Bun B in the Yeezy’s

Can you feel it? The Yeezy’s are coming. More and more pictures of the Yeezy’s are coming out which is making me think they will be released in the next two weeks. The shoes were spotted all over the famous SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. Bun B had a pair on while he was performing, so did Kanye. Check out all the pics from SXSW after the jump.  [nicekicks]

New G-Shocks Available At Major

Major in DC  just got some new G-Shocks in. They got a nice assortment of colors and models including the DW-5600 seen above that comes in Black/Blue colorway. These are all available in-store at Major, in limited quantities of course. Check out the rest of the watches after the jump.

Jewelry By Derek Duncan

K, ladies, I know you probably wouldn’t wear these, BUT there are some really nice pieces you’ll see after the jump that are a bit more classy and refined that you should definitely check out.  I just wanted to show you the craftsmanship and ideas behind most of the jewely from this artist.  Hand crafted originals at good prices:

Order April Nike SB Releases at CCS

There are a few April SB releases that are available for pre-order at CCS.  I believe they will ship at the first of the month.  My favorite of the three available is the Zoom TRE AD (above).  The zoom TRE holds a special place in my heart, and I will forever long for a pair of the Marty McFly’s… that I seemingly will never have.  Woe is me.  Check em all out and preorder here:

Burton Liquid Lounger

It seems as though Burton has found a nice lil niche for itself — these party bags of theirs.  We showed you the “lil Buddy” party bag… and this liquid lounger is pretty much that pack on roids.  This thing holds a 36 pack.  Comes with coooozies, a flask, beerpong balls, bottle opener on the zipper, and an integrated speaker system.  Pretty tight.  More pics and link to buy:

Ocean Sinks by Bandini

From Bandini.  More pics of different models:

New Nixon Watches Availabe At Karmaloop

Needin’ a new watch?  Well Karmaloop just got in a whole gang of new Nixon watches.  As well as a few different colorways in the oh so fresh Newton that JZ showed you guys awhile back.  The two above happen to be my favorite, if you want to check out the others and get some other info, hit the jump.

Ludacris & Shawnna – Drunk As F*ck – New Track

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM It’s about time someone came out with a song to describe my lifestyle…. just kidding.. kind of.  Anyways this is a brand new leak from Ludacris & Shawnna that’s supposed to be on there Collaborative album Battles Of The Sexes.  I like this because it reminds me of Luda’s older stuff which i loved.  I popped in Back For The First Time the other day, i forgot how good it was.  Anyways enjoy this!  I’m loving it.

Benny Gold’s Glider Plane Candle

Benny Gold has turned his signature Glider Plane graphic into a candle. The Candle not only resemble a balsa wood glider plane you would play with when you were a kid it actually requires assembly like those toys. It comes packaged as separate pieces that you assemble yourself. They come in a few different colorways all featuring the “Stay Gold” slogan across the wings. Look for these to drop sometime soon. More pictures after the jump.

Wale Feat. Lady Gaga – Chillin’

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM This just came out recently from Wale.  Its featuring Lady Gaga, but in my opinion sounds like M.I.A.  I like the sample & the beat.  Let me know what you guys think.

Thumbtack iPod Mics

Certainly the dopest microphone ever created for the iPod.  Now normally, for something so dope, dapper, and dinky, you would expect it to cost quite a bit.  But nay nay my friend… this thing is going for 13 bucks.  Buy it here.  Check out the three different colors and more pics:

Complot Creativity School – Typography Course: D

Crazy Typography by ad agency Contrapunto BBDO.  Just stare at the dopeness. [adsoftheworld]

Bape – Spring ’09 Bapex Military Watch

Bape has some new watches coming out for the Spring season. Their collection, which they call Bapex, was obviously inspired from Rolex. Alright, yeah they basically just ripped off Rolex but i love Rolex’s  so i can’t complain; i bet the prices are even comparable. This military watch comes in two colorways and they are available now.[highsnob]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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