Sit Back And Enjoy Some Sneaker Porn (27 Pics)

All day I dream about Sneaker Porn. 

9 Dogs That Got Stung By Bees

Silly dogs… eatin’ bees and whatnot.  

9 Hilarious Pics of People Scared Shitless

Seeing people get the bejeezus scared out of ‘em is just great.


Sneaker Porn (20 Pics)

So much heat. 


Hungry? Fill up on some Food Porn (25 Pics)


Life Can Be Cruel Sometimes (18 Pics)

Shit happens. 

Your Daily Dose of Mother Nature (20 Pics)

Mother Nature is a bad b*tch. 

25 Pics That Prove St. Patrick’s Day Is The Best Holiday Of The Year

My name is Patrick, so my opinion may be a little bit biased, but St. Patrick’s Day is easily the best holiday of the year. Amiright?


17 morsels of delicious Food Porn

I think it’s important we celebrate food at least once a week, if not several times a day.  Food Porn is a celebration.


25 Dope Pics of Street Art

Here’s some street art to go with your Hump Day Dopeness. 

Dammit these puppies in sweaters are adorbs

Give into your soft spot.  Don’t be ashamed.  If you feel that you must, you can man up with some boobs or somethin’.

Proper Selfie Etiquette (9 photos)

With the explosion of Snapchat, America’s favorite pastime has officially changed from baseball to taking selfies. When taking a selfie it is important to present yourself in the most disgusting and unattractive way possible, so check out these prime examples.

18 Creative Product Packaging Ideas

Product packaging can make all the difference in the world. Here are some creative concepts we would like to see utilized. If you’re a brand owner or a marketing director, take notes. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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