Nixon – The Digital Newton

Nixon has remixed one of its most popular watches, the Newton, to make it easier for some of us to actually tell time.  If you don’t remember, the original Newton, fresh as it may be, can be quite confusing when it comes to actually figuring out what time it is.  But the new and improved digital Newton takes care of that problem while still managing to look pretty fly. It only costs 100 bucks and comes in 4 colorways as of right now. You can get it at Nixon’s website right here.

Miami Vice Court Victory II Pumps by Reebok

I think I’m too young to know what’s what with Miami Vice.  But with such youth and vitality comes the know-how to know how to know that these shoes are freezy breezy fresh.  I have one pair of pumps; I love them.  Very much.  If you still don’t own a pair… what better time than now?  Go big or go home.  By “big” I mean “squeeky clean ridiculous.”  Pick them up here for 124. 

DQM Fall ’09 Headwear

As you all know Dave’s Quality Meat always brings the fire when it comes to headwear.  The fall line is stacked with some fresh New Era fitteds as well as some beanies to keep you warm.  Check out all the goods after the jump.

Photography by Tom Hoops

Look at that dude.  He looks like he’s bout to kill someone.  What’re you gonna do about it old man?  Nothin… cuz you’re old and wrinkly and I will take you the f–k down if you look at me like that ever again.  Jeez… this photography is getting me all emotional and stuff.  These are some seriously crazy shots you should check out. 

Air Jordan Retro 12’s Available at Marquee Sole

Jordan brand has got some dope releases scheduled to drop in the next few months. These retro 12’s in the White/Varsity Red are going to be released this Holiday season along with a few other colorways, including the Flu Game and Rising Sun.  If you don’t feel like waiting though you can pick them up at now at Marquee Sole for 240.

Nike SB 2010 Spring Collection Video

In an interesting move, Nike SB decided to leak their own upcoming collection with a video. Shawn Baravetto introduces each of the kicks in the collection and Tony Gaiotti introduces some apparel. Check out the video after the jump.

2010 Porsche 911 GT3 RS

Listen up.  Here’s what we’re gonna do: everyone reading this should donate just ONE dollar to Sneakhype.  Get a couple hundred thousand of you to do that, and BAM… you’re now reading about the all new Sneakhypemobile.  [Just contact us if you’re interested in donating.  Thanks.]  Talk about a man machine.  Though, I could probably do without the red checkered streak down the side.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about the loud red accents, but the stripes make it look too fast-and-the-furious-teenager-riced-out for me.  Don’t worry, if we get enough donations to cop this thing, we’ll replace the red with a slime green in true Sneakhype fashion.  …of course.  

G-Shock x LRG – 10th Anniversary Frogman

Limited to 1000 pieces.  $600 bucks.  You can buy it here.  Super fresh indeed… if you don’t have a white watch yet, you should probably buy this.  You may say, “EG, the G-Shock is played out… why would I pay so much for one?”  Well, my friend, you make good points… however, if you were to buy any other G-Shock, you wouldn’t get the sweet metal lockbox case this one comes in.  (SShhhh… you can put your weeeed in it.)  

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SNEAKHYPE EXCLUSIVE: Interview with The Cool Kids

Yeah that’s right.  Sneakhype hooked up with The Cool Kids for a little chat.  Read the full exclusive interview below to find out just how cool The Cool Kids really are.  Sneakhype verdict: pretty F’n cool.

Bespoke Air Force 1 by Marcus Tipps

Yet another AF1 from 21 Mercer’s Bespoke program.  I am vibin’ the colorway a lot, but I’m starting to think the large X stitching is played out and just doesn’t look that clean.  I understand, though, that if you’re gonna drop however much it costs to get your own personal AF1’s from Bespoke, you want them to be super crazy so that people ask where you got them, and you can say “Oh these old things?  They’re 1 of 1.  You actually can’t get them.  But thanks for asking.”  


Amazing Panty Dropper! (Video)

This is perhaps the swankiest thing you could ever put in your bedroom aside from a human cage.  And what’s so great about this, is that it doesn’t take up any space, so you can still have your bondage cage in the corner, and in fact, this light installation will interact with it.  Seeing is believing… check the video.  

The Yike Bike

Do you hate walking?  Do you love looking like douschebag?  I know I do!  And if you’re like me, then this is an absolute must-have for you!  Introducing the Yike Bike, the newest nerd-gadget in urban transport.  Goes up to 12.5 mph and 6 miles on a single charge.  The whole thing weighs only 22 lbs and folds up to get carried around in an enormous f–kin man-bag.  All this can be yours for only $4800!  Click here to buy. P.S.  I hate on it, but if this were given to me, I would rock the shit outta it and wave at haters as I cruised by them at a leisurely pace rockin some ridiculous sunglasses and fresh kicks.  


SUPER – Spring 2010

This is a preview of Italian sunglasses manufacturers Spring ’10 lineup.  You can’t get them just yet, however, you can get a ton of other SUPER shades (which are equally as dope as these) at their new webstore .  

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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