Meet The Rich Kids of Instagram (37 Pics)

Rich Kids everywhere have been flaunting their parents wealth on Instagram with the hopes of making it on the appropriately named – a sort of trust fund hall of fame. These kids may come off as giant d-bags, but I would probably be doing the exact same thing if my parents were billionaires.


More Sleeveface – People Posing With Record Sleeves (20 Pics)

Remember the Sleeveface post we did awhile back? Well, the Sleeveface trend has been thriving since that first feature. Here are some our new favorites from the ongoing trend. 

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14 Things That Are Cheaper Than Facebook’s Purchase of WhatsApp

As I’m sure most of you know by now, Facebook recently purchased WhatsApp for an insane $19 Billion dollars. With that amount of money you could buy a small country (seriously). In fact, you could buy a whole lot of really expensive stuff. For example, here are 14 things that are cheaper than WhatsApp.


33 Dope Staircases

You didn’t even know stairs could be this dope.  You’re welcome.


Sneaker Porn (30 Pics)

Your daily dose of dope kicks. 

Apparently, in South Korea, high school seniors can put ANYTHING in their yearbook

If your high school senior portraits were anything like mine, your parents paid $400 for some Glamor Shots of you wearing a suit, hunched over a mirror with your fingertips touching so you looked pensive (Montgomery Burnsin‘).  Though I look back at these portraits thinking “damn I look ridiculous,” my blown highlights and airbrushed features pale in comparison to the absurdities found in most South Korean high school year books. Apparently, after spending your entire life in the school system, Korean youth are allowed to get loosey goosey a little bit and depict themselves in their yearbooks in any manner they deem appropriate.  Can anyone from Korea corroborate this? (My favorite is the one of the dude holding the fish.)                                             source: rocketnews24.  Thanks Robert for the tip!  

13 Unfortunate Sign Burn Outs

You might want to get that fixed. 


This Is What Michael Jordan’s Instagram Would Look Like

If Michael Jordan had an Instagram he would put most rappers these days to shame. From shoes, to rides, to trophies, MJ has everything needed to properly stunt on the haters. In honor of MJ turning 51 today, Complex imagined what the Instagram of his airiness would look like. Take a look. 


The Funniest Figure Skating Faces (18 Pics)

Figure skaters look so graceful on the ice, but things are much different when you capture them in the moment.

12 Crazy Endangered Species

Here are 12 of some of the most endangered and exotic looking species on the planet. Drink it in.

Food Porn (25 Pics)

The only type of porn you could show your grandma.


Enjoy this lunch appetizer of Food Porn (39 pics)

If you love food and porn, then it stands to reason that you’re going to also love Food Porn.


28 Registered Sex Offenders that probably won’t offend you

ALL RIGHT PEOPLE, before anyone goes and gets their panties up in a tight little bunch, let me just state that: YES, I agree with the rest of humanity in saying that I, too, believe that sex offenders can be the most awful, reprehensible, violent, and amoral criminals on the planet. That being said, keep in mind: one can be registered as a sex offender for crimes including: flashing your boobs in public, peeing in public, having consensual sex with a teenager (even if you were also underage at the time), or even taking naked selfies (source: businessinsider). My guess is that you just now realized that you, too, could be a registered sex offender.  I’ll admit it.  I could be one.  I flashed my manboobs in public like 3 weeks ago.                                                     source: wildammo

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