Huf X UXA T-Shirt

These Huf and UXA collaboration T-Shirts are coming in these two colorways and a black color as well. I really like the design of the shirt. Huf is based out of San Francisco and UXA is based of New York and the collaboration of the GIANTS logo is genius. I’m Diggin that Blue one, they are available at In4mation.


Digg X Sole Brother Air Force 1′s

Digg has quickly become one the most popular social news websites out today and to celebrate that popularity Matt Van Horn of Digg hooked up with customizer Sole Brother to create a crazy pair Air Force 1′s. The shoe comes in a blue/green blue green colorway and the text on the toe of the shoe glows in the dark as well. They are defintely one-of-a kind kicks, the down side is only 5 pairs were made and 4 were given to Digg staff. [Via Sneakerfiles]

Featured Artist – Guillermo Vega

This portfolio is called “skeleton” and it is from Guillermo Vega. If you click any of the images to enlarge, you can see the logo at the bottom right says “be careful” and then has a picture of a condom — the portfolio was created as a part of an advertising campaign. Ah… brilliant.


Tank Theory – The Thought Bubble Tee

November 12… mark your calendar — it’s one of the 4 days in my life that I have said to myself, “Damn I wish I were a woman.” I finished the thought process with “…so that I could grab up one of these T’s and ball it out.” The other 3 times I wished I was a woman shall remain secret as they are irrelevant to this post of this Tank Theory tee called Thought Bubble. Ladies, get it here you lucky bitches. 30 bucks


New True Clothing

Bay Area Based Clothing company True just came out with a new line of clothes and hats that stays true to their Cali roots. The Hat’s and T-shirts are all based off of the California flag as you can tell and all look pretty fly. They are being released on November 15 on their website, True Clothing.

Nike Metallic Windrunner

Nike is getting ready for the Holiday season by releasing these Metallic two toned windrunners. These bad boys are hot off the press, coming in 16 different colorways on the classic Nike Windrunner that is also waterproof. If i didn’t already have a nike windrunner i would probably cop one of these, they are set to release on November 15th in Indonesia and will hopefully make their way stateside. [Via Footurama]

Shanghai Watch X Jellymon X W + K

SLAMXHYPE‘s agency Jellymon hooked up with Shanghai Watch and W+K o releases a limited edition series of watches. They watches come in Gold and silver and feature chinese and european icons and will be available at exclusive locations including colette.

Freshjive – The End Tee

I just think this is a clever little shirt for 22 bucks. Freshjive puts out a lot of political/timely stuff… and this one is a little less direct than what you might be used to from them, but that’s why I like it. Get the guys’ one here. Girls go here. See more Freshjive stuff that we have put up here.


Timex 80 Holiday Watches

Usually you don’t think of Timex as a company that makes fresh watches but for their holiday 2008 pack they changin that image up. They took their oldschol Timex 80 watch and added some nice solid colors on it. I’m really diggin that burgundy number at the bottom, colette should have them for sale shortly. [Via Hypebeast]

The Alife Everybody Hi "Seitan" Pack

Continuing with their releases for the Holiday season Alife presents the Everybody Hi ‘Seitan” Pack. These shoes feature aged vegan leather and white sole and come in two colors. Mita has these shoes for sale now. [Via Highsnobiety]

Featured Artist-Peter Jaworowski

“The Hejz” aka Peter Jaworowski is a German Digital artist who is so so Sneakhype worthy. He and his team have done work for Nike, Oakley, Barcardi, and tons others. His work is visually stunning, his attention to detail puts him in a league of his own. Check out his siiickk website now.

Creative Recreation – Holiday 08 Line

Man oh man… Creative Recreation does not get the respect they deserve… not only are they puttin out some real fresh looks, but they have about 89 new shoes to choose from each season. Seriously, I spent like 20 minutes just trying to figure out which to throw up on this post — these here aren’t even my favorites; I just wanted to show you the variety. They have women’s and kids to check out as well. Fly til I die wearin these. Get at em.

New Billionaire Boys Club Jacket

This is the new Billionaire Boys Club Digi-Jack Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt they just released. It has nice simple pattern with a classic Black/Red as well as a White/Blue full-zip hoodie. Probably pretty hard to find though, check it out at their site.

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