Benny Gold – Summer ’09 Line

Our boy Benny Gold has been hard  at work getting his Summer of ’09 Line in order. The new stuff looks good as usual; he stuck with the label driven T-shirts and the Logo Stripes New Era’s. The line also includes the first collaboration shirts (seen above)  from Benny Gold and San Francisco fixed gear brand Mash. Now Benny Gold created Mash’s logo and has helped them since they were founded but the “Gold Sprints” collaboration is the first official collab. The new line should be available at select Benny Gold  retailers soon, we will keep you posted. Check out the rest of  the collection after the jump.

Sneakhype Runs the Art Game

Now, you’re going to find this post on several online mags/blogs/whatever… but I want to use this post to illustrate that Sneakhype owns art hype.  The other sites are going to give you the pics and the info, yeah yeah… but you’re not going to see them calling out that this lead image features Gucci imagery layered over the Neoclassicist icon Ingres’ Grande Odalisque.  Why won’t you see that from others?  Because they ain’t edyeekated like we is edyeekated — they ain’t know.  It’s just that simple.  We know.  Oh, we know.  After the jump, you’ll see a variety of images… including a classic early Renaissance piece (check out this knowledge) Piero della Francesca’s Battista Sforza and Federico da Montefeltro (yes, I actually knew that — art history, bitch) and layered over such is lil Dior and Yves saint Laurent.  And another of my personal faves from the Realism era — Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur I’herbe covered in Louis Vuitton. S N E A K H Y P E    r u n    t h i s    s h i t.  Byeatch. 


Supreme – Spring ’09 Collection

To be honest your Spring collection is just not cutting it if it doesn’t include a tight @ss incense holder like the one seen above.  The incense holder is part of Supreme’s Spring ’09 collection.  You can view all kinds of other pieces after the jump.

The Airtime Collection – Snap Back Cap

Our boys over at The Airtime Collection are getting ready to drop a snap back hat for all you players out there.  Crazy dope & classic style, i’ll for be picking one up.  We’ll let you know when we get some info on release date & price. More pictures after the jump.

Stussy Toronto Chapter Tee

One of our favorite logos at SNEAKHYPE, the Stussy logo.  Well the Toronto store just dropped this new tee in four different colorways.  It is available now, and you can order by phone at 416.364.3619.   Or any other inquiries at Toronto@stussystores.com.  [highsnobiety]

Nike Air Max 2009 Neutral Grey/Volt Colorway

Check out the new Nike Air Max 2009 for all you runners out there.  The shoe comes in a neutral Gray/Volt colorway but if your not feeling these don’t worry there are two additional colorways.  The shoe includes flywire technology and of course 360 degree Air Max cushioning.  I bet their comfy as hell and for $160 you know they gotta be best running shoe ever. Buy them here.

Where Are You Yeezy Online?

Missed out on the Yeezy release but still dying to buy a pair? Sneakhype is hooking you up with a few online stores that are selling the Yeezy’s, but buyers beware. . . their all hella over-priced($600-$700).  If your not looking to spend that many dollar bills be sure to check out all the kicks because these sites are like Tier 0 and deadstock goldmines. Check out the list after the jump

Brandon Fants Nike Bespoke Air Force One

Man this Brandon dude is lucky . . . this is his 5th shoe designed thru Nike Bespoke iD.  .  Brandon decided to use yellow 3M Scotchlite material making the shoe reflective, he also had oversized “X” stitched on the front seams. This shoe straight dope, and looks like something KAWS would make. More pics after the jump. [freshness]

Featured Artist – Simon Page

Some abstract posters for all the stoner sneakhypers out there in the abyss.  Check out his site.  Check out a whole slew of em:

Kanye West-Lost Songs Mixtape

Check out the new Yeezy mixtape below featuring Slim Thug, Rhymefest, John Legend, Talib Kweli, and many other artists. Full tracklist after the jump. Download it here. [yeezy]

Nike Twilight

I thought this is was the Structure Triax at first glance, but nah… it’s just a lil o this and a lil o that from Nike.  All of it coming together nicely to bring you the Twilight.  Only available in the EU, thank goodness there’s this thing called the Internet that allows you to buy stuff that’s not at your local cornerstore.  So, cop yurr purr hurr.  Check out some nice pics:

Acropolis – Julius

Clever shiat right hurr.  We got a lil Julius on the front, and a lil Julius on the back.  Acropolis Apparel actually has a whole gang of good stuff worth checking out.  You can pick up this shirt here.  Check out closeups of the shirt here:

adidas x Porsche Design

Apparently these babies got some spring load in them that are supposed to give you a lil push.  Hopefully they can make me jump like D-Wade.  I’m pretty sure you can actually buy these from these guys.  Another colorway:

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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