Meet the World’s Ugliest Dog, Peanut

In an effort to raise awareness for animal abuse, there is an annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest in California.  This year’s winner… scruffy lil’ Peanut


Sneaker Porn (30 Pics)

We got an extra large serving of dope kicks for ya today. Enjoy.


Food Porn Friday (28 Pics)

    ^^ Cinnamon roll waffles – Learn how to make them here                                           ^^ True Love   ^^ The “Mac Daddy” burger was created by Porn Burger. Check out more of their creations here.

Deep Sea Animals with Googly Eyes

For science!


‘Stuff In My Tatas’ – Girl puts basically anything in her cleavage

Praise the Internet gods for this little dandy that we have here my friends.  

Tinder Problems (22 Pics)

You don’t want these problems, problems.

20 Crazy Before and After Visual Effects Pictures

You know those sweet adamantium claws that Wolverine is always showing off? Well, they’re not real. Sorry to break it to you. They’re the product of visual effects. Check out these crazy before and after visual effects shots to see how much they can change a scene. 


Food Porn Friday (24 Pics)

Food Porn: the 2nd best kind of porn on the internet. 

Please don’t be a jackass and attempt this “Invisible Rope” trick

…even though it is pretty clever.  And hilarious.


Thigh Gap Thursday (24 Gaps)

More like thigh faps…  Amirite?


10 of the World’s Most Amazing Soccer Fields

With the World Cup starting tomorrow, we decided to track down 10 of the dopest soccer fields on the planet. Even the 2014 World Cup stadium isn’t as impressive as half of these. 

Give Yourself Some Motivation with Kanye-Fidence

So, USA Today put together this “Kanye West Self-Confidence Generator” and it is brilliant.  Kanye has so many great quotes, and now you can get them at random to help yourself gain some self-confidence.  Take a look at some good ones we found, and then head over here to check it out.

19 Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses

Looking for the hottest new fashion trends?  Look no further than curbside trash my friends.  Spot a dingy old, musty ass, nasty ass discarded mattress… and just dress up like that shit!  All the celebs are doin’ it!

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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