10 of the World’s Most Amazing Soccer Fields

With the World Cup starting tomorrow, we decided to track down 10 of the dopest soccer fields on the planet. Even the 2014 World Cup stadium isn’t as impressive as half of these. 

Give Yourself Some Motivation with Kanye-Fidence

So, USA Today put together this “Kanye West Self-Confidence Generator” and it is brilliant.  Kanye has so many great quotes, and now you can get them at random to help yourself gain some self-confidence.  Take a look at some good ones we found, and then head over here to check it out.

19 Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses

Looking for the hottest new fashion trends?  Look no further than curbside trash my friends.  Spot a dingy old, musty ass, nasty ass discarded mattress… and just dress up like that shit!  All the celebs are doin’ it!

FAIL GIFs are way better with Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat characters

The FAIL is a staple in the world of viral crap on the Internet.  And just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, someone with a great sense of humor (and too much free time) greatly enhanced some of the net’s most popular fail GIFs… by adding video game characters.

These Dog-Bird Hybrids are Awesomely Creepy (15 Pics)

Dogs + Birds = Dirds.  Photoshop is a glorious gift that can create some very weird things.  These Dog-Bird hybrid animals are one of those cool, but weird things.

X-Men Characters – Cartoons Vs. Movies

X-Men has always been a very popular entity, whether it’s been in cartoon form or movie form.  Here’s a look at the comparison between the characters in those two forms.


Thigh Gap Thursday (25 Pics)

It’s only a matter of time before Thigh Gap Thursday is declared a national holiday.

Alcohol Always Gives us the Best Advice

Anytime you go out, you usually get advice from 1 or 2 places.  Your friends that are usually just as drunk as you, or you just listen to the booze.  Here’s some typical words of advice that alcohol gives us.

Take a Break, Spend Some Time With Mother Nature (25 Pics)

Nothing will make you crave the outdoors like being stuck in an office all day. Here’s what we’re missing out on…

Guys with Zooey Deschanel’s Eyes is the Latest, Creepiest Internet Meme

One great thing about the Internet, is that it has endless possibilities for memes.  This latest meme takes Zooey Deschanel’s eyes and puts them popular celebrity males.  You can check out the tumblr called “Guys With Zooeyes” here.

15 Pictures of Rappers with Puppies

I mean, realistically, who doesn’t love puppies?  There’s just something about a bunch of rappers with puppies that puts a smile on my face though.  The Kanye & 50 Cent pictures are easily the best.  And if you didn’t know, Waka Flocka really likes puppies, there’s two pictures of him.

Tinder Problems (23 Pics)

I got 99 problems and, well, Tinder accounts for some of them.


Thigh Gap Thursday (25 Pics)

The thigh gap is like a gateway to the promised land. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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