Air Yeezy On the Cover of Latest Sole Collector

The Nike Air Yeezy will be gracing the cover of Sole Collectors 29th Issue. Kanye’s signature shoe will be the focal point of the issue and feature the unreleased pair of Yeezy’s that have been spotted on Kanye’s feet. This is good call on Sole Collectors part, the Air Yeezy’s will definitely sell a lot of magazines.

New Undefeated Logo Tees

New gear from Undefeated. Check out the whole collection after the jump.

Durkl Summer Sale – 36% Off Everything

School is right around the corner and you know you gots to be lookin’ fly the first day of class. Lucky for you Durkl’s got you covered. Durkl is having a huge sale to make room for their new line and everything online is 36% off. You can get some fresh gear and save a lil money. Check it out here.

Valle House

Designed by the Sebastion Mariscal Studio, the Valle House is located in Baja California. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Married To The Mob Fall ’09 Lookbook

You gotta love Lookbook’s for womens clothing lines. They are always filled with hot girls wearing ridiculously cool stuff trying to look sexy. MOB‘s newest Lookbook is no exception. Check it out.

Stussy Fall ’09 Snap Back & 5 Panel Hats

In4mation just got some new Stussy 5 Panel and Snap Back hats in. The hats are part of Stussy’s Fall/Winter collection. They got a nice selection of 5 Panel caps as well as some Snap Back’s. I’m not much of a 5 Panel guy but the snap backs are super clean. You can pick one up now at In4mation.

Nike Sportswear – Air Pegasus ’89

Using a White, Purple, and Silver color scheme, Nike Sportswear brings us the Air Pegasus ’89. The shoes new look is great; I especially like the geometric pattern Nike used. These are available now at Standard. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

Bape Keychains (Set of 3)

Finally… something from Bape that I probably wouldn’t regret spending so much money on because I wouldn’t have to spend that much money to get it.  You get the full set of 3 for 40 bucks — available at the Bape online shop.  I want the round squishy one.  Throw down 14 bucks with 2 other friends, and you can all rock the Bape-age. 

Art Pack: “Her”

From one of the dopest digital art collectives out there, Depthcore, comes this huge art pack themed “Her”.  Lots of good hi-res stuff to check out.

Saijo House By Suppose Design Office

One of the weirder looking houses i’ve seen from the outside, but yet still so dope.  Not sure if its quite my style, but i do like it a lot.  Check out a ton of pics after the jump.

LV x Stephen Sprouse – iPhone/iPod Background

If you’re still amped on the Stephen Sprouse collabs, you should get the background.  A few variations are available.  You gotta hit up these people for one. 

Puma – “Soda” Pack

They should have called it the “Juicy Fruit” pack instead.  I look at them and I’m not thinking “high sugar, high fructose corn syrap, and carbonation.”  I’m thinking Arby’s.  Scratch that… I’m thinkin: “explosion of chewy juicy deliciousness in your mouth.”  Available now wherever dope hi-top Puma’s are sold. 

My New Whip

Normally, I don’t like broadcasting stuff about my personal life/possessions, but I am just too excited about this thing not to share it with the world. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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