G-Shock X Stevie Williams

Dope skating & dope G-Shocks, can’t go wrong with this commercial.  The crazy thing is, i think he’s skating in J’s.  [radcollector]

Supra X Palms Hotel Skytop

Besides the TUF Skytops, these are probably the tightest ones i’ve seen.  Especially because how often do you see a hotel hook up with a dope @ss company like Supra?  The only downfall is you probably won’t ever see these for sale anywhere.  You can check out some other pics after the jump.

Gold Coin: New Summer ’09 Tees

One of Sneakhypes favortie brands, Gold Coin, just released their new Summer ’09 tees at their online shop. They came out with about 16 new peices, 8 of which can be seen above and as usual the shirts are looking hella fresh. Head over to to Gold Coin to cop yours now.

KneeDeepInSleep Exclusive Tees

Kneedeepinsleep is a UK based apparel company specializing in super limited, hand pressed, boxed and numbered art garments.  Check out their site. 

KR3W Ikon Necklace Available At Karmaloop

Krew just came out with some new necklaces. The “Ikon” chains come in three different finishes. I think the cleanest is the all stainless steel but they come in two other colorways too. Plus they are only 15 dollars and they are available at Karmaloop now. Via CJL

Sister Sister

Meet sisters Joana and Marta Krupa.  They posed for some pictures.  You really… really… REALLY need to check them out (you get to see the blonde’s nipple.. sshhh):

Rocksmith Summer 09

Normally we get word of summer lines like 7 seasons before they drop.  But the media kit just got dropped in our inbox, so now it’s in your face.  Rocksmith Tokyo Summer 09… verdict: fresh.  Diddy was rockin it in Vegas, so you know it’s cool, right?  Find your Rocksmith retailer. 

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New Items at FRUITION LV Shopping Blog

Remember FRUITION LV Shopping Blog?  This is the home of some of the dopest 80’s/90’s vintage fashion in the world.  This is where M.I.A. gets all her shizzy, so why not you?  Take a look at the some of FRUITION LV items after the jump.

Andrew Maynard Architects – Anglesea House (Anglesea, Victoria)

The Anglesea House( Anglesea, Victoria).  Andrew Maynard Architects client asked for one thing, a holiday home with space for his growing family.  They came up with the idea of a multi-generational house with versatilty, and a place where solace can be found.   More pics after the jump [Archdaily]

Nike Air Vapor VI Tour Men’s Shoe White/Gold

Check out Roger Federer kicks he wore at Wimbledon.  the Nike Air Vapor VI Tour Shoes are one of a kind, Nike hooked up the King of  Tennis the right way with flywire technology and a classic colorway of white and gold.  Available now for $115.00.  Take a closer look after the jump.


Dope Necklaces ($10… some $7)

I mean… I don’t care who you are… 7 bucks for a fly ass retro gaming chain.  Yezzir.  There’s a great selection from Flashback Kidz… all are available… all are mad cheap.  Pick up a few.  Great gift idea. 


Nike+ SportBand

It tracks calories, miles, pace, and a whole bunch of other health shit.  I think it looks cool.  Apparently it’s got a pretty sophisticated background behind the display that is white so it’s real easy to see.  I just think it looks cool.  It comes with a sensor you put in your shoe too.  It just came out today so you can be the first to rock one at they gym.  Buy it for 60 bucks here. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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