Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera

This thing just looks sick.  I don’t even hardly ever record videos, but if i had this bad boy i definitely might start.  5 MP, and records in HD for up to 10 hours, be great for recording some house parties for sure.  Purchase info after the jump.

Nike SB – Tech Socks

Me being a SB fiend, i like to get my hands on anything & everything from them.  Usually their socks resemble famous pairs of dunks they’ve came out with in the past, this time their just double colored colorways that look pretty comfy.  Only 8 bucks, and you should be able to find them at your local Nike SB retailer.  Other colorway after the jump.

Jordan AJF 4 Premier

Nubuck upper.  Cement midsole.  One of the flyest fusion 4’s out there.  Available from the Nike Store. 

Inside the Stussy Studio with Juxtapoz Magazine

Living the dream for most of us is Shawn Stussy.  His office is surrounded by dope creatives and art by his uncle.  It’s fun to check out his workspace and imagine what it would look like if every Stussy logo was replaced by a Sneakhype one……. One day.  One day.  You can check out a preview of the interview at Juxtapoz, and a bunch of pictures after the flip.  The full interview will be published in the August issue of Juxtapoz… might have to pick that one up. 

Featured Artist – Foan

With a portfolio that includes commissions from Coke, Samsung, and others… these are a just a few illustrations done for t-shirt designs.  Personally, some of the shit scares me — and I bet if I were to show the freaky-ass clown graphic to my son, he would have nightmares for life.  But, his portfolio is worth a look. 


The Hottest Girls From The Nike 6.0 BMX Pro Tour

I’ve got a 50 picture slideshow ready for you after you click.  You are welcome.  But don’t thank me… thank Sneakhype. 

Tik Tak Clock by Habitat

A clock that looks like hundred-spoke Caddy rims — dizzy dope.  It’s kind of hard to see the actual hour/minute hands, but who gives a ____ when your living room looks so fly?  99 Euros here. 

Vestal Calculator Watch

Certainly not as cool as the Casio Databank, but you can’t go wrong with a calculator watch.  I like the sort of easter bunny pastel colors too.  A decent deal at $59; you can buy it here. 

Drake Is Down

It seems as though Drake can’t stay away from a wheelchair for very long, last night he re-injured his knee while performing with Lil” Wayne. . .its pretty bad he might not be able to walk again.  For such a serious matter  the video was pretty hilarious.  Drake ignored doctor’s request’s and started perfoming, the dude is just dancing around(his ACL was already torn) and all of a sudden he just bites it.  Afterwards he was carried off the stage by his bodyguard’s and left Weezy to finish the show solo.


iPhone 3G Limited Diamond deluxe Gold Edition

Check out the Apple iPhone 3G limited Diamond deluxe Gold Edition which is wrapped in 24k gold, brought together with an 18k Gold Sayn Design crown, which is decorated with 0.20 carat brilliant cut diamonts. The German designed Apple iPhone 3G limited Diamond deluxe Gold Edition also includes 53 (50 carat) diamonds. Installed with all the basic features of the iPhone 3G and Sayn Design themes and background pictures, the limited edition luxury phone will come in a limited edition of 500, each of which will come wrapped in an exclusive wooden box”.  More pics after the jump [bornrich]

I “gLove” MJ Tee

I glove it.  Exclusively at Major. 

Dragon Alliance – Fame Sunglasses

Funky fresh. Several colorways to choose from (as you’ll see after the jump), with these electric blues as probably the loudest of the lot. They’re 105 — a tad pricey, but they could prove to be a staple of your end-of-summer-and-into-the-fall-season wardrobe.  You can buy them here. 

Shakira – “She Wolf” Video

The song pretty much blows, but I’ve got a thing for women in cages (is that weird?).  So, if you wanna see Shakira dancing around essentially naked in a cage, you should certainly watch this video. 

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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