XV Goes Off On Bad News Beat

HIP HOP NEWS @ DEFSOUNDS.COM XV just hopped on this Kanye beat to get some thoughts off his chest. If you haven’t heard of this kid yet you will, he kills this track. Not only does he got talent but he his fittin’ to put Kansas on the map.  Check out his Myspace page here.

Kobe Bryant Nike Zoom Kobe IV Ankle Insurance Commercial

Alright this video made me laugh, Kobe explains to the world why we should get Ankle Insurance aka the Nike Zoom’s Kobe IV.  The best part is when Kobe does a cross over on a dummy and suddenly his ankles explode.  This is just another reason Kobe wins the Footwear Faceoff against Lebron James.[via shoegame]

Rumors Confirmed Air Jordan 7 Sixty Plus Pack

Recently rumors have been circulating that Jordan will be releasing the “Sixty Plus” Packs which commerates the times Jordan scored over 60 points in one game.  Here we have a pack made up of two pairs of AJ 7s.  One pair is inspired by the “Raptor” AJ 7 while the  the other pair is based off the famous Magic-Bulls game, when MJ scored 64 points in 93′. The AJ 7 is a must have shoe so expect them to sell out fast.  Expect them to be released August 09′. More pics after the jump[via sneakerfiles]

Featured Artist-Sam Bassett

Check our featured artist Sam Bassett.  He has some amazing photography that really catches your attention.  His resume is very impressive, he has worked with everyone from Richard Seymour to Tommy Haas.  He also dabbles in film and sculptures as well so be on the look out for him. Check out more pics after the jump.

Casio Analog G-Shock – Classy Freshness

Don’t worry, it still has a digital readout for all you numnuts… not that any of our readers are numnuts.  In fact, our readers are the most sophisticated sneakerheads on the planet and we take pride in that.  So I apologize for the numnuts comment. I’m sorry.  They call this thing the DW-6900CS-7CR.  I call it “fresh”. It’s going for 89 bucks over at the KLOOP.  Link after the jump.

Footwear Faceoff: Kobe Bryant Vs. LeBron James

Last night Kobe and Lebron faced off in LA, it was a back and forth battle, but there was even a bigger battle going on, a footwear faceoff.  What is a footwear faceoff? Nice Kicks created it and has turned out to be a fresh feature, they ask the question who is wearing the better kicks, and this time they paired up Lebrons Zoom 6′s LA against Kobes Zoom 4 “Mamba” edition.  It’s quite a matchup, but I think the Mamba’s win easily.  What do you think? take a closer look at both kicks after the jump.

Melo’s USA Basketball Custom AJ 4′s

Melo, Melo, Melo, can I be in your shoes for one day.  Dude plays in the NBA and dominates, comes home to the super hot La La, and then gets any pair of custom AJ he wants.  Take a look at these kicks made for Carmelo during the Olympics, these laser engraved 4′s are so ill.  The blue/red kicks remind me why I think the 3′s and 4′s are the best Jordans ever made.  Check out more pics after the jump but be careful you might start drooling if you stare at these too long.[via niketalk]

Nike Air Force 1 – 2009 Black History Month

It’s been a pretty historic day for a lot of reasons, and now Nike is making it even more historic.  To celebrate Black History Month Nike has just announced it will be releasing a custom AF1.  The mostly black premium leather shoe looks dope, and the red stitching is a great contrast.  The pair will come in a special themed package, which includes a black bag with a quote printed on it.  This shoe is not available to the public and will only be given to select individuals active in the Black History Community. Check out the quote after the jump[via kicks on fire]

Jay-Z – My President is Black Remix

I figured this song was appropriate to listen to today, Jay-Z hopped on the remix and tore it up. Check it out.

Shop Gentei X New Era

Shop Gentei just came out with this fresh New Era. The fitted cap features the cartoon version of the Oriole and a Blue/Orange colorway that looks super clean on this hat. They are going for 40 bucks at Shop Gentei, get one here. Check out more pictures after the jump.

Touch-Screen MacBook – ModBook Pro

This company called axiotron (probably about as geek as you can get right there) takes the new MacBook Pro‘s and mods them into finger/pen touchscreen little laptops.  You’d probably be the coolest person you know if you got one of these.  They’re 5 grand.  [uncrate] A closer look and purchase link after the jump.

Nike – Twilight Runner

I mean I could go all sophisticated-sneakerhead on you and tell you about how this is a nice little hybrid between a few different Nike runners, but instead, I just wanna say, “these are some fresh Nikes that I think would look good on my feet.”  And at 65 Euros, they’re one of the cheaper pairs of kicks you’ll see on sneakhype.  [hypebeast] Another colorway and purchase link after the jump.

Metsa Design – All Natural Three Fingered Rings

Metsa Design is a company coming out of Toronto Canada with aim at making Environmentally friendly jewelry. This is the focus of their “Food Line” of jewelry, they just came out with these 3 fingered rings that are made using ethical practices and sustainable materials. The styles include African Blackwood, Cocobolo, Camatillo and Ebony. The 3 fingered rings cost about 90 dollars and their is a 2 fingered version that is a lil cheaper. Check out more pictures after the jump and for more info Check out Metsa Design.com. [Hypebeast]

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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