Romantic Pictures from Russian Dating Websites

You thought the pictures you use on your Tinder profile were bad?  Just take a look at these pictures from Russian dating website profiles.  Lots of dimes in this bunch.

This is the Funniest Guy on all of Tinder

I just want to delete my Tinder account after reading these.  This dude is really good at being bad at Tinder.  I think it’s obvious that he’s bad on purpose, but it’s still so hilarious.  Enjoy.

Celebrities and Their Historical Doppelgangers

There is only one logical explanation for the resemblance between these celebrities and their historical doppelgangers: all celebrities are vampires.


25 Dream Homes

Monday inspiration.

16 Dogs Ruining Pictures By Pooping

The timing on these pictures can’t be any better.  Some might consider these pictures ruined, but I think they’re masterpieces.

Chill Out To These Relaxing GIFs by Rebecca Mock

Don’t let the stress of the work week get you down. Sit back and get your relaxation on with these soothing GIFs by Rebecca Mock. Just try not to fall asleep.


Sit Back And Enjoy Some Sneaker Porn (27 Pics)

All day I dream about Sneaker Porn. 

9 Dogs That Got Stung By Bees

Silly dogs… eatin’ bees and whatnot.  

9 Hilarious Pics of People Scared Shitless

Seeing people get the bejeezus scared out of ‘em is just great.


Sneaker Porn (20 Pics)

So much heat. 


Hungry? Fill up on some Food Porn (25 Pics)


Life Can Be Cruel Sometimes (18 Pics)

Shit happens. 

Your Daily Dose of Mother Nature (20 Pics)

Mother Nature is a bad b*tch. 

25 Pics That Prove St. Patrick’s Day Is The Best Holiday Of The Year

My name is Patrick, so my opinion may be a little bit biased, but St. Patrick’s Day is easily the best holiday of the year. Amiright?

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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