Sneaker Fiend Tees – New Releases

Sneaker Fiend Tees just dropped some new fresh tees.  I’m honestly lovin’ them all, i know most of you sneaker heads, and collectors will to.  The one seen above is called the Can’t Find These tee.   Sneaker Fiend Tees is an underground brand, but it seems as if there possibly one of my favorite.   You can check more info and pics after the jump.


Slim Thug – I Run – New Video

  This new video just came out from Slim Thug, the single came out a little while back. I’ve never been a huge fan of The Boss, but this sample and beat are just nasty. You got to love it, Jim Jonsin made the beat, who also produced a song you might have heard, Lollipop.

Crooks & Castles – Spring ’09 Preview

Crooks & Castles just dropped a little preview of there Spring ’09 collection for us.  All new fitteds, tees, jackets, looks like a pretty sick little collection i think.  We’ll give you more word when some of it becomes available.  For now though check out some more pics after the jump. [via The Evil Collector]

New Balance – M1300 pack

Some exclusive Newb’s that just dropped — the M1300′s… comin at ya in three different colorways.  Availability and more pics below.

Foreign Family – Ock

Ock apparently is short for octopus… apparently.  I always like octopii.  In gradeschool, if we had to draw aquatic wildlife in art class… I was the go-to octopus man.  Though, I do have a soft spot for sharks.  …and you really don’t care about my octopus affinity.  But, you gotta like this shirt, so find out how to buy it after the link below.

IMKING – Shoot ‘em Up

If you’re friends with Clint Eastwood, you should buy him this shirt, because of the whole Gran Torino thing.  I think it would be a thoughtful gift, so Clint might hook you up with a Cadillac or something.  It’s 27 bucks.  Purchase info and more pics after the jump.

Stephen Sprouse X Louis Vuitton Party

Yes I know more Sprouse, we’ve been giving you lots of updates on the Stephen Sprouse X Louis Vuitton collaboration.  The reason being that is one of the best collaborations of the year. By now your wondering who is the Stephen Sprouse guy?  Here’s the scoop on Sprouse, who was part of Andy Warhol’s set, become famous in the 1980s for pioneering the uptown pop punk look; a wild and edgy mix of elements such as day-glo colours, high-tech fabrics, sequins, velcro, superb uptown tailoring and hand painted silks. The designer and artist, who died in 2004, also created elaborate costumes for the likes of Mick Jagger, Axl Rose, Trent Reznor, Courtney Love, David Bowie and Duran Duran. Now, thanks to Louis Vuitton, a whole new generation will have the opportunity to discover his work-Lisa Demasi. Check out the party Louis V threw for opening of the collection.  Sorry EG this beats your mirror creation. Dope [via thecoolhunter]


Benny Gold’s Portfolio

I had to post this up, check out Benny Gold’s Portofolio section of his website.  It shows you all the companies and collaborations Benny Gold has done.  Also check out this picture its really the main reason for this post.   The shelf has so much fresh gear on it, from clothing to kicks to hats its like 1000 times your daily serving of dopeness. To think this was all designed by the one and only Benny Gold.  Man’s a genius.

AIR Jordan Force 4 Up Close(AJF 4)

 I showed you the preview for these a couple days ago, but heres the real first look at the Air Jordan Force 4′s up close.  I’m not really that impressed with these, they remind me of the AJ Quatros but with the AF1 sole.  It still will be flying of the shelves, but for real the 4′s are one the best Jordan shoes ever made and this what we get?  Check out more pics after the jump. [via sneakernews]


Oh You got a Caddy? Oh I got a Caddy

Everyone always talking about Caddy,Cadillac is in countless rap songs talking about that “Coupe Deville” like its the freshest car out there. Well look what I got, yea its the Caddy of the future son, you can’t get this for another 50 years.  Whatchu know about that homes? yea some Back to the Future Shizzy, that Martay Mcflllyyyness.  Actually this is just a concept car called Cadillac Thorium Fuel.  Its designed by Loren Kulesus and has a dope futuristic design. More pics after the jump [via gizmodo]

Roc Star Backpacks

If you’re up on your stuff, you’ve seen this little guy before, as they’ve been out for a few months now, BUT they have yet to be included in Your Daily Dose of Dopeness.  So here y’are.  More pics/colors and info after the jump.

RVCA – The Sin Underwear Set

This is more for my dude tsech than anyone else… actually, it’s for any guy that likes fine women.  So what we have here is a little two piece underwear set from RVCA.  It’s going for just a bit under 40 dollars.  See more pictures and where to buy below.

Nike Hyperdunk “That Aint Right Pack”

When the Hyperdunks were first released Nike ran a series of interesting ads, one of which was pulled because it featured a man getting dunked on with a crotch in his face and also featured text reading “That Ain’t Right.” Some believed this ad was too sexual or homophobic so it was dropped but Nike, with an interesting decision, decided to release a pack inspired by the ad. All of the Hyperdunks feature “That Ain’t Right” on sole of the shoe. The Hyperdunks come in 3 different colorways, check them all out after the jump. [Sneakernews]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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