Kanye West – Love Lockdown (White Chokolate Remix)

Check out a remix of Love Lockdown by White Chokolate.  I gotta warn you it’s gotta a very techno feel to it but if your a fan of bands like Daft Punk, Justice, and Empire in the Sun your probably going to like it.  Download the song after the jump. [hypetrak]

Air Jordan Dub Zero-Black/Maize

New Air Jordan Dub Zero in Black/Maize colorway now available at Sole-Locker(sz 8.5-11).  Get em’ before they drop for their scheduled for release in June.   More pics after the jump. [sneakernews]

Mike23 is Back-Sunglasses

A few years ago Mike23 was one of the hottest brands around.  Their unique and creative designs gave the small brand instant appeal to any sneakerhead.  Creator Scott Nelson used skateboarding and basketball as inspiration to create some amazing products.  Finally Mike23 is back after nasty lawsuits from Nike, Converse, and New Era for copyright infringement.  Take a look at some new elephant skin sunglasses for Spring 2009.  You gotta cop these not only cause their sneakhype dope but to support Mike23. More pics after the jump. [highsnob]

Undefeated – 2009 February Releases

Its that time of the year, spring is right around the corner and everyone is releasing lookbooks and previews of their new products and Undefeated is no different. We just showed Undfeateds lookbook, now here is a preview of some of their February releases which include, T-shirts, Hats, Jackets, and Sweaters. Check out the rest of the preview after the jump.

Reebok – Pump Omni Lite R/W/B

Yet another purr of some frizzy fresh omni lites.  I have only one pair of these, but they’re probably my favorite pair of go-to kicks.  Great for any occasion, these shoes are sure to get you some “dude, nice kicks”, and certainly some girls asking if they can pump you up.  Often times, girls will assume a compromising position and get right to pumping, without asking.  It may sound crude, but I am a man of truth, and only speak such. [kicksonfire]  You can buy them and look at more pics after this link:

Rocksmith – Boombox Windbreaker

This jacket screams SNEAKHYPE almost louder than it screams EG.  Any article of clothing that does such is certainly worth a closer look… and a purchase for that matter.  Purchase link and more pics below. [kineda]

Gourmet Footwear – Patent Leather Collection

Gourmet gave us a look at their upcoming shoes not to long ago, now here is a look at two new patent leather models. Gourmet used premier Italian leathers;  the Sette (above) features wrinkled gray patent leather while the Otta features smooth black patent leather. Expect these shoes to hit key accounts like Undefeated, Fred Segal, S + D, HUF and revolveclothing.com in the near future. Check out the other pair after the jump [CtotheJL]


Acapulco Gold – Spring 2009 Lookbook

Acapulco Gold is getting ready to release a whole new line for 2009. They have a pretty dope lookbook previewing their new stuff.   Items dropping for this season will include t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, denim, sweats, button-ups, and more. Check out the rest of their collection after the jump. [Thehundreds]

Nerf guns… yes, Nerf guns

You think you’re too old to play with Nerf guns?  Well, you’re not.  Check out deez shits.  They is fully auto and whatnot.  GAT GAT GAT.  Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Nerf has pretty much blown my mind, and come out with these sneakhype-tacular tommy gun mugs.  You can get both of these from Hasbro.  The top one is N-Strike Raider Rapid Fire CS 35, and the one below is the Vulcan EBF-25.  You can get them here.  Both will unleash a rain of terror. [uncrate]

Undefeated Spring 2009 Delivery 1 Lookbook

Undefeated will soon be releasing their first spring products for 2009.  We’re giving you a sneak peek at the collection.  The New Era fitteds are looking dope and so are the T’s.  All you Sneakhype readers in Cali should be ready to pick up some gear, they will be releasing the first products tomorrow. Check out all the pics after the jump. [highsnob]

Nike Zoom LeBron VI-Akron

Since I did a Kobe shoe update I feel the need to give you a Lebron shoe update as well.  Check out the new Nike Zoom LeBron VI Akron edition.  It comes in a blue colorway with gold accents featuring illustrations of LeBron’s hometown of Akron.  It even has a University of Akron logo inside the color.  These should be released at the House of Hoops soon so be on the lookout.  Check out more pics after the jump. [sneakernews]

Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Duke Home & Away PE

Damnit . . . Duke got hooked up with Nike Zoom Kobe 4′s.  Five years ago my Jayhawks were like 1 of 5 schools to be on Team Jordan.  Now I have to watch them wear these shiny cheap American flag looking adidas while other schools like Texas and Duke get hooked up with the latest Nikes.  Don’t the Natty Champs deserve a little better then that?  I think so.  Anyway Kobe has a close relationship with Coach K and decided to show him some love with these custom Kobe 4′s.  The colorways are so dope. More pics after the jump. [kicksonfire]


Kid Cudi Arrested For Not Wearing Reeboks

We’ve posted a lot of Kid Cudi lately for a lot of reasons.  He’s a great rapper and has been seen rocking some of the most limited kicks to date.  Here’s a new rumor about Kid Cudi, he was recently arrested during the NBA All-Star events this weekend.  Why you ask? Well it all started off at a event thrown by Reebok where Cudi got into an arguement with Reebok employee’s because he refused to wear their shoe’s on stage while he performed.  This led to even bigger things and ended in Cudi getting tasered and arrested. Ouch.  Thats seriously representing the shoe game to the fullest, but to be honest who would be wearing Reeboks around people like Kobe and Lebron? We need to start calling this dude King Cudi. Update- Just checked Cudi’s blog the incident was over a fight with some guy in the club not Reebok or the shoes.  He was tasered not arrested and left the club right after.  it wasnt over me wearin jordans; i arrived at the event in the most fugliest reeboks ever, forcefully the pair i chose to humiliate myself in. – Kid Cudi [theshoegame]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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