G-Shock August 2009 – The Brooklyn Circus

We showed you the other G-Shocks in the crazy color series that’s getting ready to drop.  Here’s a look at another watch that will be released along with them.  They hooked up with The Brooklyn Circus for this one, and it came out pretty nasty.  The red elephant on the face sets it off nicely, the packaging isn’t to shabby either.

X-Large Collection – Fall ’09

Everything so far from this collection, except for the guy in the purple pants (check it out after the jump), is quite legit.  The guy with the red hoody… that outfit is what some would call “off the chain” I suppose.  Check out the rest of it after the jump.

Sneakhype Hands-On Review – PF Flyers “Astor”

Showed ‘em to you a few days back.  Got em in the mail a couple days later.  Verdict: Nasty.  I really like the way they fit.  Materials are plush.  Stuff you can’t see from most pics on the net: the underside of the strap has a pretty sweet black and blue pattern on it.  Before I continue, can I just pause and have you check out that Star Wars Troopers Warhol in the background there?  I done told ya I was gonna get it mounted at Kinko’s…. I’m a man of my word.  Now, about the Astors… the one thing that was a bit unexpected about them was the stiffness of the tongue.  I’m sure it’s just cuz they’re fresh, but unless you unlace them a few holes, it would be difficult to flip the tongue out of your jeans.  I haven’t warn em anywhere yet, but I’m betting that after a few times…  they will break in a bit and that tongue will be like a flag — waving at all the down hunnies in town.  A flag that says, “You want me and I may want you, too.  So hop on the jock and see if I reciprocate… More →


Original Penguin x K2 – Winter 09 Snowboarding Pack

An awesome, and certainly unexpected collab from some ballin brands. When I go out on the town tryin to break some floozies’ hearts, I occasionally rock my Original Penguin polo. Last time I did, I was shootin some pool at Jetlag (L-town, you feel me), and I got slapped in the face by this fiiine Phillipino chick. I later threw up over PG’s balcony, but I kept the shirt spotless, and now I can’t get Phillipina to stop paging me. True story. This pack should now be available at all fine snowboarding retailers. 


Crazy Animation (In Sneakhype Colorscheme)

Watch this.  Turn the sound on.  And (optional) smoke a bowl for added viewing pleasure. 

Evolved Footwear – Custom Dunks

Today is a good day for custom kicks. First we gave you guys a look at Jest3r’s latest custom’s now we get to show some of Evolved Footwear’s work. These are probably some of my favortie kicks from the guys over at EF. Keep it up yo.

Nike Hyperize August ’09 Releases

Nike is coming out with some new Hyperize colorways this month. They have an all black colorway as well as a White/Blue/Black colorway. Check out some more pictures after the jump.

The Hundreds Custom Dunks

Custom sneaker designer Jest3r recently made these multicolored Hundreds Dunks for a contest. The kicks feature a crazy color scheme as well as the Adam Bomb logo on the side. Check out some more detailed pictures after the jump.

Kid Cudi On The Cover Of Complex

Kid Cudi’s buzz just keeps growing and growing. Not only does he have a role in a upcoming HBO original series but now he is gracing the cover of Complex. I Like Cudi though. I read the interview and he seems like a real ass dude and he puts on a hell of a show. Check out the interview here.

Undefeated X Gourmet Quattro

Gourmet and Undefeated just collaborated on a new sneaker. This custom Quattro features premium white leather with a black mid-sole, tongue, and lining. The Undefeated logo has also been embossed onto the upper. Due to the sneakers overall subtle appearance the kicks  come with four laces – red, black, blue and white. These will be released in January 2010.

Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera

This thing just looks sick.  I don’t even hardly ever record videos, but if i had this bad boy i definitely might start.  5 MP, and records in HD for up to 10 hours, be great for recording some house parties for sure.  Purchase info after the jump.

Nike SB – Tech Socks

Me being a SB fiend, i like to get my hands on anything & everything from them.  Usually their socks resemble famous pairs of dunks they’ve came out with in the past, this time their just double colored colorways that look pretty comfy.  Only 8 bucks, and you should be able to find them at your local Nike SB retailer.  Other colorway after the jump.

Jordan AJF 4 Premier

Nubuck upper.  Cement midsole.  One of the flyest fusion 4’s out there.  Available from the Nike Store. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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