Personalize Your Bullets

Write your name on a bullet, make yourself feel special. My Bullet has made the otherwise tedious task of engraving your ammunition quite simple. For 50-75 Dollars you can Personalize 50 cal ammunition with anything you want. They engrave your name or whatever, package it in a clean metal display case, and ship it to you. You can get it in bronze or silver, i would go with silver. [CtotheJL]

Stussy X Dickies Work Pant

Stussy and Dickies hooked up on these new Work Pants for their 2009 line. The pants come in some original solid colors as well as a few pairs of plaid. Expect to see a lot more from Dickies in ’09. These pants will be released February 21st.[Highsnob]

Benny Gold – Spring New Era’s

Benny Gold’s Spring line is onit’s way. Here is a look at the New Era fitteds that are dropping with the rest of the line . They are available in 3 colorways and all of them are made of a custom designed pattern.We will keep you updated on the rest of the releases.

Mishka Snap Backs – New Releases

PG just showed you a snap back included in a Valentine’s Day pack, so it was only right that i show you some fresh new snap backs new out from Mishka.  They are both available now exclusively on the online shop.  The top one is just mad crazy, i will definately be coppin’.  [The Evil Collector]

Diamond X 10 Deep T-Shirt

Got a fresh new tee out for ya’ll.  Diamond Supply Co. hooked up with 10 Deep for this collab.  It features a diamond encrusted skull on the front, and the under says “Immortality Is A Fool’s Dream”.  It comes in the black colorway seen above as well as a white colorway seen after the jump.  Check out some more info after the jump as well.


Fitted Hawaii V-Day Pack

Fitted Hawaii jumped on the bandwagon and released this Valentines Day Pack, it consists of 2 womens shirts  and 1 mens plus these crazy “Aloha” New Era Snapbacks. I’m telling you if i had that hat i wouldnt have to worry about being alone on V-Day.  Check out the rest of the collection after the jump. This pack will be released on February 14th, get more info here. [Highsnob]

Asher Roth X Undercrown College Collection

Undercrown hooked up with recording artist Asher Roth in light of his new single, “I love College”, for this college inspired collection. The collection consists of T-shirts, crewnecks, sweaters, and varsity jackets. Check out the whole collection after the jump. These are available at select Undercrown retailers and the Undercrown website. Check out Asher Roth’s new single a few posts down.

Seattle Central Library

How did I not know this thing existed?  Here’s my professional opinion: dizzy donky dopenasty.  [blueprints and more: archdaily]  More pics that you’ll most likely enjoy viewing:

Custom Mac Keyboards

You can get custom stickers for your new mac keyboards for 30 bucks.  Yet another dope idea from Your Daily Dose of Dopeness (yours truly), that can up your flyness in no time and for little cost.  Buy the kit here.  [yankodesign]  Check out some more pics after this link:


Asher Roth – I Love College – New Music Video

This song by Asher has been out for some time, but they just recently made a music video to it, which i love.  This is supposed to be his first single of his LP due out April 21st titled Asleep In The Bread Aisle.  Guest appearances are rumored to be Ludacris, Cee-lo, and Lady Gaga.  We’ll keep you posted when we get more info.


Nike Valentine’s Day Pack – Part 2

So you might not have liked the first pack, but if you don’t like this one, your just plain crazy.  I mean the Force One’s are okay, but the Air Max 90′s are just nasty.  These ones are a little bit more basic compared to the first pack.  I’d definately want my special lady rockin’ either pair come Saturday.  Check out the first pack here as well.  [sneaker freaker]

Coarse Toys – Jaws – Now Shipping

Ah man… when we showed you the Coarse Toys Berlin Exhibition back in early December, I just about ______ated all over myself when I saw these toys for the first time.  Now, one of their iconic toys is now shipping.  They’re taking orders now over at their website.  I didn’t look too much into it, but I bet they’re really expensive.  But, my analyses tell me that the average yearly income of our readers is 3.6 million dollars, so y’all should be able to afford it.  Also, just as a note: my reports also show that 85% of all of our readers income comes in cash.  Yeah son.  More pics below. [kanye]


Estate LA X Heineken

Estate LA just dropped another custom fitted, to match up with a pair of Nike SB Dunks.  The Heineken dunks have been out for some time, but are definately timeless.  The hat is pretty basic, it has the Heineken star on the back, with a simple green and red colorway for the rest of the hat.  Check out another pic after the jump. [The Evil Collector]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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