Alife Fall Footwear Preview

It has been a while since we have seen any new kicks from Alife but they picked up right were they left off with some pretty dope new designs. The came out with 2 new Everybody Hi-Top models, each coming in two colorways. These will be available this Fall.

Shark Week – 7 Sharks In 7 Days (Giveaway)

Enter to win a free Shark watch from Freestyle.  Awesome watches… the Sneakhype crew rocks em.  It’s real easy to enter.  Just hit up their facebook page here and enter in some simple info.  You can also recruit 7 friends and win a group prize.  Good luck.  Scratch that… bad luck.  I hope you all lose so that I win.  That said, you should still enter.  More details here.

Nike Dunk Vandals Fall 2009

Nylon dunks?… m’yes please.  The colorways are so dull but loud at the same time.  I could rock these with a plain tee err’day of the week (given that I had both pair of course).  I assume the nylons might add a certain level of comfort as well, but that’s just me talkin.  I love talkin.  Check out the closeups. 

Diesel – Oversize “Bad Ass”

I’m not sure how I feel about Diesel in general, or the name “Bad Ass,” but I do rather like this watch.  I guess I could go for the name “Bad Ass”… but it kind of loses its refined appeal as soon as you tell someone the name.  Regardless, if you want it, it can be yours for under 3 hundo here. 


Light Spray Cans – “Halo”

Developed by Aisa Logerot, this prototype (called Halo) is used for light writing, but allows graffiti artists to stay true to their aerosol style.  You can adjust the brightness of the light, as well as, change the caps for different colors.  Now check out the coolest part: when it runs out of battery, you recharge the thing by shaking it.  Awwwesome.  How perfect is this for someone like me who is a totally wannabe badass graffiti artist?  I would say, though, the only drawback to this product is that most good light writing utilizes several different types of lights, including sticks, strobes, and different size bulbs.  This would disallow for that, and restrict the artist to more of a pen-like utensil.  Check out Aissa Logerot for more details.

Nike Fall 09 Blazer Mid Supreme Tier Zero

I’m on a grey kicks kick.  I just want grey shoes on my feets right meow.  These are no exception.  Check out that gold on the back, too — lovin that lil touch.  I’ll have to head to a select Nike Sportswear retailer to grab these up though.  Once Sneakhype opens shop in the future, perhaps we’ll be listed as a “select NSW retailer.”  Until then, hit up the big cities for the goods.  More images… 

Keri Hilson for Complex (& Video of Photoshoot)

Yesterday, PG showed you the first part of the August/September Complex issues with the cover featuring Kid Cudi.  I like Cudi’s music and clothes better… but I like Keri Hilson’s rockin body and lickable face a bit more.  Just a bit.  Check out a steamy photoshoot video after the click. 

Nike Air Max 90 Premium Orange/Black

My favorite thing about these is the black on black splatter pattern you’ll see on the upper when you check out the closeups.  And, I’m really digging the white sole that you can see at the heel.  I mean… can you really ever have too many pairs of AM 90’s?  The answer’s no, son.  Never.  They’re available at Caliroots for a bit of a pretty penny. 

iPhone/iPod DJ Mixer

Throw a couple pods on it, tap on some tunes, and get to mixin.  An excellent gift for a spoiled 13 year old kid who has an iPod touch and an iPhone and is a wannabe DJ.  You can pick it up at Urban for 120. 

329 Hot Air Balloons

That’s a lotta balloons.  Part of an event that took place in France last week.  Pretty cool photography to check out. 

PF Flyers “The Mercer” Sneaker

The guys over at PF Flyers have been puttin’ in work lately. We just showed the Astor’s now we get a look at the low-top version which they are calling “The Mercer.” The Mercer’s feature premium leather, a Velcro strap, and come in three colorways. They are also guaranteed to make you run faster and jump higher. They are available now at Zappos for 114.

Orisue Custom Beer Pong Set

We just got word that Orisue has a new custom Beer Pong set that just went on sale. The set comes with 22 cups, custom orisue ping pong balls, and a set of house rules made up by the Orisue crew. The set will be selling for 15 bucks. Get it here.

Air Jordan – Space Jam XI Packaging

To me one of my favorite parts of collecting sneakers, is the boxes & packaging.  I don’t know why, but i love collecting boxes more then the actual shoe sometimes, call me crazy.  This is what all the goodies are going to be looking like with the Space Jams dropping in November, which if i don’t get, i’m going to injure a lot of people trying to steal them from someone else.

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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