Flud Watches – The Big Ben Watch

This a new watch out by Flud watches called “The Big Ben Watch”. It comes in four different colors. Each watch comes with a band that is the same color as the face of the watch, but the watch also comes with two other white and black interchangeable bands as well. They only cost $90 dollars which is basically like buying 3 watches for the price of one. You can get them here at Karmaloop.

New Benny Gold T- Shirts

Benny Gold has been doing work recently getting his new Fall Line ready to drop. Here are some pictures of the shirts from his new line. He has come up with some new and creative design as usual for these new T-shirts. All are looking fly to the T. They should be available at select retailers now. Via [High Snobiety]

New Crooks and Castles T-shirt

Fresh New Shirt from Crooks and Castles that’s part of their Fall Line. I like the classic “C” Graphic they use. It’s available exclusively at their 8021 store. Get more info here.

Triumvir – The Art of War T

Looks like a chandelier. Actually a bunch of tanks, soldiers, and guns. I like designs that are clever, but I also really like designs where the artist had to put a lot of time and effort into the design in order to bring it to life. This is one of those designs. Get it here.

New Ice Cream/BBC

Ice Cream came out with a lot of new prodcuts this weekend. They got some new jeans, shirts, and jackets. This new gear is looking pretty fly. They used some new and simple logos and some nice colorways. The snow flake T-Shirt also glows in the dark. Check out some more pictures here.

New Alife Hats

Alife just came out with these fresh New Eras a few days ago. They came out with 2 styles each coming in an array of colors. They are available now at select locations.

New Era X Atmos

Atmos just hooked up with New Era on their new series of hats. The hats are very simple using the gothic Atmos logo in some different colors. They come in three colorways and are coming out next week.

10AC X Nike Air Max 90 Current "Mount Fuji’s"

These are some Nike Air Max 90 Currents that are will be droppin in the next 2 weeks. They were designed by Caol Uno’s 10AC brand. They used some hella clean colors on these kicks. You can get them here at Kix-files. [Via Hypebeast]

Nike Air Classic BW

I just like the way the colors are arranged in this colorway. I normally wouldn’t think that I would like a black, red, black, white, and gold colorway, but this comes together real well. Buy them here. [via sneakerfiles]

Big Vinyl Yeti

Some of us in the youth-culture circles dig these completely impractical but bitchin little toys. If you are one of those in this circle that I speak of, then you’ll probably like this 9 in tall yeti that you can get along with the corresponding T shirt. Check it out. [via uncrate]

superFishal collab series decks

The kind that you buy the set and hang them on your wall. And then you buy another set to skate with. Get a closer look at the decks by watching the video. Available here at upper playground. [via highsnobiety]

New Digital Gucci Watches

Here is a look at some new digital watches out by Gucci. We showed you this watch back in August when it was first released but they came out with some new colorways. They are price between 1500-2000 dollars. Check out more Gucci.

SNEAKpreview – The Black Friday T

Sneakhypers, it’s almost here: the much anticipated drop of Sneakhype’s first product: The Black Friday T. The image above is but a sneakhype snippet of the design… it is but a fraction of the freshness that is to come. Can’t tell you too much or else it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it? But we can tell you that it went into production today, and that it will be available for purchase on Nov 28. Mark ya muthaf*ckin calendar.

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