Puma Winner Pack

Here’s something to look forward to… the Puma Winner pack is set to drop this month.  3 models each in 3 colorways.  Each pair will be only 75 bucks.  Just yesterday, we showed you some other affordable Pumas that are dropping tomorrow.  Looks like it will be pretty hard to ignore Puma when selecting a few new pairs of kicks for your spring wardrobe.  More pics, more info,

New Depthcore Art Pack – Heist

I think Depthcore could be the best art collective on the Internet.  I still frequently check out the last pack we showed you, Noir — as it’s stacked with dopeness.  This new pack is much more wild and mischevious.  Definitely check out the new pack here.  Or quickly check out just a few of the dozens of pieces we pulled here:

Unboxing the Nixon Newton

As my main man EG posted back in November, the Nixon Newton is a watch that is all about staying fresh. I had the sudden urge of picking one up last week when I saw an ad for it in a surf mag.  More pics after the jump.

Deadstock Don Got The Yeezy’s

Deadstock Don got the Yeezy’s.  Being Kanye’s best friend and assistant has it’s perks.  Notice how they come in a Nike Sportswear Box. Interesting. More pics after the jump. [deadstockdon]


Pulseline Shelf

  Pulseline Shelf by Mans Salmonsen. Buy it here. [limitedhype]

Featured Artist-Electric Art

Electric Art is an internationally acclaimed retouching studio based in Sydney’s creative heart Surry Hills. Established in 1993, the business has grown from a partnership between Managing Director Jonathon Eadie and Creative Director Bruce Bigelow, to a full time staff of thirteen.   More pics after the jump.

BBC/Ice Cream Phone Case

These days it’s all about accessories baby.  You know you want it and surprisingly it’s actually affordable. Get it here for 75 dollars.

ALIFE X Burton Snowboard

ALIFE recently hooked up with Burton to create this custom snowboard. This beautiful blue board features ALIFE’s signature logo; the board also features Burton’s revolutionary Channel mounting system which allows for a limitless amount of stances.  IT costs 675 and is available at ALIFE’s online store here.  Check out more pictures after the jump. [CtotheJL]

High Fashion Lollipops by Massimo Gammacurta

 A Gucci Lollipop? These High Fashion Lollipops by Massimo Gammacurta are being given at select runway shows around the world.  The brands include Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Saint Laurent.  More pics after the jump [hypebeast]

Sneakhype Swimsuit Selections – Spring 09

Dear Sneakhyper – Thank you for reading Sneakhype.  We would like to thank you for this readership by providing you with a few selections of our beloved chica in some fresh swimwear.  You are welcome. – Sneakhype

Mikey Rocks! – This Is Easy – New Track

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM Sick new track from Mikey Rocks, who is from The Cool Kids for those who don’t know.  Beat is crazy ill, i believe it was produced by Chuck Inglish, the second half of The Cool Kids.  Let me know what you think.

New RockSmith Tees – Now Available

These are a couple new tees out from RockSmith.  They always seem to have some of the freshest ideas.  Both priced at $32.  You can pick both up here, along with a few other new releases.

Louis Vuitton X Kanye West – Shoe Prices!

Got a sneak at what Martin Louis the King Jr.’s new line-up with Louis Vuitton is going to cost.  Most of ‘em are a little much for myself, i’ll just stick with the Nikes.  If your big ballin’ though then these are for you.  More info on availability when we get it.  Enjoy this for now though! [The Evil Collector]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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