Nike Air Vapor VI Tour Men’s Shoe White/Gold

Check out Roger Federer kicks he wore at Wimbledon.  the Nike Air Vapor VI Tour Shoes are one of a kind, Nike hooked up the King of  Tennis the right way with flywire technology and a classic colorway of white and gold.  Available now for $115.00.  Take a closer look after the jump.


Dope Necklaces ($10… some $7)

I mean… I don’t care who you are… 7 bucks for a fly ass retro gaming chain.  Yezzir.  There’s a great selection from Flashback Kidz… all are available… all are mad cheap.  Pick up a few.  Great gift idea. 


Nike+ SportBand

It tracks calories, miles, pace, and a whole bunch of other health shit.  I think it looks cool.  Apparently it’s got a pretty sophisticated background behind the display that is white so it’s real easy to see.  I just think it looks cool.  It comes with a sensor you put in your shoe too.  It just came out today so you can be the first to rock one at they gym.  Buy it for 60 bucks here. 

Blacked Out Wii

DOPE.  This bad mother drops August 1 in Japan.  If you are in Japan, or you speak Japanese, you can get one here.  I bet, though, that they’ll start to show up on eBay for like 2G’s in the middle of August.  You heard it first, right here at Sneakhizzy dot dizzy com.  [via likecool]


Dominic Jones Jewelry

You should probably check out the MORE DOPENESS link IF AND ONLY IF you like any of the following things: 1. Boobies.  2. Chicks in black leather.  3.  Bondage.  4. Nipple rings.  If you don’t like any of those things, you probably should just scroll down, but then again, if you don’t like ANY of those things, you may want to navigate away from this website, because here at SNEAKHYPE, that’s kiiiinda what we’re all about.  Check out the Dominic Jones website to download the full lookbook. 

SNEAKHYPE makes Inspired Magazine’s Top 20 – Ya Damn Right

It should come as no surprise, but nevertheless, we love the love.  Inspired Magazine made a list of their top sites (in the entire universe) for hype, shopping, design, and inspiration — ya damn right SNEAKHYPE’s makin the list.  Thanks to everyone who digs the dopeness for making this possible.  More freshness to come……..

Nike Hyperize “White Men Can’t Jump” Available Saturday

Just a reminder to all you sneaker heads who are interested in the Nike Hyperize “White Men Can’t Jump’ shoes, they will be available this Saturday at select retailers.  Where can you get them?  Sneaker Politics will be accepting phone orders(337.993.3709) for $125.

Daft Punk-Emotion Video

  Just came across the video for one of my favorite tracks “Emotion” which is the last song on Daft Punk’s Album “Human After All”.   This video might not be official. . I think it was taken from their movie “Electroma” who knows.  It’s six long minutes built up by slow beats and a four chord trick put through filters. Best part of the video is at 2:18, check it out.

FingerBeat for iPhone/iPod

Awesome app.  FingerBeat is the most advanced beat machine you can get for your iPhone or iPod touch.  It’s got a pretty sweet interface that has lots of capabilities — check out this video:

NIKEiD – Air Zoom Cush

Gotta love iD.  Gotta love cush.  Customize your own.  They have several materials and patterns to choose from as well. 

New G-Shock’s @ Karmaloop

I just want to own every single G-Shock available to mankind.  Everytime they drop something, i say “i have to have that”.  These two new watches in at Karmaloop are no different, especially that funky fresh yellow one.  You can cop both these now here.

Graffiti Sculpture by Sander van Heukelom

I didn’t even think these were real sculptures at first, but if you check out the detail shots after the jump, you will see that they are legit wood sculptures.  So absolutely amazingly dope.  The name “Sander van Heukelom” may ring a bell, and if it does, that means you’re an avid Sneakhyper, because he was just featured a few days ago as the designer of the Spray Can Cap Chairs.  His portfolio is quite extensive and is chalk full of the dopeness, as you would expect from any featured artist you find on SNEAKHYPE.  You gotta check out the other stuff:  

Air Jordan 1 Hi-Top Strapped Up

Here is a look at some new Jordans that are going to be released this fall. The Air Jordan 1 hi-tops with a velcroe strap. I am really feelin’ this colorway seen above; I’m glad to see Jordan is gettin a lil crazier with their colorways these days. Keep an eye out for these they’ll be droppin soon. Peep another colorway after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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