Kid CuDi – Dat Kid From Cleveland – Mixtape Download

If any of you heard CuDi’s first mixtape, A Kid Named CuDi, I know you’ve been waiting anxiously for new material.  Well here it is, his follow up to the first named Dat Kid From Cleveland.  You can check out the tracklisting and download info after the jump.

UNDFTD Power Support Air Jacket iPhone Case

If for some very odd reason you don’t like Stussy, well you can get yourself an Undefeated iPhone case instead.  Both brands i like, but i do not have the fancy dancy, almighty…. iPhone, so i’ll be getting neither of the cases.  You’ll be able to pick this up April 24th, this friday, at UNDFTD JP stores, dealers, & web stores. [hypebeast]

This is the new Corvette?

So this is a Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 based Bertone Mantide?  I don’t know what to say I’m still sorta in awe because this futuristic car was made by Chevy.  Like when’s Howie Long going to pop out telling me that I should buy a $25,000 truck because it gets 2 more miles to the gallon and doesn’t have a man step. This is how GM is spending their money? It’s just weird, I mean shit I’d drive in this thing but something just doesn’t feel right.  I’m sticking with my Bugatti for now but if your a Corvette enthusiast you might wanna take a look after the jump.

Space Jam Air Jordan 11 Release Info

I got a little more info on the AJ 11 Space Jam’s which we showed earlier this month.  The release will definitely be in December and the price will be steep. . . $175.  Trust me its money well spent. . . .this is as good as it gets right here.  Not only will they have men’s sizes but also have them in infant/toddler and kid sizes as well.  Take a closer look after the jump.

Frank151 x Foreign Family: 420 Special Tee

How was your 420?  If you remember anything about yesterday then you probably didn’t celebrate it correctly.  Here’s some legal 420 paraphernalia for you.  Frank 151 hooked up with Foreign Family to bring you this special 420 Tee.  It looks like Mickey Mouse is about to roll one up, pretty dope.  Buy it right here for $35. [dailydrop]

KIKS TYO 3rd Anniversary

Time to preorder some more smokin TYO shirts, celebrating their 3rd anniversary.  Preorder deadline is April 26th.  Get ‘em here.  Items ship in mid May.  Enough mumbo jumbo, check out the closeups:

New Series from Pedro Mari

If you keep up with the hype like ya should, you saw our feature on Pedro Mari back in January.  Well he’s back at it with 2 new series.  You will enjoy them.  Check em out:

Where Sneakhype Shops for Flowers

Sneakhype editors probably buy flowers more frequently than you might think.  Why?  Because we’re super sensitive and shit.  And because getting flowers is an excuse to visit this triptastic flower market in Spain o España en español.  (Lil culture there for ya.)  Ugh.. I frikkin love dope flower markets. 

Safari Bespoke Air Force 1

Check out these babycakes.  Bespoke designer Brandon Fants threw these together — check out the extra images… you’ll see he flipped the tongue tags, swooshes, and laces (red and blue).  Oh, and it’s a Bespoke AF1… whattyaF’in know… it’s got a pseudo transparent midsole… never seen that before.  Come on. 

Stüssy iPhone 3G Case – April 24

Gotta love the stüss… and now they have a couple new 3G cases that are lookin quite fly droppin on Friday at all their stores.  Question for all my Sneakhype riddle-lovers here:  notice in this picture that the cases are mirror opposites in form.  The hole that lets the camera peek through, as well as, the spaces to allow for the buttons, are on opposite sides.  Now, obviously the phone has its buttons and holes on one side of the phone… on every phone.  SO… this means that one of these cases wont fit the phone.  Now, if I am wrong, someone please comment and tell me what is going on here.  One might say that the images were just flipped around in photoshop or something to make it look a little more aesthetically pleasing.  Nay nay my friend… if that were so, then the logo would, then too, be flipped.  So, I leave this question for my riddler fiddlers: what in the Hell is goin on?


All. Day. I. Dream. About. Sneakers.

If you’re an OG sneakhyper, you saw this 4 months ago when HT put it up.  However, consider this the new and improved feature with every design from the adidas Originals marketing campaign.  Believe it or not, a lot of these concepts were actually produced (not in quantity of course, but produced nonetheless).  There are about 8 concepts… I like the one that automatically protects itself from scuffs and impact.  Check it:

The Hundreds Footwear Summer Lineup

Here is a preview of the lineup for the summer collection from The Hundreds Footwear. They came out with a bunch of new colorways for a few of their models. These are set to drop on April 23 at select Hundreds retailers. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Alife Chukka – New Summer Colorways

Alife has just come out with some new colorways for their summer line of Chukka shoes. The kicks come in a Red and  Grey colorway both featuring a suede upper.  They are now available at Standard. More pictures after the jump.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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