Nike Air Rejuven8 LE

These are the Nike Air Rejuven8 LE’s. They pretty much speak for themselves. Get them here. More pics after the jump.


Those Were The Days

Yes. . . these are real. . . very real and very rare. Nike Air Jordan 13 KU PE Sample. $2999.99 on eBay.  More pics after the jump.

Cyprus By Fernando & Humberto Campana

I like to keep it pretty shagalicious in my playboy pad.  So this couch will probably have to be one of my next purchases.  Check out some other colorways of it after the jump.

Supra – Terry Kennedy Signature Model – New Colorways

As we draw closer to the release of the Terry Kennedy Pro Model, we get a closer look at a couple new colorways that will be coming out.  The one above i had not seen yet, and so far it’s probably my favorite.  The Purps after the jump are mighty fresh as well.  Supra’s new lineup is shaping to be pretty darn good, a lot of hightops thats for sure.

The Cool Kids – Popcorn – New Joint

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM New track from Mikey Rocks & Chuck Inglish off the new mixtape comin’ out with Don Cannon called Gone Fishin’.  This beat, as usual, is nastier then some dog doo-doo in your mouth.  Let me know what you think.  

A Bathing Ape – Baby Milo Candy

While your lookin’ fresh, you can now also eat fresh with these Baby Milo candies.  I’m trying to figure out what there going to taste like.  Guess i’ll just have to order some.  They are available now at select Bape retailers. [bapenerd]

Nike Delta Force – New Release

One of my favorite old school basketball shoes of all-time is coming out in a new colorway next month.  I like the Delta Force low’s but the 3/4’s are just glorious.  My favorite thing about the 3/4 is the i actually like hoopin’ in them, so there multi-functional which is always a plus when it comes to sneakers. Check out some other pics after the jump.

New Huf New Era’s

Alright i’m sorry this is the 3rd hat in a row but they are all dope so bare with me. HUF is the 3rd company today to come out with some hats for their Summer line. HUF is well known for their collab’s with New Era, they keep it simple but the hats always turn out fresh.  These are available now at the SF and LA Huf locations. More pictures after the jump.

The Hunders Summer Snap-Back Hats

Here is a look at the new line of Snap-Back hats from The Hundreds for their Summer line. Check out the rest after the jump.


BBC Checkered Shirt and Fitted Cap

The dudes over at BBC just came out with a clean chechered shirt and a new 5950 to match. These are both available at BBC flagship stores now.


30% Off All New Crooks at Attic

Until cinco de Mayo, Attic is marking down all Crooks and Castles gear (new and old) 30%.  Attic already has great prices, so this rules.  Plus, the new stuff in from Crooks is frikkin ballin as always.  I really like these girls tees, but there’s lots of stuff for dudes in as well.  Check it out:

Air Yeezy’s Available @ Undefeated May 2nd!

As most of you probably already know the Black Air Yeezy’s are going to be released on Saturday, May 2nd. Considering they are probably the most anticipated shoe this year finding a pair will be difficult but if you are near any Undefeated Chapter stores they will have them for sale. They will still go quick so you should get your camping gear together.

Apliiq New Ladies Releases

Apliiq just dropped some new tees for you ladies.  Couple crew neck and a couple v-neck, & might i say they are very sexy.  No i’m not just talking about the model wearing them, i’m talking in general.  You can check out the other two after the jump as well as get some purchase info.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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