Addict – Acid Tee

See… it’s like a happy face, but it’s just some upside down headphones.  So F’in trippy, it’s like you’re on acid.  …Must be some weak ass acid.  Comes in black or white; get both here.  Check out the white one:

Featured Artist – Erik Parker

So, me and Erik are homeboys… basically how he creates his art is he feeds me a drug cocktail and then has me look in the mirror and explain to him what it is that I’m seeing.  Actually that was a lie.  What he actually does, is he takes the drugs himself and then draws me.  I’m more attractive in person.  See more:

Pharrell Loves Him Some McDonald’s

…either that or he’s on drugs.  Here you see the sultan of cool actin a fool tryin to get some grub at mikey D’s at 6 in the mornin in Paris.

Redman & Method Man Feat. UGK – City Lights

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM Kind of an unexpected collabo with this one, but it’s hot fire for sure.  Haven’t heard from Red & Meth in awhile so this is nice to here.  Beat’s nasty and everyone on the track kills it.  Let me know what ya’ll think.

Jordan Retro One – Prom Pack – Coming Soon

For some reason it seems that the retro 1 is the most frequently released retro… coming in all sorts of colorways.  No other retro has had so much variety, and here’s another two colorways to add for you now.  Normally I can’t really stand patent leather, unless it’s done right & done on the right shoe.  This being a prime example of both these things.  It’s been dubbed the ‘prom pack’ and is expected to drop April 18th and select Jordan retailers.  We’ll keep ya posted. [The Evil Collector]

In4mation – Spring 09

The lookbook and new pieces have just dropped at in4mants.  Take a look:


Nike Sportswear 1948 In London

Nike Sportswear recently re-opened their London store under the name 1948.  It was designed by brothers Oscar and Ben Wilson aka The Wilson Brothers, and includes Nike Sportswear collections and very rare Tier Zero products.  They also released a magazine which has some really dope pictures and is free in the store.  Check it all out after the jump. [CR Blog] 1948 Arches 477-478 Batemans Row (runs between Shoreditch High Street and Curtain Road) Shoreditch London EC2A 3HH Tel: +44 (0) 20 7729 7688

Alain Mikli Swarovski Crystal Shutter Shades

These sunglasses stunt so hard, I bet you’re asking yourself “are these the Kanye shades?”  Yes, but they have 500 more Swarovski Crystals then the orginals.  They are extremely rare and retail for $3650, and will be released at the Alain Mikli store in Hong Kong. [hypebeast]

Lil ‘Wayne Prom Queen Remix By Young Eletrik

If your a Weezy fan you might like this, you might not, so listen to it with an open mind. It’s sorta techno but has a dope beat and Waynes synth voice is crazy.  Here is a better description of Young Eletrik below.  Click here to download. Young Electrik are truly on the verge of becoming a name that everyone checks for, because only after a couple of weeks of their release of their Bad News Remix, they have now have now supplied us with their complete re-invention of Lil’ Wayne’s Prom Queen. Young Electrik stepped in and brought out some of the emotion behind Wayne’s song with their synth melodies , and a bass line to die for. This track is a must have for any fan of Wayne’s music, enjoy. [hypetrak]

Nike x Loopwheeler “Worn to be Wild” T-shirt

Nike x Loopwheeler has come up with a new t-shirt for all you ACGer’s out there.  It’s reads “Worn To Be Wild” and comes in grey, red, and white.  The back of the shirt  features a row of logos including a reference to ACG’s 20th anniversary. I love that kind of shit. This shirt will be available on March 28th through Loopwheeler. [hypebeast]

Vans Vault – SK8 HI LX

We just showed the Era Wingtips, now we got another pair  of kicks from the Vans Vault. These SK8 HI LX’s are part of Vans ’09 Spring collection and feature an all-over Crocodile print. I can’t wait for these to drop  this fall, I’ve always loved me some croc skin on my kicks. They come in three different colorways; Tan (seen above), Red, and Black/White. The Tan colorway is my favorite but the Red ones look pretty dope too. Check out the rest of the kicks after the jump. [Marcustroy]

Emerica – New Releases Available At Active

I was doing a little browsing on Active earlier, realized i’ve kind of forgotten about Emerica.  These are newer releases from them availabe on Active, and you can get them here. I’m feeling the slip on the most, although I wish it were available in a black or grey colorway.

Kid CuDi – Their Words – Karmaloop TV

CuDi just recently sat down for a little interview/discussion with Karmaloop TV.  Anytime he does something i usually try and check it out because i’m so antsy for his album.  Until it drops, I get as much as I can.  Give us the album CuDi!!

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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