Rocksmith Spring 09 Released Worldwide

The Spring 09 collection has now hit stores around the glizzy-globe.  There’s quite a few.  Find the one nearest you here.  More of the collection =


The Hundreds Summer 09 at Attic

New stuff from one of our favorite brands.  The classic Adam bomb logo above well done in this line.  The whole kit and kaboodle is available at Attic.  Check out all the goodies (including some hats) here:


Plant Dudes

They actually made a limited SNEAKHYPE edish that is like the ones you see above, except for that it’s about 6 feet tall and has a giant mary juana plant inside.  More pics:

Florian Kallus – Karton Chair

Sick, sick chair based off a simple cardboard box.  The chair, designed by Florian Kallus, sits a leather chair inside of the cardboard box replica.  I think i could use one, maybe even two of these in my house.  Check out another pic after the jump.

Nike Dunk Hi Premium – Metallicly Delicious

Ladies, as you know, it is very important for you to maintain a strong sneaker game as well us guys.  These Dunks will definitely be a great addition to your collection whether it be large or small.  Nice basic colorway, with the metallic pieces not overdone.  Overall awesome shoe, pick it up here. [highsnobette]

Moncler Short Waist Jacket

Yes i know, summer is rapidly approaching, in fact already here for some.  Sometimes though, especially around our parts, the weather can be a bit unpredictable.  Therefore here you have jacket for those days that not only suits the weather but keeps it funky fresh as well.  You can pick it up now at Brown’s. [selectism]

Nixon Rubber Player – May Color

We’ve showed you the past couple of Rubber Player’s that’ve dropped, now it’s the third installment & they chose a nice little grass green.  Fresh as could be just like the previous two, this watch is sure to set off your fly outfit perfectly.  You can check out a few more pics after the jump.

Nike Hypermax – Tennis Ball

Wow!!  One word that simply can describe a number of shoes, and this is one of ‘em.  I have to have these.  I’m not a huge fan of rockin’ basketball type shoes as casual wear, but i could definitely do these.  So far no word on release date or availbility, we’ll keep you posted though. [hypebeast]

BAPE – Metallic Bapesta’s

It has been a while since BAPE has came out with anything that really impressed me but they blew my mind with these metallic kicks. I know other brands have used metallic materials on shoes before but damn these Bapestas are clean. They come in gold and silver check out some better pictures after the jump.

New Casio Databank Colorways

I think it is safe to say that Casio is the New Era of watches if you get what i’m saying. Anyway, if you need to step your watch game up but don’t have a bunch of money to spend the Databanks are the way to go. They are available now at Livestock. More detailed pics after the jump.

Crooks and Castles Wired Watch

It has been a minute since we featured anything from the Crooks but they are back it with this preview of  their brand new watch, the “Wired” watch. They hooked up with Seiko for this limited edition time peice. It should be available around July but will only be available in Japan and at the 8021 Flagship store. Stay tuned for more details.

SpongeBob SquarePants x Nooka 10th Anniversary Watch Collection

Nooka hooked up with Nickelodeon to bring you the SpongeBob SquarePants x  Nooka 10th Anniversary Watch Collection using their new  ZUB ZENH and ZENV models.  The watches will be released throughout 2009-10 and retail at $170, and $275.  More info soon. [hypebeast]

Burton X New Era – Back To The Future

A bunch of new caps from Burton & New Era just released.  4 different styles in all, quite a few different colorways to choose from.  Everything looks pretty fresh to me.  You can check out all the releases after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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