color scheme” category. Illustrious company indeed.

Regardless, we saw this opportunity as the appropriate medium to explore questions that have long plagued fans of these two certified studs: how in the hell do you, musically, prepare for an NFL game and what was your most recent shoe purchase?

MoJo (( At this point, I should share that I am refering to Jones-Drew by as many real and made up nicknames as possible.))showed no reluctance in sharing an honest response. Somewhat surprisingly for a dude who can break runs likethisandcelebrate like this, Mo “listens to a song that actually made me cry once:Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life.”

Really? Yep. “It’s a great song,” he continued, “I actually cried before the game. It was amazing.”

Sneakhypers will be equally surprised to hear about Jizzle Drizzle’s most recent shoe purchases. “I haven’t bought a pair of shoes in, I think, seven or eight years.”

No way, Mo Bro.

I press him further about what he usually rocks. “I don’t wear anything. You know, I’m walking in my own barefooted (sic) as we speak. I’m going to show you. You think I’m lying? (Points camera towards his barefeet.) There ya go.”

Celek, on the other hand, provided a more conventional reply. “I listen to anything. I listen to rap (mostly). Rap makes me a little bit angry, so I like to listen to that before games.”

A’ight. We can vibe that. But who specifically? “I listen toMeek Mill. He’s a Philly guy…I like his music.”

As to his kicks, BC goes for class in the form of Italian leather. “I’m in love withSantonis…That’s all I buy when it comes to shoes and I’m trying to look nice.”

And there you have it, Sneakhypers. Just in time for fantasy season, you can now you tell your league that you actually have some personal, non Matthew Berry informed knowledge about your team. Thank us later. Or just thank DirecTV.


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