Vote Or Die!

<—- See this dime piece? She wants you to vote for The Campus Socialite Awards. Find out how to vote after the jump

Actually she wants you to vote for Sneakhype’s own Patrick Galbraith who is up for a Campus Socialite Award. We know a lot of you have already voted but you are allowed to vote as many times as you want so please continue to vote. There is only a week left so we need to get as many votes as possible in these last few days. Here are the instructions on how to vote:

1. Go to Campus Socialte Awards voting sectiong which can be found here.

2.  Look for the “Campus Tycoon” Category. It is the tenth Category down. This is the award Patrick Galbraith is up for.

3. Vote for Patrick Galbraith by clicking on his name.

4. This is very important. Go to the bottom of the page and click “Submit Vote”

5. Repeat this several times a day until May 4th.

Once again, you can find the Campus Socialte Awards voting sectiong here. Thanks for all the support!

Here is your reward for voting. More pictures of Justene Jaro.

Justene_Jaro-648000 JusteneJaro justene_jaro_l_226a585575f04e93819c justene-jaro-20081024005258293_640w justene1 JusteneJaro50688-display justene_jaro_004_400