Featured Artist – Simon Page

Some abstract posters for all the stoner sneakhypers out there in the abyss.  Check out his site.  Check out a whole slew of em:

Kanye West-Lost Songs Mixtape

Check out the new Yeezy mixtape below featuring Slim Thug, Rhymefest, John Legend, Talib Kweli, and many other artists. Full tracklist after the jump. Download it here. [yeezy]

Nike Twilight

I thought this is was the Structure Triax at first glance, but nah… it’s just a lil o this and a lil o that from Nike.  All of it coming together nicely to bring you the Twilight.  Only available in the EU, thank goodness there’s this thing called the Internet that allows you to buy stuff that’s not at your local cornerstore.  So, cop yurr purr hurr.  Check out some nice pics:

Acropolis – Julius

Clever shiat right hurr.  We got a lil Julius on the front, and a lil Julius on the back.  Acropolis Apparel actually has a whole gang of good stuff worth checking out.  You can pick up this shirt here.  Check out closeups of the shirt here:

adidas x Porsche Design

Apparently these babies got some spring load in them that are supposed to give you a lil push.  Hopefully they can make me jump like D-Wade.  I’m pretty sure you can actually buy these from these guys.  Another colorway:

Puma First Round Flip Metal Pack

The first round high is an underappreciated hi-top in the game.  Give props where props is due.  Check out these nasty mugs from their 08 winter line.  Puma’s bringing the heat in 09.  At this very moment, I got some yellow l.i.f.t.’s on my feet and they consistently invoke others to drool.  The pack is available at Overkill.  Check out the pics:

GM X Segway – P.U.M.A.

If the original Segway didn’t do it for ya, then this one right here should.  They hooked up with GM for this pretty sweet mobile vehicle.  Stands for Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility.  I’d rather just walk, or drive a normal car to be honest, either way its pretty inventive.  No word on cost, but it’ll probably run you a nice chunk of change. [selectism]

Takashi Murakami Archival Prints

It’s been a while since SNEAKHYPE posted any Takashi Murakami so check out these new archival prints from 2002.  These three prints are entitled “Pink Killer”, “Flowers”, and “Flowers Take Place”. Keep a look out for these one of kinds art prints available at select art retailers.  Check out all the prints after the jump. [slamxhype]

Benny Gold Paper Plane Skate Deck Wax

The creative genius is just getting his hands on anything and everything lately.  We showed you the candle airplane a little bit ago.  Now he has wax for your skate deck coming out, supposedly dropping sometime this summer.  Its going to come in these three colorways and no word on price just yet.  We’ll keep ya posted. [hypebeast]

Rogues Gallery Marlin Deck Boots – I’ll Take Both Please

Normally i’m not the biggest fan of boat shoes.  Sperry’s are tight looking, but everyone and their mom has a pair of those.  How many pairs of hightop boat shoes have you seen though?  Probably not too many.  So for those of you who like to set the trend and not follow it these are for you.  More pics and info after the jump.

“Don’t Build a Glass House” – Says the Dipshit

This is a residential space in Brazil.  Man, I wanna move to Brazil.  They got beautiful beaches, beautiful babes, the fuckin rainforest, and now… this house.  Not fair.  I mean, I got beautiful babes surroundin me err’day, but you don’t know that because you can’t see in my house — as it’s not made entirely of glass.  True as it may be, that I have live webcam feeds set up in most rooms, it’s just not the same thing.  And yeah, I can zip off to whatever beach I want to in the Sneakhype Jet, but time is money, and the plush jet still ain’t no boardwalk.  Well when I move to Brazil, here are more pics of the house that shall be mine:

Nike Sportswear Flywire Windrunner

Nike Sportswear revamps one of its most classic pieces with the Flywire makeover.  Perhaps my favorite jacket of alltime, the Windrunner is now lighter than it has ever been.  Each strand of wire is laid by hand, so you’re guaranteed that no two are alike, and you can also be sure they’ll cost a f***ton.  They’ve got them in men’s and women’s… and right now they’re only available at 21 Mercer.  All the pics:


Wii Graffiti – F’in Awesome

WiiSpray Teaser from Martin Lihs on Vimeo. Dude.  Duuude.  This is the shiiiit.  You put your Wiimote in this thing, and BAM, you’ve got a spray can and can graff with the best of ‘em.  Now, this could be weak if it didn’t work right, but let the video above quell any uncertainty you may have — this thing is doper than dope and is about as true to real life as you’re gonna get.  Nintendo has not yet picked this thing up, but I refuse to imagine a world where a company like Nintendo would refuse to get in on this product to distribute globally.  Check out their site.  Check out more pics:

Strawberry Lime Blue Gatorade Vagina Pumpkin

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