Nike Basketball MVP’s Kobe & Lebron Unstoppable Commercial

Kobe Win’s round 3.  UNSTOPPABLE.

New Crooks and Castles

We’ve always been big fans of the Crooks, but damn homies… they just keep gettin better.  Check out new board shorts and

The North Face – Purple Label Wind Jacket

What do you get when you put a Nike windrunner and a North Face jacket in a closet together?  Well they have jacket sex and The North Face gives birth to this bad baby.  Part of their exclusive purple label line, this ultra-lightweight wind stopper is available only through Japanese online retailers (like this one).  Check out another colorway (that would go perfectly with the Yeezy’s droppin on the 6th). 

2GB Transformers Flash Drive

Still not as cool as the Crooks and Castles bullet flash drive… but still pretty bitchin.  You can preorder it here. 

Steven Shein – Money Over Bitches Necklace

I guess this is for chicks, but I would rock it… shooot.  Forty bucks. 

Nike Gladiator Sandals

If i see you wearing these ladies, i will marry you, point blank period.  Sexy & sporty is a deadly combo when it comes to ladies footwear, and these definitely have both attributes.  Check out some other pics and purchase info after the jump.

Bodega Spring ’09 Preview

Looks like more of an outdoors type of collection that’s getting ready to come out from Bodega.  I can dig most of it, okay, actually all of it.  Check out the rest of the collection after the jump.

Closer Look-Nike Air Yeezy Net/Net

The final installment of the Air Yeezy’s are coming soon which will finally end the Yeezy craze. . . for a while at least(Air Yeezy 2).   The Air Yeezy Net/Net colorway is growing on me fast. Be sure your ready June 6th. Take a closer look at the new colorway after the jump.

Air Jordan 12 “Nubuck”

The Air Jordan 12 “Nubuck” had it’s initial release over 5 years ago and became very popular with AJ fans.  Back then it cost over $200 and was sold exclusively online, but now Jordan is re-releasing them on May 30th at retailers for $150.  More pics after the jump. [nicekicks]

Bape – Darth Maul – Limited Release

Here’s a sneak peak at the “Darth Maul” tee coming out from Bape soon.  It’s supposed to be in very limited release as well as it will come in two different colorways.  Looks pretty fly, check out the black colorway after the jump.

Supra Terry Kennedy’s – Exclusive Colorway

Not only are you a baller if you go by the name Ben Baller, but your also ballin’ pretty hardcore when Supra & Terry Kennedy decide to make you a 1 of 1 colorway for you & you only.  These new Terry Kennedy Signature models are made exclusively for Ben Baller himself, and they look pretty damn dope if i may say as well.  Sorry to everyone else out there who will never have these, don’t feel to bad, i’m in the same boat.  Check out some other looks after the jump.

Draven Shoes – New Releases

Draven Shoes is dropping some new kicks that will be available for your purchase at Journey’s.  These will be out in time for you to rock them during summer but not till July.  As you can till the High-top shoes stay pretty popular as Draven chooses some Mid’s for these upcoming releases.  You can check out some other colorways after the jump.


The Clock Clock

Where I’m from, they don’t call this a clock, they call it a “panty dropper” or a “dropper of panties”.  Sh*t’s real but you can’t get one; there’s just one prototype that’s at some museum in Europe.  Bummer dude. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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