Thigh Gap Thursday (25 Pics)

It’s only a matter of time before Thigh Gap Thursday is declared a national holiday.

Alcohol Always Gives us the Best Advice

Anytime you go out, you usually get advice from 1 or 2 places.  Your friends that are usually just as drunk as you, or you just listen to the booze.  Here’s some typical words of advice that alcohol gives us.

Take a Break, Spend Some Time With Mother Nature (25 Pics)

Nothing will make you crave the outdoors like being stuck in an office all day. Here’s what we’re missing out on…

Guys with Zooey Deschanel’s Eyes is the Latest, Creepiest Internet Meme

One great thing about the Internet, is that it has endless possibilities for memes.  This latest meme takes Zooey Deschanel’s eyes and puts them popular celebrity males.  You can check out the tumblr called “Guys With Zooeyes” here.

15 Pictures of Rappers with Puppies

I mean, realistically, who doesn’t love puppies?  There’s just something about a bunch of rappers with puppies that puts a smile on my face though.  The Kanye & 50 Cent pictures are easily the best.  And if you didn’t know, Waka Flocka really likes puppies, there’s two pictures of him.

Tinder Problems (23 Pics)

I got 99 problems and, well, Tinder accounts for some of them.


Thigh Gap Thursday (25 Pics)

The thigh gap is like a gateway to the promised land. 


Sneaker Porn (22 Pics)

Nikes on my feet keep my cypher complete. 


25 Tasty Pics of Food Porn

Here is some inspiration for your Memorial Day BBQ. Make it the best one yet.

The Most Popular Baby Names by U.S. State

You guys might not be that interested in baby names, but what the hell is going on in America right now?  Did every single person name their newborn Liam or Emma last year?  SOMEONE HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS!!

Exclusive Photo: The first time Mariah Carey held Nick Cannon

Everyone’s favorite family-friendly pop-star couple recently released this precious moment that was captured on camera in 1983.  The picture shows Mariah Carey’s first meeting with her to-be husband: Nick Cannon.  

Sad Batman is the Latest Internet Meme Gold (16 Pics)

You may remember just the other day when a preview of what Batman & the Batmobile will look like in the upcoming Superman movie.  Well, just like everything else the internet gets it’s hands on, the picture was turned into meme gold.  I present to you….  Sad Batman.


Sneaker Porn (23 Pics)

Sneaker Porn has the ability to make even the worst Monday suck less. 

It’s Friday, so here’s 20 Cat Selfies for you to Enjoy

If you enjoy the kitties & titties picture in today’s Dopeness, then you’ll probably enjoy this.  These are 20 cat selfies that a perfect for a Friday afternoon.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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