Audrina Patridge for Maxim Magazine

Look at her scrubbing the floor with that toothbrush.  So bad.  I don’t know who this chick is, but she takes her clothes off for fame, and I like what she’s exposing.  You will too.  Apparently she was on the Hills, and now she’s starring in Sorority Row.  Enough jibba jabba — check the pics:

G-Shock Fall ’09

Forget all the collabs.  No one does G-Shock better than G-Shock.  They save the cremé de la creamy for themselves.  Check out what we all have to look forward to by clicking here:


Abstract Art Video

No idea what this is or what it’s for but I do know it’s 60 seconds of dopeness.  


New iPod Nano 5G Shoots Video. Sick.

Apple does it again.  Today they announced their new iPod Nano 5G.  Biggity biggity ballin.  Same dope nano you’re used to except NOW it’s got a sweet little camera and mic on the back.  It’s like the ultimate little gadget.  Reasonably priced at 150 for the 8 gig… but who’s going to buy that one when you can get twice the memory (16 gig) for 30 bucks more?  You can buy them in any color here.  

Johnny Cupcakes X Looney Tunes Collection

Johnny Cupcakes is getting ready to drop his new Looney Tunes collection this weekend which will be available online and in-store. I think I might pick one up to rock with my Space Jams.

Rolls Royce 2011 Ghost

The 2011 Rolls Royce Ghost is basically the dopest car you could own.  This top of the line luxury vehicle features the finest leather interior, suicide doors, and a V12 engine which generates about a million horse power. The Ghost won’t be released to the public for a while but you might expect to see the Sneakhype squad crusin in one of these soon. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

HUF X Converse 1Hund(RED) Skidgrip

The different prints & textures is what really makes this shoe appeal to myself.  Not only that but the fact that it’s HUF always helps.  This is also just another shoe in a very long line that shows us high-tops are here to stay for some time.  These just became available today, purchase info and pics after the jump.

Custom New Era’s @ ECap City

I don’t know if your like me, but i don’t want to walk down the street with my fly @ss Kansas City fitted cap and see 3 other cats rockin’ it.  That’s why i’m glad places like ECAP CITY exist, that way i know no one else in a 5 mile radius from where i’m at is going to be wearing the same hat at that moment.  All of these look super clean as well, with the Angels joint being my favorite.  Check out all of them after the

Nike Auto Force 180 – Summer ’10 Colorways

We saw these awhile back in a New York Mets colorway, now we have a peak at what colorways will be droppin’ next summer.  All three of them tickle my fancy, just sucks we all have to wait so long to cop them.  Take a look at all three colors after the jump.

Lady Gaga X Beats By Dr.Dre – Heartbeats

Lady Gaga is everywhere these days. Most recently she hooked up with Dr.Dre for a new line of ear buds. The Hearbeats, which are produced by Beats By Dr.Dre, were designed by Lady Gaga i’m kind actually surprised that they are not a little crazier, but i bet Dre kept her line. These are slated for an October release. Hit the link to check out some more pictures.


These Are Insane (+ video)

This dude named Georges Rousse is some sort of artist/physicist/frikkin-magician.  I thought these were just canvases hung in a room.  Nay nay my friend… there’s nothing there.  This guy just paints walls and floors and ceilings in such a way that it looks like you’re looking at shapes.  Blowing my mind.  Check the video.  

Isenseven Apparel 2010

To be honest, I had not heard of this brand til just now.  Due to the heat that their line looks to be bringing, I’m a pretty dissappointed about not hearing of them before.  Everything in this collection looks like it fits my style perfectly.  Once again it also helps me prove the fact that you can never have too many t-shirts.  Check out all of it after the jump.  More info at isenseven.

Shepard Fairey X Michael Jordan – Hall Of Fame Poster Series

In honor of Micahel Jordan’s induction into the Naismith Hall of Fame this weekend artist Shepard Fairey created an exclusive collection of posters. The posters will highlight some of MJ’s most memorable moments so there could quite a few peices in the collection. Expect to see more in the near future. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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